MAR 15, 16 .. ОЛОН ОРНЫ ХООЛ .. Part 1 of 2 .. THE PLACE


 As you can see above in the title line of this post ..

MAR 15, 16 ..ОЛОН  ОРНЫ  ХООЛ ..

I have typed the name of this post using characters of the Mongolian Cyrillic Alphabet.

As I proceed further here I will continue to emphasize and to re-emphasize the word Mongolian. I find it amazing and absolutely astounding that there are some 35 / 37 different (Russian, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukranian ETC ..) Cyrillic Alphabets.

To do what I have accomplished ..  First YOU MUST know how to set the keyboard of the computer you are sitting-in-front-of so it will type the Mongolian Cyrillic Alphabet charactersI am not sure your computer can do this. Since I am IN Mongolia using the computer of a Mongolian this computer very well may be able to do this whereas yours may not. I don’t know this for sure.

I learned how to do this from Happy .. My friend and the gentleman (Happy is truly one Gentle Man in every sense of the word) in whose apartment I am staying with two other ‘room mates’. Happy owns another residence so he is not living here with the three of us.DSCN3830[1]


DSCN3823[1]Further below in  this post I will also give ‘kudos’ to my friend Changer.DSCN4710[1]Changer was absolutely invaluable in helping me put this post together. Above .. Ulaaanbaatar in August.

Onward .. Ever Onward .. we go.

So Step One is to reset your computer keyboard from English to Mongolian Cyrillic.

Then how-on-earth do I find where the various Cyrillic Alphabet characters are located on the keyboard? As with our English characters the Mongolian Cyrillic characters are NOT in alphabetic order!


From the top the first seven are : А Ь В Г Д E Ж and down the entire 35 or so characters it continues.

With the keyboard set in the lower case (unlocked) setting to respond with Mongolian Cyrillic characters .. I just begin with the top row of the keyboard and going from left to right I press down upon each key.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 – =             – English (United States)

№ – ” ₮ : . _ , % ? е щ            – Cyrillic Keyboard

q w e r t y u i o p                     – English (United States)

Ф Ц У Ж Э Н Г Ш Ү З К Ъ    – Cyrillic Keyboard

a s d f g h j k l ; ‘                      – English (United States)

Й Ы Б Ө А Х Р О Л Д П         – Cyrillic Keyboard

z x c v b n m , . /                      – English (United States)

Я Ч Ё С М И Т Ь В Ю            – Cyrillic Keyboard

Because .. “The time has come the Walrus said to get on with this post.” I shall do just that concluding my lesson in how I am able to do what I have explained to you above.

I have to tell all of you who are following along here this : The mental stimulation and enjoyment I get just-being-here-in-Asia is wonderful. I can’t imagine anything ‘back-home’ in the U.S. that would so capture my mental curiosity as simply being-here. I think it is exceedingly good for both my mental and physical health to be so busy and fascinated with my daily life .. Not only here in Mongolia .. But in Hong Kong and India as well. Add to this the fact that I am contributing in a positive way to so many people as I share with them my experience, strength and hope as together we trudge the road of happy destiny!

I firmly believe that when I am where God wants me to be doing what I perceive God wants me to do .. I feel the satisfaction I just wrote about.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“Captain Oh Captain! What on this good earth does .. ОЛОН  ОРНЫ  ХООЛ .. mean!?”

Back now to my friend Changer who was invaluable in helping me put this post together. Without Changer I could NOT have done what I am doing here. Changer came to my apartment. Together we went to my restaurant. Changer then patiently translated the Mongolian words into English for me.
DSCN3842[1]Changer had never been here to this restaurant so he does not ‘know’ this area of Ulaanbaatar all-that-well. What he does know he is learning from coming to assist me.DSCN0004[2]“Changer .. Do you see the yellow sign with the red letters over there to the far right above and to the left below?” The letters that spell out the word .. ОЛОН  ОРНЫ  ХООЛ .. ISN’T WHAT I AM ABLE TO DO WITH MY KEYBOARD AND THESE MONGOLIAN CYRILLIC LETTERS FASCINATING?DSCN0007[1]“Changer. Please tell me what the below words mean? I haven’t a clue. Are they the name of my Restaurant? Are they the name of this mini-mall?”
DSCN9999[1]“Cap they ARE the name of the restaurant. They say words to the effect that it is an International food place.” ..”BUT they are not the name of a restaurant as you may be expecting.” DSCN0002[1]Until Changer explained this to me I didn’t know but what they meant the mini-shopping area above to also include what-looked-to-me like a store on the left of the above photo. Now I know they are strictly words telling the world about my International food place. In fact I see that the store I am pointing out on the left above IS part of the restaurant that lies above a store below it under street level.DSCN9705[1]The entrance (above and below) is immediately to the left of the ATM. Notice the electronic sign above the entry door. I will explain it to you further below.DSCN9707[1]

DSCN0034[1]Several close up photos of the pictures that surround the entrance.DSCN0029[1]In the photo below you see Chinese Spring Rolls (top) and Pork Buns (bottom).DSCN0032[1]

DSCN0030[1]“Yes Dear Customer we will take your money in several different ways. Cash and credit cards. Just come on in and enjoy a nice meal in our Majestic Bastion Of Fine Dining!” .. Those are my words not any you see in the photos.DSCN0031[1]Above the entry door you can see an illuminated electronic sign.DSCN9705[1]The sign continually cycles through three messages.

The message below tells us that this is a Canteen and it is open 24-hours a day!DSCN0021[1]The message below tells us that inside of our Majestic Bastion Of Fine Dining ..  we have many varieties of fine food.DSCN0019[1]Lastly the third of the cycling messages tells us they have Instant Noodles. I don’t understand the importance of this third message but that is what Changer told me. You must understand Mongolian to English is difficult to translate directly.DSCN0020[1]The time has come the Walrus said to go inside.

Below is what you see as you enter and look straight ahead. The restaurant has an Arctic entryway (further below you will see a photo of it taken from inside of the restaurant) so you enter .. turn left .. go straight ahead and then enter a second door into ОЛОН  ОРНЫ  ХООЛ the Majestic Bastion of Fine Dining! Forgive me please! I am having so much fun here I can barely keep-it-together.

Note above on the right edge of the photo the RED POLKA-DOTS next to the white tile wall.

In the below photo I have ‘panned’ to the right from them. The arctic entry is on the right edge of the below photo.DSCN0071[1]A close-up photo of the above decor.DSCN0076[1]Below .. Taa-Daa .. I sit with my back to the entry and see the service counter.DSCN9753[1]Looking to my right from my table I see the picture-menus. The North menu is to the left and the East menu to the right.DSCN9786[1]A closer view of the North picture-menu.DSCN0073[1]A closer view of the East picture-menu.DSCN9785[1]Below you see the left (West) side of the restaurant.DSCN9749[1]That is my bright yellow stocking cap on ‘My’ Table below.
DSCN9778[1]Walk straight ahead .. Turn around .. Below you see the corner of the restaurant to the left and behind you above. You can clearly see the Arctic Entry above on the left of the photo.DSCN9777[1]

Looking diagonally across the restaurant from the corner. Can you see ‘My’ Table with ‘My’ bright yellow cap and ‘My’ coat on ‘My’ Chair! GIGGLE 
DSCN9994[1]Looking up the left side (the West side) of the restaurant.

Straight ahead of you in the above photo is the below ‘private’ dining room for parties. How nice! First Class yet ‘bare bones’!DSCN9990[1]The necessary room (toilet) is through the door on the right above and below.DSCN9991[1]Finally the below two photos look South at the West side of the restaurant back towards the entrance.
DSCN9951[1]Yes the second photo below is too dark (caused by shooting directly into the brightness of the windows) but it shows a wider view looking South at the West side of the restaurant. DSCN9992[1]The time has come the Walrus said to press publish.

And so I shall. Part 2 of 2 that I plan to publish tomorrow will show you meal after meal after yet another meal.

With Joy .. Cap ..

4 thoughts on “MAR 15, 16 .. ОЛОН ОРНЫ ХООЛ .. Part 1 of 2 .. THE PLACE

  1. Patti

    Phenomenal post! New word for me: cyrillic. Pretty ambitious for you to be tackling the Mongolian alphabet. Shouldn’t surprise me … your mind NEVER stops! Thanks to Changer for “translating the restaurant” for you and for all of us. Cannot wait to see more of the food items/pictures you order or have ordered. Yummy! Hugs from Alaska. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Thank You for the oh-so-kind words my Dear One. Cyrillic .. how nice to acquaint you with a new word and a language that is used by many people. I too had never heard of it. Each of the alphabet characters are like little friends to me. Very interesting indeed. Now comes Part 2 of 2 the food at ОЛОН ОРНЫ ХООЛ. It just tickles me no end to be able the actually access the Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet on the keyboard here. Smiles and Love ..

  2. Jeanne Follett

    Cap, do you have cabin fever?

    Looking forward to your photos of our trips–the train ride back from Sukhbaatar and the week-long trip to Lake Khuvsgul. Hint, hint.

    Good on ya for tackling the Mongolian language. At least the alphabet, but that’s a start to learning it. I did not know there was more than one Cyrillic alphabet.

    1. cap chastain

      No I don’t feel I have ‘Cabin Fever’. I am out and about (read the past two weeks of posts) and running in what I feel is a positive direction. The photos of last November are simply going to have to wait awhile.

      Addressing our November 2015 experience here in Mongolia. You and I are a TEAM.

      What I am now going to write is in no way sarcastic. I truly mean from the bottom of my soul that ..

      YOU .. THE AMAZING GULLIBLE .. on your web site did such a phenomenal .. outstanding .. beyond-the-beyond effort covering ‘our ‘ November visit here to Mongolia that I don’t have to run there now. I feel many of my key readers are also following you so BECAUSE OF YOUR coverage of our trip ‘our ‘ followers have it nailed.

      I can cover November as follows: Here is a link to Gullible’s Travels .. go there.

      Right now priority-wise Goa and Pondicherry are coming up fast as I am about to get active on blogspot showing Patti and my Goa and then Pondicherry photos.

      Somewhere in-the-mix I will get back to last November.

      IF I have one trait it is this : IF I can get focused and this is no easy task .. BUT IF I can get myself ‘on the railroad tracks leading someplace’ .. Then I have the obsessive-compulsive energy to stay on the tracks and the manic energy to ‘go to any length’ to get where the tracks are leading me. I often say addicts have only one victory .. to become addicted to healthy and to positive things.

      Right now I ‘have-a-plan’ for my upcoming posts. I am going to stick with it.

      I wish Patti could proof read this but alas-alack .. Here we go.

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