I MAY RUN FOR POLITICAL OFFICE .. I have my team gathering around me ..

Patti .. with her years of experience working on various Alaskan voting campaigns .. and my son Robb a former radio announcer with his ability to turn-a-phrase .. will be my campaign managers.

How about Robb’s ideas for our campaign slogans ..

“We’ll go far .. With Kan Baatar.”

“Kan’s THE MAN.”

“Our Man Kan!”

“If anyone can .. Kan can.”

Some of my constituents perhaps ..

The wisdom of the ages in his face ..DSCN5980[1]The bus was jam-packed .. Notice the white knuckles holding on in the stairwell .DSCN5978[1]Will I ever see him again ..DSCN5984[1]Beautiful traditional attire ..DSCN5961[1]Just plain beautiful ..DSCN5962[1]Several generations. Grandson! Get off the cell phone! One day soon she is gone forever and you will never have those many questions of yours answered.DSCN5944[1]

DSCN6001[1]And you  .. also gone forever ..
DSCN5998[1]After awhile you finally notice a real trend in certain traditional outfits .. above and below ..DSCN5884[1]Do you have a voters registration card? By the look in your eye I am not sure you think much of me running for office here!DSCN5811[1]I spoke at some length with the wonderful gentleman below. He was so pleased I honored him by snapping his photo.DSCN6192[1]A sunny Saturday in Chinggis Khaan / Sukhbaatar Square ..
DSCN6185[1]Concentration ..DSCN6159[2]IF you get the youth vote! You’ll go far Kan Baatar!
DSCN5778[1]Priceless ..DSCN6173[1]Both of them .. dressed to the nines ..
DSCN6177[1]Study the satisfaction in his hands .. the glee in his eyes .. his smile .. I’ve gotcha!
DSCN6178[1]THE BLUE SKY Hotel and Tower  .. Main Entrance dining room .. Young voters ..DSCN6136[1]The man on the right below .. The inscrutable look .. Would he vote for Kan Baatar?DSCN6135[1]My 9am Breakfast. I’d been up and out speaking at a meeting since before 6am and I was running on empty! I had to eat. One half of a sandwich with Fries. They did the trick.   The cost .. 6,500 Tug .. US $ 3.27 .. Not bad at all for THE BLUE SKY Hotel and Tower!  
DSCN6134[1]Dinner that evening was To Die For! DSCN5243[1]Just up the street from my apartment this is becoming one of my favorite restaurants here in Ulaanbaatar.DSCN5244[1]Very comfortable and pleasant decor.DSCN5253[1]Bacon Potato Salad .. DSCN5255[1]Hot sizzling black-cast-iron serving platter with beef / rice and vegetables. The cost .. 14,000 Tug .. US $ 7.05 ..DSCN6384[1]Right here .. Right now .. My Forever Quandry .. I could NOT NOT NOT make up my mind as to which of these two photos to publish! The Paralysis Of Analysis. I finally decided to publish them both .. this after about 15-minutes of sheer agony .. back and forth .. forth and back .. between the two of them.

Captain exactly what is it you are NOT getting here. STOP STOP STOP snapping so many photos! Did you need to snap both photos? Mind .. Internal Critic .. Do you ever get tired? Just be quiet.

Joy? My joy is beyond the beyond!

Get in the car Kan Baatar .. let’s Rock and Roll ..

October 14, 1903 .. My father’s birthday .. Rest In Peace Dad !! I love you .. Your Little Captain ..

The morning temperatures are now dipping into the high teens. Our first snow September 24th is shown below. DSCN5742[1]Our second snow was a tad more dense.DSCN6034[1]Our most recent snow was another notch up on the the coverage scale. Some of it lasted through the day and into the next day.

DSCN6125[1]Winter? .. Nope .. not yet! .. Winter? .. It IS coming!

3 thoughts on “OCT 14, 15 .. I MAY RUN FOR POLITICAL OFFICE ..

  1. Patti

    Political office? Well, you certainly have the gregariousness for it, and you are right, I HAVE worked on several campaigns, BUT, the honest ones who are elected are few and far between and it seems to take its toll on even those honest ones. Stick to traveling and spreading joy as you so effectively do!

    The native dress in Mongolia is beautiful, colorful and delightful. The meals look good. The snow looks like it is getting serious. I shall soon be experiencing all of it with you!! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      We would wish-our-lives-away if we could .. I wish you were here right now this minute. You are with your KML ladies group and soon will be watching CBS Survivor. I think politics is not for me. But I had fun with it in this post. I just love the traditional Mongolian attire. Yes so colorful. Much Joy and Love .. Cap ..

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