In my last Post .. APR 1, 16 .. APRIL FOOLS’ / ALL FOOLS’ DAY 2016 .. I posted many photos of The Blue Sky Hotel and Tower.DSCN4454[1]
DSCN4487[1]Today I was in the heart of downtown Ulaanbaatar doing a lot of ‘running-around’. Suddenly I found myself fatigued. As I often do when this happens to me I went into The Blue Sky to pause, use their immaculate rest room and just stop my ‘busy-ness’ to catch-my-breath. I called Patti and we had several very pleasant visits.

Then it struck me .. I experienced one of my ‘Ah-Ha’ moments.

“It is so nice to be here. I haven’t had a snack in the Coffee Shop since last November. Why not do this rest-stop properly?”

I decided to make another visit to the Coffee Shop located off the main entry lobby.

What a magnificent hotel. Below is the main lobby located off Peace Avenue here in downtown Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.

As you walk into The Blue Sky you look South down the main corridor that leads to the restrooms, the elevators and the South entrance of the hotel.

Off to the right of the above photo is the area that I sit in and pause during a busy day.DSCN5936[1]While sitting in the above rest area I look back at the main entrance.
DSCN5934[1]Two photos showing the entrance to the Coffee Shop on the East side of the main lobby.

Let’s step into the Coffee Shop. My ‘favorite’ table is in the extreme far corner.
DSCN8589[1]“Hello Captain! I haven’t seen you since last November 2015 when you and Patti visited me. So nice to see you back!”DSCN8581[1]Sitting at my table looking South to my right at the Coffee Shop.
DSCN8582[1]‘Panning right’ ..

Walking towards the South end of the Coffee Shop ..DSCN8584[1]

Off to the left in the above photo notice the ‘Goodie Display’ ..
DSCN8585[1]Oh-My Oh-My Oh-My!
DSCN8586[1]A close-up of the above ‘Burger & Hot Dog’ menu ..
DSCN8607[1]“When I order I am going to order the Big Mama Combo!” .. Notice the price .. 10,500 Mongolian ₮ which is US $ 5.17.

Looking at the South end of the Coffee Shop.
DSCN8588[1]‘Panning right’ ..

I placed my order for one Big Mama Combo and walked back to my one and only favorite table ..
DSCN8581[1]The above and below photos show you ‘my view’ looking North from my table.DSCN8591[1]Chinggis Khaan Square directly ahead and the Ulaanbaatar Opera House on the right.

While we are waiting for my Big Mama Combo to arrive .. Below are two photos of my two recent Burger King Whoppers.
DSCN8206[1]These two Whoppers cost me 7,900 Mongolian ₮ which ‘translates’ to US $ 3.88. Not bad for two pretty sizable Whoppers.DSCN0117[1]

Keep in mind that I am in a fancy, first class hotel. I am NOT in a hamburger-joint that does one and only one thing .. hamburgers.

Hello Blue Sky Big Mama Combo!

A Double Cheeseburger with a ‘Coke’ and Potatoes .. US $ 5.17! .. Hello! DSCN8596[1]A nice little ‘hot face washcloth’ on the left above. DSCN8598[1]NOT French Fries! No! Oven baked-to-perfection seasoned potato slices!
DSCN8599[1]I eat such a burger by literally dividing it into two separate burgers.DSCN8600[1]This way I can really enjoy it without making a total mess out of such a beautiful burger.DSCN8601[1]
DSCN8604[1]These two photos are primarily for Patti. True to my opinon of catsup and mustard on a burger I ate neither.DSCN8606[1]And out the exit we go. DSCN8590[1]

Do all of you understand why The Blue Sky is such a local favorite for me? I keep saying to myself ..

“Someday I will stay the night here.”

Smiling From Ear To Ear .. Cap ..


  1. Patti

    Well … looks like you licked your plate again, and if anyone thinks I am kidding when I say he licked his plate … he most usually DOES lick his plate! I was wondering how you were going to hold that hamburger and keep everything from falling out while you ate it. Dividing it in two parts was definitely the solution. Nice rest stop in that beautiful hotel. YES … someday you should spend a night there!!! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Eating something like the hamburger HAS GOT TO BE ENJOYABLE. If it is impossible to enjoy because of its size the purpose (enjoyment) has been lost. My trick really works very well. Love .. Cap ..

  2. Jeanne Follett

    Yep, spend the night. Maybe on your last night in UB, when the elevator is shut down for the night in your building. I hear there’s a nice lounge on one of the upper floors. Should have great views of UB. That burger looks good. But, remember, you could also have gone to Millie’s….

    1. cap chastain

      I am going to have to seriously look into staying at the Blue Sky. Also IF I can have access to the upper dining and lounge areas as a walk-in customer. Now is the time to explore that. This is the slow season. They may well want customers and not limit the access to just hotel guests. It is on my list of things to do. Thanks ..

  3. Shaddy Peters

    Please, please spend a night there. I would love to see one of your extra thorough blog posts of it.

    The Blue Sky is so unique and cool I can barely stand it.

    Switching focus, that burger looks wonderful but I would have needed lots of ketchup. I use so much it always drips onto the plate. One of my few vices!!

    1. cap chastain

      Once upon time I got into really serious cooking. The whole deal. In San Francisco I took certificate course in cuisine. Then came the night when a friend came to dinner at my apartment. I watched as he poured catsup all over my finely prepared meal. All of the subtle spice tastes gone and destroyed by the ketchup. Suddenly I had this thought : Is my mission for my friend to enjoy his meal and to look forward to more visits or is my mission to tell him how he should eat it. I handed him more catsup. He loved to come and eat with me. Is ketchup a vice. I don’t think so! Joy Shaddy ..

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