The party’s over
It’s time to call it day
They’ve burst your pretty balloon
And taken the moon away ..

1956 .. Sung by Judy Holliday / Doris Day and many others ..

On my way over to MobiCom to add additional air time to my prepaid cell phone I walked past ‘our’ ice skating rink.
DSCN9742[1]We will never see you again Knock Knee’d Dolly!DSCN9740[1]Like Mis Behavin’ and The Hulk and Gina and Marilyn Monroe and all of the other children we saw that wonderful Halloween 2006 you will grow up. In just one year all of you .. including Knock Knee’d Dolly .. will become totally unrecognizable to us.DSCN9887[1]

Death is an inevitable part of life. With the death of winter comes the death of the ice skating rink until next winter.

If all I showed you was the below photo of the South West corner of the rink you would think .. “All is still well.”DSCN8092[1]

When I now turn 90 Degrees to my left the sad truth emerges.DSCN8091[1]

DSCN8089[1]Take a moment here .. Pause .. Study the below photo .. Just gaze upon it for a moment .. Commune with it .. Count to ten slowly ..

Winter Summer Spring and Fall .. Never again will I walk past this fence and NOT ‘see’ all of you guys!
DSCN9902[1]Like our Knock Knee’d Dolly .. You too are going to grow up. In one year you guys will also be unrecognizable to us.DSCN9903[1]

The seasons of the year .. The seasons of life itself..

Cap ..

I went to my favorite restaurant this evening. ‘MY’ server was on duty.
DSCN0074[1]I ordered the below ..

What she brought me was NOTHING LIKE WHAT I ORDERED! This from ‘MY’ server. I did NOT photograph what I got since I did not want her to think it was correct. Incredulous I said to her and I motioned and I gestured to her and I explained to her that .. “What you brought me is NOT what I ordered nor is it like the picture-menu.” She smiled and put her arms across her front in an ‘X’ and then pointed to my requested order in the picture-menu. In other words she said it was not available. So why didn’t she say so when I placed my order with her?

I had her take it all back. Always smiling she took it back. I ordered and I got the below ..DSCN9940[1]

Smiling .. It now is ..Time to press Publish ..

2 thoughts on “MAR 22, 16 .. THE PARTY’S OVER

  1. Patti

    While it is sad to see “the passing” of the ice skating rink, it is nice to have the memories (and the pictures) of the happy kids enjoying it just a few days ago. Glad your regular “strong girl” was back at your favorite restaurant, the one who was able to open your jam jar! So nice that I was there with you last November and can “relate” to your enchantment with Mongolia. Hugs! Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Yes it is nice to have some ‘winter memories’ here since they could be the one and only ones I will have. Yes it is so very nice you were here in Mongolia especially to see the meetings and to meet so many local members. To many (maybe not all) dark clouds there often is indeed a silver lining. The coming of Spring certainly is not all bad is it? Much Love .. Cap

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