In October of 1970 .. how can it possibly be forty (45) five years ago .. country music singer Lynn Anderson .. who passed away last July .. released an international hit song that rings in my mind as I write these words :

I beg your pardon .. I never promised you a rose garden ..

Along with the sunshine there’s gotta be a little rain sometime ..

Thank you Google and Wikipedia and Metrolyrics ..

My buddy Dr. Shaw put it this way ..


Last September a group here in Choir Mongolia located three hours South of Ulaanbaatar asked me to visit them and speak ..

The drive South from Ulaanbaatar to Choir Mongolia is a good three hour drive.

So I traveled to Choir September 26th and spoke for three hours. They asked me to return the next weekend. I was not able to do so. We agreed I would return on November the 7th 2015 and I told them that Patti would be joining me.

Focus on this: From September 26th until November 7th this group of people have had me on-their-calendar. I am not a rock star but the people here are making me feel like one and every one of my associates here in Mongolia has been looking forward to meeting Patti.

Focus on this: There is no way that I am going to let them down. Some will be traveling close to 50 miles one way to see Patti and myself.

Patti and  Gullible ..

Along with myself and Changer driving left on time at 8am and motored South from Ulaanbaatar.DSCN4720[1]
DSCN3854[1]As we walked out the door of our apartment I said to Patti .. “Be sure you have a roll of toilet paper.”

The below photos show some of the countryside on the way to Choir Mongolia.DSCN5836[1]
DSCN5804[1]What are you doing our here Kanbaatar .. /signed/ .. ONE FRIENDLY COW. What can I say .. You’ll find out ..

And now for some .. Taa-Daa ..

Well I should add to DRAMA the following adjective ..



About two hours into the trip .. around 10AM .. Suddenly I did not feel well.  I asked Changer to stop and let me get out of the car and go into the field.

I suddenly and I instantly had a diarrhea attack.

Just .. Like .. That .. Oh Lord God ..

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you .. it will be enough.  Meister Eckhart ..

Thank Goodness .. I was standing up .. Out in the field .. and NOT sitting in the car ..

What to do?  I went back to the car and got the roll of toilet paper. Changer .. Gentleman that he is .. pulled the car up the road perhaps 50 feet to spare Patti and Gullible and himself from the view out in the field ..

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you .. it will be enough.  Meister Eckhart ..

Thank God I had a roll of toilet paper.

Of course hot soapy water in a warm and a clean spotless bathroom with a wash cloth and a towel with clean dry clothes would have worked very VERY nicely too. It would also have been nice of have a bath mat as well to step upon.

I had to strip from my waist all the way down to my tippy-toes to my bare skin. It was 17F and here I was 100 or so feet from the main highway .. me and some animals .. rocks and pebbles and prickly burrs .. some assorted sordid trash from others who seem to have had this same issue. I kept almost tipping over because of balance issues. I had to do this one leg at a time because I sure could NOT sit down and all the while I was trying to balance myself with the burrs and pebbles on the ground hurting my feet.

Shoes .. off .. Two pair of socks .. off .. Two pair of running trousers .. one pair at a time .. off .. Long underwear .. off .. finally my last layer .. the really bad layer .. off ..

There I was .. Captain Kanbaater .. BAN ( Bare A – – Naked) from the waist down .. me and the animals and traffic whizzing merrily past 100 or so feet away .. out on the edge of the Mongolian Gobi Desert .. God and myself ..

Wipe myself off with the dry toilet paper. Set the worst of the mess aside. Long underwear back on .. you get the idea ..

And off we went.

“Changer .. I need to stop again Changer.” .. “All I need is a post or a pole of some sort.” .. “There is a pole.”.. Out of the car and back again into the car.

What’s that ‘Zilla? A toilet? Lord God ‘Zilla. Go back and look at the above landscape. Do YOU see a toilet! Well ‘Zilla .. If you study the above photos the whole place can be viewed as a toilet opportunity. Changer himself uttered these very words!  

We got to the venue. People waiting .. we were late because of me. Here the people came to greet Patti and myself and Changer.

“I need a toilet. Is there a toilet here some place. NOT a squatter!”

The host lady took me to her place. Oh My Goodness. A sitter with warm water and some soap.

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you .. it will be enough. Meister Eckhart.

Thank You Lord God Of Abraham for this host lady and her facility.

Ahead of me lay five (5) some hours of presenting what I present.

Oh For Buddha’s Sake Kanbaatar 

The Great Khaan ..DSCN6480[1]I thought you were a Road Warrior Kanbaatar .. THE GREAT KHAAN ..
DSCN6410[1]Get a Grip Kanbaatar .. THE GREAT KHAAN …DSCN6406[1]What Kanbaatar are a few stomach cramps .. THE GREAT KHAAN ..DSCN6412[1]ONward Kanbaatar .. There are victories ahead to be won Kanbaatar .. THE GREAT KHAAN ..DSCN6413[1]Lord Buddha Kanbaatar .. Look at you Kanbaatar .. Contemplate this wisdom Kanbaatar .. THE GREAT KHAAN ..DSCN6420[1]

Patti bless her .. Patti kept me .. More or less .. On my feet .. and Patti felt that the day went well ..

Oh Good Grief .. are you back Oh Great Khaan ..
DSCN6488[1]Kanbaatar check out the below wisdom .. THE GREAT KHAAN ..DSCN6421[1]

Well Patti sure fits the bill here Great Khaan.

Well! That is That .. All is well that seems to have gone well. I slept most of the way back to Ulaanbaatar. Patti said that I was snoring as I sprawled across her lap.

Over and out .. Patti and Cap ..DSCN6522[1]Behind me to the left is .. THE GREAT KHAAN ..
DSCN6459[1]See I am still smiling! Kanbaatar you look .. a tad pale .. are you sure that you are really O.K.

Why did I put up this post?

ATTITUDE .. so much of life is our ATTITIUDE .. I could have headed home to Ulaanbaatar and said .. “I am sick and I feel bad. My stomach hurts and the cramps are bad. We simply canNOT continue on to Choir.”

Many .. maybe most .. people would have turned back. That thought never entered my mind. I could not let-down the people who were so looking forward to seeing us. Deep inside I knew I could gut this thing out and with a good ATTITUDE it all worked out ..


Mount your horse Kanbaatar and ride with us Kanbaatar .. /signed/ THE GREAT KHAAN ..

6 thoughts on “NOV 7, 15 .. I BEG YOUR PARDON ..

  1. Erin Hedges

    Great Post Cap! Love, Love Love your honesty! Now are those signs near where you were in Mongolia? Ironic or coincidental? Or did you connect the pictures from another post? My geography is horrible- thank God for your maps! And just thank him in general as you say! I love Patti’s head dress- looks the same as the two post cards you sent me ! What is the hat called that you are wearing? I so enjoyed this post and Patti’s email she sent to me describing this day as well. Makes me feel like I’m really there and helps me adjust my attitude as well ! Love and miss both of you! So glad that even through the physical struggles you were able to have a great day emotionally and spiritually! Wish I could have been there to hear you speak!
    Ps: Mongolian country side- truly makes you question.. “are we there yet”?? haha

    Enjoy love and hugs! Give Patti a squeeze from me and have her squeeze you back from me to you!

    Love, Erin

    1. cap chastain

      I don’t know Erin what they call the hat I was wearing. You are spot-on correct about the signs. I snapped them while we were visiting another place here in Mongolia and worked them into this post. YES we were thrilled Patti got to see and to wear a head dress like the lady in the several post cards Erin. Good telephone visit yesterday Erin. Smiles .. Cap

  2. Greg DeYoung

    dear cap and patti, blessings from seattle im at a friends house. just read your piece on your interrupted journey to speak and introduce patti! the queen of your lifeand international celebrity. terrificus! using tserings email wanted to see you 2 being out of the loop. in a really beat depression since tseering got trapped for life in a wheel chair. i think of you daily. anyway much love to you both, my true friends,godspeed, from greg and tsering.

    1. cap chastain

      WOW GREGGO .. I am thrilled to see you are able to read some of my posts here on line. Smiling in Hong Kong ready to fly to India .. Cap ..

  3. Shaddy Peters

    Your consideration for those who were waiting to hear you speak is admirable. I’m so glad the experience went so well considering the obstacles you had to overcome to fulfill your engagement.

    I can’t imagine being in 17 degree weather under the circumstances you related here. You are one tough cookie, Cap.

    1. cap chastain

      Shaddy you just suck it up and do what you have to do. Stark Ass Naked from the waist down out in the field beside the highway cleaning myself up. Can you imagine that. Trying to balance myself as I was working my long underwear and socks and shoes off. Some of the people drove on motor bikes for many miles (50 or so each direction) to see Patti and myself .. I could NOT let them down knowing it would be a long time before I will re-visit Choir Mongolia. A Day In The Life Shaddy .. Cap

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