It is about depression and it is about suicide. It touched me deeply.

Each of my only three first cousins successfully committed suicide. Their mother was my beloved ‘Auntie Bea’. She was not only my mother’s sister but she was also my mother’s twin sister. My ‘Auntie Bea’ spent a number of years (it was during the 1930’s and 1940’s and it could have been a decade or more) institutionalized in the Ontario Provincial Hospital For The Mentally Ill located in London Ontario Canada. Electro-shock treatments .. a Frontal Lobotomy on her brain .. and who knows what else. Then she was released and lived a free life for some many years to come.

In 1977 my mother and I had driven to London Ontario from Detroit Michigan to see ‘Auntie Bea’. When we got to her home all the doors were locked tight. When we could not get inside went to the front porch and could see inside of her home.

We could also hear ‘Auntie Bea’ inside raving and cackling and frantically racing around. Up the stairs .. Down the stairs .. Around and Around the lower floor.

‘Auntie Bea’ was in the midst of a full mental breakdown. We had to call the authorities. They took her into custody. She never again lived a free life.

If I had the power to ‘knight’ anyone I would have done so to the three policemen who came to her home that night. They were absolutely and they were positively amazing the way that they ‘talked her down’.

“Mrs Arnold you need to come with us now.” And ‘Auntie Bea’ followed them as a small kitten would follow you holding a saucer of warm milk.

As I was on the Yahoo site going to my e-mail I saw an article that began as follows :


What to say.

I loved you so much ‘Auntie Bea’ ..

Love Cap ..

2 thoughts on “MAR 24, 16 .. I HAD TO POST THIS LINK

  1. Patti

    Heavy topic, of course. This brought to my mind three people in my life who committed suicide and two others who, fortunately, were not successful. It is a devastating thing to always wonder if you said something to set them off … or did not hear something that might have been a cry or a hint for help. That wondering never goes away. Thoughts are still with each and every one of those tortured and troubled souls. Love to them … Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      One most troubling-to-me experience you have shared with me was the time a coupe were having a disagreement. She left the house .. Heard a shot .. He had committed suicide. That resonates with me to this day. I have heard people comment that .. “None of us is powerful enough to cause a suicide.” This experience tells me otherwise. Troubling .. Disturbing .. Yet it is life. Thanks for your comment ..

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