FEB 26, 16 .. ‘ZILLA ASKED ME ..

As I begin here I have the feeling that this post is going to be a tad different. What I am doing is posting an answer to ‘Zilla’s questions about my post of yesterday and my comment becomes this post since few of you will read his question and my answers.

More aptly put .. My Dinkey Bird IS singing in its Amfalula Tree .. Below is a link to The Dinkey Bird poem should you want to re-visit it ..


‘Zilla asked me for a few more details about the Airport Express stations here in Hong Kong.

I replied to ‘Zilla’s very long comment as follows:

Time to get to an Airport Express shuttle bus pickup point .. From the YMCA Kowloon 2 minutes walk .. From the Homy Inn Kowloon 10 minutes walk .. From 23 Mercer Street Hong Kong 10 minutes walk ..

Each pickup point differs as to the time it takes to get to either the Kowloon or to the Hong Kong Airport Express stations .. Say 15 minutes maximum and call it a wash .. Call the distance 2 KM and let it go at that ..

I have done a taxi (also with Patti on this trip) before so a taxi was not a first time experience.

In fact I have done a taxi all the way from Hong Kong to the airport for that matter. A taxi all the way to the airport costs about HKG $ 380 / US $ 49.03. I DO get around my friend and I DO know-the-ropes here.

Yes the train leaves from the Airport Express stations (Hong Kong and Kowloon both on the one and only same line) ..

HANDS DOWN this is the easiest and only-way-to-go in my opinion to the airport. I can do the trip to the airport for HKG $ 3 / US $ 0.39 using the MTR and for HKG $ 40 / US $ 5.16 by bus. Using the public MTR takes a full hour. The bus takes 40-minutes. The taxi time out to Chek Lap Kok is 100% traffic dependent. The train on tracks is 100% free of traffic and is a 25-minute trip on average.

Thanks Ol Buddy of over forty (40) years so much for your interest and great questions.

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Well this short post did not turn out to be too goofy after all did it .. Smiles .. Cap ..

7 thoughts on “FEB 26, 16 .. ‘ZILLA ASKED ME ..

    1. Cap Chastain

      My mind is a total ‘blank’. An absolute total ‘blank’. Did we leave from the Homy Inn in Kowloon. We must have. I don’t think we took a taxi did we? Heaven rest us .. give me a clue .. any clue .. as to what you remember. I think we took the Airport Express train as the MTR is quite a journey. IF we did take an Airport Express Shuttle Bus we walked from The Homy Inn over to the Shangrila Hotel across Chatham Road South from The Homy Inn. It will ‘come to me’ as soon as I press post this.

    1. Jeanne Follett

      That was supposed to be “you sheperded me….” Still getting used to this smaller keyboard. Last night I tried to do something on my old laptop and the keyboard I was used to. Now I have the same problem with it, too.

    2. Cap Chastain

      The Blind Leading The Blind me-thinks. NO it still has not come into focus for me on getting you to Chek Lap Kok International. I will try to get-back-to-you on this.

    1. Heidi

      I am so jealous of all the cool restaurants and stores you have! In Miiiissspps, I am lucky to find anything vegan. I was so excited to find tofutti mini “ice cream” sandwiches the other day for $3! I usually don’t buy processed stuff, but I got it as a treat

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