I really want to start out thusly:

Good God Captain! Where in the ever loving, holy hell, have you been? I’ve got It Captain! You’ve been sitting in the corner of your room taking ‘stupid pills’ .. THAT’S where you’ve been Captain!

And some of you think that YOU’VE got a committee inside of YOUR heads!

So I promised myself that I won’t start out like this ..

After all .. What would a small child in India reading along here trying to learn some English think?

“Mommy and Daddy my ‘Baba’ is losing it!”

I am living in a Russian constructed Mongolian Apartment Building in Ulaanbaatar.

DSCN8671[1]The ice from the ice skating rink is slowly passing back into its natural state of being water.DSCN8672[1]
DSCN9952[1]How lucky? .. How fortunate am I? .. Living with ‘the people’ of Mongolia I get to experience so many things that NO tourist ever gets to experience.

Below are photos of MY Mongolian Apartment Building. MY room is on the 7th floor, third row down from the top, where the sun and the shade meet. MY room is just right of the recessed section of the building. DSCN5237[1]

Let me tell the world that I have never lived any better than I am living right now. I have what I want. Better yet I want what I have.

I have the greatest landlord that this world has ever known. His name is ‘Happy’ .. DSCN4763 (1)

And I am living in his home. Well one of his homes. DSCN3736[1]

DSCN3744[1]What more do I want? What more do I need?DSCN4295[1]

Now to the bad part. Now to the depressing part. I have a terrible habit. I have a horrible shortcoming.

In my daily life I produce trash. As a result of just living I produce garbage. I don’t want to do this. In my perfect world I would not produce one single spec of waste. Even my human body is producing waste. Sad Huh?

What to do? Well I have found a solution that-works-for-me.

God is Good. God evidently told the city fathers here in Ulaanbaatar that I was coming to visit and that I will produce trash and garbage and waste. God may have asked them to be ready for me ..

“I have sent My Little Captain to you. He will be doing a very special mission for you in Ulaanbaater as well as for Mongolia. So I am asking that you help him out with his trash and garbage and waste issues.”

In the dark-of-night .. Sometimes even in the light-of-day .. I silently slip out of my apartment on tippy-toes and go out onto the street and .. looking both ways to be sure no one is looking at me .. I .. get .. rid .. of .. my .. trash!

God IS So Good !  Right outside my front door will you all just look!

“What’s that ‘Zilla?” .. “You ARE looking and you don’t see anything.” .. “Just for you ‘Zilla!” .. “The bucket! Got it ‘Zilla?”




God is TOTALLY AMAZING .. Do any of  you see what I see in the below photo?  DSCN8665[1]

“You need just a tad of help here ‘Zilla?” .. ” ‘Zilla you-got-it!” .. “Count them. One and Two and Three trash receptacles!”

A close-up of the mini-amphitheater above on the left.DSCN8676[1]

Since this is indeed a program of honesty here we go ..

“Captain Oh Captain do you actually think that you are alone in producing trash and garbage?”
DSCN8920[1]“I don’t think so!”

In my wonderful apartment building I have an elevator. It ‘usually’ works. Now I can’t say that it always works. It is not 100%. But usually it works. When I moved into my apartment last July of 2015 my elevator looked like you see below.

DSCN4608[1]After some many months of a lot of ‘noises’ the above view became the below view. For reasons I will never know a door appeared.

Well as fate-would-have-it .. (GOD working in Anonymity?) .. Recently my elevator was resting.

It was just STOPPED COLD! .. Taking a little nap. Right in the middle of the day.

So it was up .. up .. up! One Hundred and Fourteen steps up. Six landings up.. Twelve Flights up .. Nine steps each flight .. 12 x 9 = 108 .. Plus six steps up from the entrance = 114. Oh trust me! For something-to-do I count them every time I walk up.DSCN4607[1]

And? I have never .. I have never ever .. Stopped en route up. For some reason .. (GOD working in Anonymity?) the other day I did stop. And I left the stair well and noticed the elevator on another floor looked like you see below. To the right there is NO door. To the right there is NO blockage. To the right it looked like light from a window.

So I walked back to the right to check-things-out ..

DSCN9059[1]It has taken me how long to discover this? I’ve been here since last July of 2015.
DSCN9061[1]“Captain where have you been!?”

“In the corner eating stupid pills. That is where I have been! Thank You for asking!”
So now I either walk up to the 8th floor or I walk down to the 6th floor and I use their trash chutes!
DSCN9064[1]After the elevator began working again I went downstairs. To the left of my entry door are two blue doors.DSCN8652[1]
DSCN8627[1]And will you all look at what showed up!
DSCN8617[1]Look My Man .. IT IS a decent living .. I am so happy you and others are doing-what-you-do!DSCN8618[1]

Oh Captain Our Captain!  Yet Again Captain! You have made something out of nothing at all!

Smiling from ear-to-ear. Never again do I have to sneak my trash out and stash it in local waste containers.

Cap ..

Never .. Never Ever ..
DSCN8660[1]Did I Do This !!


  1. Patti

    Nice that the elevator being out led you to discovering the trash chute … certainly a lot handier than having to go outside. I am amazed here too at how much trash I create just all by myself. I do still have to make trips to the dumpster, outside of course.

    Happy IS a great landlord. My landlord here at the condo was a great guy who then let me buy the condo at a good price, but Happy has, without a doubt, the greatest smile!

    Hugs and smiles to you. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      It never ever occurred to me that there would be convenient trash chutes in all of the buildings. Go figure? I wonder why they blocked off the entry to the trash chute by my elevator.

      What a name Happy is able to live-up-to! Amazing. Much Love and thank you for your help proof reading this post. You picked up a goodly number of errors. Much Love ..

  2. Shaddy Peters

    What a find!!! Now you’ll have more time to focus on the things you enjoy doing rather than distributing your trash to receptacles outside.

    Wonders never cease, do they!!

    Again, I love your sense of humor.


    1. cap chastain

      Captain .. where .. have .. you .. been .. Oh My! The gift of the elevator being out of service. What a silver lining to THAT dark could. Is it a sense of humor or just honesty .. Thanks Shaddy ..

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