Today is Wednesday, May the 11th, 2016.

Where did the season we call ‘Spring’ disappear to?

I was sitting here at my computer putting together a Post about what I did before and what I did after attending the ballet SLEEPING BEAUTY last Sunday the 8th of May.

When suddenly we had a late breaking weather advisory.

So at 11 o’clock late this morning here in Ulaanbaatar (УЛААНБААТАР) Mongolia (МОНГОЛЫА) I got up to stretch and looked out of my bedroom window.

What on earth is this?

The above and the below photos were taken from my bedroom window.


The next three photos below were taken from my kitchen window.

DSCN9440[1]Winter really is a beautiful season.DSCN9439[1]

I took-stock-of-the-situation and resumed working on the Post you will be reading tomorrow.

The severity of the storm just did not register with me.

At 2pm it was time for me to go out to meet my friend Bayersaikhan and his wife Tunglag. They go-by ‘Saki’ and ‘Tunga’ for short. We were going to meet at the Blue Sky Hotel and then walk to Millie’s for a late lunch.

When I walked out of my apartment building it hit me!

Oh My! This is a real winter storm!

I looked to my right..


I looked to my left. Will you all just look at what awaited me!

A car parked outside of my building. This is a respectable accumulation of snow for a winter storm!

Man-O-Manischewitz we have a real storm here!

Below is what Peace Avenue looked like at 2 o’clock in the afternoon today Wednesday the 11th of May 2016.


In posting these photos I just noticed the same yellow bus above (coming) and below (going)? Can you believe this Month of May weather?


The median strip down the center of Peace Avenue!

Looking West above and East below.


The Opera House ..

Chinggis Khaan Square ..

My main Post Office building ..

We were due to meet at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Both of us were early. I got to the lobby of the Blue Sky Hotel at 2:40pm and Tunga and Saki arrived at 2:45pm.

My friends Tunga (left above) and Saki. Below Saki and myself.


Walking from The Blue Sky Hotel and Tower to Millie’s below are a few photos of the distinctive buildings within the Choijin Lama Temple complex.


Any way you look at it .. This is a respectable winter snow storm.

DSCN9480[1]Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall the Choijin Lama Temple buildings are so very special.

At Millie’s looking out ..


A late lunch at Millie’s ..

Tunga had the Chicken Breast with Garden Salad and French Fries. Tunga ate-it-all!

Saki had the Chicken Breast with Two Eggs and French Fries. Saki ate-it-all with a little help with some of his chicken and french fries from his you-know-who friend!

Mind you I gave Saki just a teeny-weeny-itsy-bitsy amount of assistance. Saki actually requested it. 

I had my usual tuna sandwich on a whole wheat roll with a garden salad.
DSCN9538[1]To top-off a great visit I called Patti. Tunga understands English but does not speak it. The two of them seemed to have really enjoyed ‘visiting’ with each other.


Tomorrow it will be Stand-And-Deliver Time once again for yours truly. I have been asked to meet with the medical staff and perhaps patients in a hospital environment to discuss the issue of alcoholism here in Mongolia. Saki will be my translator.

With Joy (I know what is coming next and I am just smiling to myself and you will too) .. Cap ..

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

When I boarded the bus going East downtown because of the weather and people staying-home it was basically ’empty’.

If the bus would have been full there would have been no photo shoot. Look what we all would have missed.

Well Hello Young Mongolian .. I don’t know if  you are a girl or a boyPink is a girl’s color. But your actions were decidedly male. I didn’t have-the-heart to ask you Dad what you are. 

Cute! That’s what you are!

He/she had been looking across the aisle at me not wanting me to notice. When I pulled out my camera he/she just lit-up. Dad (brown jacket) is on the right edge of these photos.

Because of the winter storm notice if you will how warmly dressed he/she is and holding proudly and very tightly to Dad’s box.

Little girls do NOT react as you see below but I think I detect a very light pink lipstick. I am just smiling and giggling to myself as I see these photos.


This child appears to be full-of-the-old-Nick.


I asked his Dad the age. Age four. Talking on Dad’s cell phone. You have got to just love this.


When I got off the bus I did not just disappear. Poor little one might have been crushed had I just left. I made sure to formally let her know that I was leaving. We did a hand shake. We did a high-five hand-slap. We did a Howie Mandel fist-to-fist gesture.

That’s All Folks! I will say it again. I feel like the luckiest man in the world. Cap


  1. Patti

    YIKES … a snowstorm like that on the 11th of May and you have said the temperature is 14 F. And here is Alaska it is in the low 60’s and expected to be in the 70’s within a couple of days. Siberia is sending you some very cold winter/spring weather!

    Nice to see Saki again and to see Tunga after speaking with her on the phone after your meal together.

    The little GIRL on the bus is adorable, precocious, and a photo star! She HAS got to be a girl. I cannot imagine a mother anywhere in the world dressing a boy in pink pants and top (which is where the hood comes from). There ARE girls who do all of these charming actions … even fist bumps if encouraged by a precocious adult!! Smiles, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      A little North wind down from Russian Siberia and look what we get.

      Well I think maybe you are correct about the child. It is just this youngster seemed to be a young male. The family could be destitute and re-using an older sister’s clothing that was available on-the-spot for this storm. No matter an adorable young one. Fun of mischief. Proud to be holding tightly onto Dad’s box. Much Joy .. Cap ..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Well that makes two. You and Patti. Even now after the fact I am glad I did not ask the youngster’s Dad .. Is _____ a _____ ? Too funny.

  2. Cap Chastain Post author

    My Jury Is In. This is a little girl. I studied the photos closely (I can blow them up considerably) and I am now convinced she is wearing a very light but decidedly pink lipstick. Girl all the way. Smiling .. Cap ..

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