If you don’t want the details about my being sick just skip this Post.

In my last Post JAN 29, 16 .. I wrote the following:

As I sit here in Pondicherry (Pondi) I am again totally and completely unable to upload any photos into my websites’ photo album.

So far nothing has changed. I still cannot up load photos into either  this my Dot Net website or my Blogspot Website. I have tried several different browsers and so far no luck.

I also wrote the following:

I have had diarrhoea for a week or so yet again. I seem to forget this reality of India. Patti too is not 100% in this category.

There HAS BEEN A MAJOR CHANGE  in this issue.

Prior to lunch last Sunday the 31st of January I only had one type of diarrhoea. Following lunch last Sunday I contacted a different strain of food poisoning and now I have a second type of intestinal illness. I ate a very pretty/attractive fruit salad topped with ice cream and shaved chocolate. Patti did NOT eat the fruit salad.

Within the hour I was sick.

SO SICK that for the first time in my memory I actually cancelled our paid-in-full trip from Pondi to Kodaikanal (due to depart by night bus at 11PM Sunday the 31st) with return from Kodaikanal (again by night bus on Thursday the 4th of February) taking a 20% fee for cancellation. I can NOT ever remember having to do this because of sickness. Traveling on a bus made the difference. On this bus ride you stop once every three to four hours and there are NO toilets on the bus. If you do get sick on the bus (and people DO get sick on buses! Trust me!) the best .. the very best .. you are probably going to get is a stop beside the roadway where you have no choice but to squat. Well if you can find a tree you can use it to hold yourself up. Grim? Oh yes very GRIM!

SO SICK that riding home (it was in the dark of night about 8PM) from the travel agents office I began to binge vomit on the public mini-bus that I was riding in. I sat right beside the open door so that helped the mess (I threw up in five separate episodes) and luckily I did NOT (I felt like I was going to!) blackout/faint on the mini-bus. You (Trust me!) do NOT want to go unconscious on a public bus in India. You may wake up outside the bus on the ground lucky to have some of your clothing on you! Everything else (from eye glasses to money) will be gone.

When I staggered back into our room Patti was shocked at how pale and ‘washed out’ I looked. Trust me again .. it is bad to be out in the dark-of-night in India in the condition that I was in.

So now I have ‘the works’ .. two different intestinal diseases working on me.

So how am I able to do this post? Diarrhoea does not necessarily knock you down 100%. You just feel ‘ragged’ weak and ‘out of sorts’. You MUST keep eating and forcing liquids and doing your best to keep moving around in between four hour naps. In a day or so I will seek medical advice if things are not improving.

And Patti? Patti IS doing far better than I am but Patti herself is nowhere near 100%.

So Captain tell us again .. What is it you so love about India ..

Let me think on that awhile.

Smiling (I think) ..

Cap and Patti (back in our room)

To be able to write and publish this Post is a great mood-booster for me. You can NOT just lie down and vegetate!

2 thoughts on “FEB 2, 16 .. PONDICHERRY 2016 .. SICK OH MY YES!

  1. admin_andrej

    Jesus Cap!
    You are a mess. Good thing you are an experienced traveler.
    And, thank God, You are not alone.
    I hope both of you recover quickly.
    By the way, I have lots of mail I picked up today.
    I also paid the tax bill.
    Call me for an update soon.
    Take care… both of you
    p.s. ( If I ever go to India…and that’s a BIG IF.. I will at least have this invaluable blog at my disposal as a resource. :)
    Admin Andrej

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