Andrej my webmaster and I played-holy-hell getting the post of yesterday (MAR 8, 16 .. ALWAYS BE ON GUARD FOR THE UNGUARDED MOMENT ..) published.

Patti was really upset and did not want to write about the PayPal Cash Card scam. So to help Patti out .. I wrote what happened in my words based on our talking on the phone. I then e-mailed what I had written to Patti and asked Patti to add or correct as she-saw-fit. It was easier for Patti to work with my draft than to start-from-scratch.

Patti did this and sent her revised wording to me.

I began the post of yesterday by copying and pasting Patti’s e-mail with her corrections and revisions into my draft document on my website here.

When I did a preview of the post (look below the dotted line) this is how it looked! There was no spacing between any of the lines of text!!

Getting it unraveled and corrected took Andrej and myself hours of our time. Why show this?

Because .. Taa-Daa .. A big Thank You to Papa John’s Pizza and Peyton Manning for your great one-liner!

It’s what I do!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

When you leave the country, there can be surprises when you get home.
Late last Sunday evening Patti’s home phone rang.
“Is this Patricia M. Boone?”
“Yes, who is calling?”
“Good evening Ma’am, I am Lt. Jonathan Williams of the Alaska State Troopers. I am calling to inform you that there is an active bench warrant for your arrest. You were notified by mail to report for jury duty last Thursday and you failed to appear.”
“But, I just returned a week ago from being out of the country for the last 4 1/2 months. Nevertheless, I have had a chance to go through my stack of backed-up mail and there was not a Jury Summons in my mail.”
“I understand Ma’am.  This happens sometimes. I can assist you. If you will go to Wal-Mart and purchase three Pay Pal My Cash cards covering the two charges against you and the court costs, in the amounts of $97, $97, and $100 respectively, I can suspend the bench warrant until your court appearance on March 17th at 10:30 a.m. before Judge Handler.  The Pay Pal My Cash cards are the only form of payment the court accepts.”
“But it is Sunday evening … I am not dressed … I have difficulty walking … it is dark …”
“I understand Ma’am, but I cannot suspend the bench warrant until you do as I am advising you to do. Please give me your cell phone number so I can stay in touch with you.
Patti gave him her cell number.
A VERY upset Patti called me and we visited.
Patti went out to Wal-Mart and was advised that they no longer sell Pay Pal My Cash cards.  Lt. Williams was calling every 15 minutes to ascertain Patti’s progress. Patti went to Walgreen’s and purchased the three cards.
Back in the car at Walgreen’s, Patti’s cell phone rang once again with Lt. Williams asking if the cards had been purchased.  He got an affirmative answer.
“Very good Ma’am.  Please scratch off the covering over each card pin number and give them to me so I can suspend your bench warrant.”
“But, I am in my car, it is dark, I do not have a flashlight, the overhead light does not work, I cannot see the numbers.”
“Ma’am you must do as I am asking you to do. If you don’t I will leave the bench warrant active and you could be arrested right now on your way home. You would be taken to jail and would have to stay there without bail until your court date.”
“I will call you back at the Troopers Office when I get home.”  Patti hung up.
Patti did not answer the next three incoming cell phone calls.
When Patti returned home she called the State Troopers. She was advised that there is a SCAM underway and that if she was called again to have a shrill whistle and to blow hard into it and hang up.
Bad VERY BAD business. Just think .. What if Patti has slipped and fallen and seriously hurt herself.
Let this be a lesson for all of us.  The bad people of the world never cease to pursue their illicit activities


  1. Jeanne Follett

    Sometimes this happens when I copy a document from Word. I just go through it and add breaks after each line or paragraph. Next time, try that. There are times, however, when nothing I do corrects the document.

    1. cap chastain

      I know to do this. I have done this. Here on dot net I can access the computer language text of the post. Are you with me? So I do this .. Where I want a line of space I insert the following computer command .. .. This command tells the computer to surround the paragraph p and then to put a line space /p into the surrounded paragraph.

      For only a few lines this works just fine. But But But here is what I ran into Jeanne ..

      I went all the way through the post diligently inserting about 20 or 30 .. commands .. And it worked just fine.

      However .. the computer would NOT save the commands no matter what I would do. As a result IF I did not publish the text and made one single correction .. I would have to again go all the way down with the insertion of commands.

      The solution for me on dot net is this : Use Microsoft’s Notepad under Accessories when I need a copy / paste action. Evidently the Notepad will NOT remember the invisible computer code that comes in with the copy / paste insertion. So copy and paste to Notepad .. Copy and paste from Notepad to my draft document.

      How nice of you to be interested .. No one else will be .. Smiles Jeanne .. Cap ..

  2. tom

    Hey, howdy! Posting this from R.O. Library- looking out at sunny Eleven Mile rd. as I type. 60 f here right now. SO GLAD Patti dodged the bullet on the pay pal scheme. I do a minimum of “over the air ” type transactions. Even my mortgage, which is currently at Bank of America, I physically go into the branch and pay, so I have the PAID STAMPED receipt in my HAND, too easy to hit a wrong key. Even at that , I had an incident, oh, a year or so ago, I gave the teller the check, for 1100.hundred bucks and change. Key thing here, is when I got home, I took a closer look at the receipt, she had stamped 1100. bucks, but NO CHANGE, in other words, I would of been hit with late fee, and credit rating loss, over the 79 cents. Canceled check would eventually clear it up, but meanwhile , big hassle. Luckily, I got the branch mgr. on phone just prior to branch closing, she went in the tellers drawer, verified the mistake, and wrote me a correct receipt. So, I learned, verify everything! And yes, if anyone calls, claiming to be cops, gas company, Edison Office,ect. get the office # , and insist on calling them back on a LAND LINE! BTW – before I go, Cap ? You Cap? running around in sub zero streets in your tennis shoes? I know it was just a slip, but, be careful! Everyone in Royal Oak asks when we will see you,I know you are enjoying yourself and doing good service. I have been really making a lot of meetings lately, in recent ” Grapevine ” story, a member with 30 + years wrote that they had done a 90 in 90 run, so I decided to get on that pace, and it feels as if it’s a good thing, I have met some folks I might have missed, we ARE the lucky FEW ! 21 days, I’ve made 26 meetings .Have fun, be safe, hello to all friends in Ulan Battor & neighboring cities! your pal Tom

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