What do you see in the photo below?

Yes. You see me. What else? Very good! Outstanding. You all see the jar of jam.DSCN9719[1]Now what do you see below?DSCN0074[1]You all are doing so well. Above you see a young sweet lady. Will you just look at her slim / thin wrists. She is not .. I repeat ..

She is NOT Godzilla !

Now what do you all see below?


I could NOT open the jar of jam. I had to bring it to my restaurant. SHE opened it for me


Still Smiling .. Through Thick .. Through Thin ..

With Joy .. Cap ..

“What’s the point here Captain?” ..


“You are not alone if you are a senior citizen!”

7 thoughts on “MAR 18, 16 .. LIFE’S EMBARRASSING MOMENTS

  1. Patti

    Thank God for strong young women! I had to ask a gentleman to open a bottle of water for me a couple of hours ago … a water bottle that is usually SO easy to just twist. However, even he said, “That was a tough one!” … so I did not feel embarrassed. Smiles and love. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      I had to just smile and chuckle. She made easy work of it. People used to come to me for me to open jars. All in a day in the life .. Love .. Cap

  2. z

    Saturday, March 20, 2016 – noon

    Hi Cap,

    My friend you are certainly not alone (and as Patti noted she to has some issues) in fighting sticky lids on bottles, etc, etc,! Even Claudia and I have had the same problem recently whereby I believe the lids are partially glued on just to hassle us! So to solve the problem I recently purchase a very nifty gadget to assist in removing the glued on lids! Ha!!

    I believe many of the jars are placed under suction thereby the human body is really tested as “Atlas” to remove the lids!

    As a sidelight, Hockey playoffs are getting heated up! The Kings has a slim lead in the Western Conference over the Ducks by 4 points. I believe at last count there are 11 games left before playoffs begin. The Kings are looking pretty good, but the Ducks are also playing very well! Our local Reigns are doing ok and maybe (looking good) to make it to the playoffs. We won last night after a beautiful comeback! We were down 0 – 2 in the third period and the Reigns came back to not only tie the score at 2 – 2, but win at 5-3! Great game. We have another game tonight.

    If mail wasn’t so slow I would send you my nifty can/lid opener! Our Christmas card sent too you in early December was returned in February (but of course you had already moved out of your apartment by than. We will forward card to your Anchorage address!

    Another side light (low life) for my friend in Louisiana! Due to the many storms in the East about 10 days ago, a dam burst and flooded his rented home. He has CP and getting around is not easy for him. In addition to losing his home, he lost the lease (would not be renewed – a little more complicated story) and is being relocated to another location (I haven’t received much news due to the severity of the storm and the forced move) A very difficult situation to say the list. Crap happens at so many unexpected times!!

    Enjoy your meals and travel safe.


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I have found that yes .. Some containers do seem to be vacuum packed and those in particular are killers to open. Not the jam container however.

      The last thing I need is one more thing to carry with me. So don’t worry about not sending your ‘nifty’ can opener tool.

      City Loft was supposed to be holding all of my mail for me. Obviously they are not if your Christmas writing was returned. Thanks for the effort.

      Sorry to hear about your friend in Louisiana .. Oh the power of Mother Nature. Smiles and Thanks for the comment ..

  3. Jeanne Follett

    I found I had to use a small pen knife to cut the lids off screw top bottles! I wonder if the changing temps between your place and the restaurant had anything to do with the young lady being able to remove the lid. More likely, her hands are very strong from handling numerous heavy plates of food at a time, while at the same time, our aging bodies are weakening. Or, we’re finally in a good place mentally and no longer reluctant (less hard-headed) to ask for assistance. Or, we like to make youngsters feel good about themselves for helping doddering old people.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Sometimes I use snap-blade cutters to get the plastic lids off screw top bottles .. I cut the area between the lid and the ring below the lid as I think you describe below when you were in China. Even then they can be hard to remove. When I try to open some bottles and jars I feel like my wrists are going to snap and break so I look at this a potentially dangerous activity.

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