I just talked with Patti and I told Patti that I was going out to the grocery store.

Then I was absolutely overwhelmed with HAPPINESS .. I thought to myself ..

“Hot Diggety Dog! I get to go to the store and so I will be around a lot of Mongolians!!”

I could sit .. in one place .. all day .. and do nothing except to photograph Mongolians! I just love them!

When going out to the grocery store excites me this much .. I feel that I am where God wants me to be and that I am doing what God wants me to be doing!!

I get to take a road trip tomorrow .. Ulaanbaatar to Choir and home Sunday ..


This makes me so happy because I get to Stand-And-Deliver a special message given to me by God to special Mongolians who want to hear my message!!

“Hello Great Khaan.” ..


“You are what Great Khaan?”

“Kanbaatar! I heard that you got out a down-filled-jacket today because you think it is cold.”

“Yes but .. ”

“Little Kan! NO warrior of the Great Khaan thinks 28F or -2C is cold!”

“What to do Great Khaan?”

“Shape up Little Kan!”


Captain Kanbaatar ..

3 thoughts on “SEP 25, 15 .. TRULY .. I REPEAT .. I AM SO BLESSED ..

  1. Patti

    Don’t listen to Great Khaan … he has a suit of armor around him, and probably long underwear under that … take your down jacket!!! From all that you have said, it seems easy to be enchanted with the Mongolians. I will know first hand in a little over a month! Hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      I .. and many Mongolians .. are eagerly awaiting your arrival in Ulaanbaatar. If they have heard of Kanbaatar they have also heard of Mrs. Kanbaatar. Had I been actually wearing the down jacket that I took with me I might not have felt the wind cutting into me yesterday as much as I could in the late afternoon. Or beside the road in the pitch black of a dark Mongolian night when we stopped for a brief stretch break. IT IS the full moon here also so it wasn’t all that pitch black but it SEEMED like it .. Love .. Cap ..

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