Patti and I are now in Apple Valley California visiting ‘Zilla and his wife Claudia.

DSCN7015[1]Claudia is from Germany and Claudia’s nickname is ‘Kleiner Behr’. ‘Zilla is ‘Grosser Behr’ (large bear) and so it follows that Claudia is ‘Kleiner Behr’ (small bear).

Just to refresh all of your memories please click onto the below link for ‘All You Want To Know’ about ‘Zilla.


Apple Valley is located in the ‘High Desert’ in the Southeast of California in the United States of America.

“Yes ‘Zilla the RED BALLOON on the right of the map below points to your home city of Apple Valley.”

I have so much fun kidding-around with ‘Zilla as I write my posts here on Dot.NET.

In the below map you can clearly see Apple Valley located East of Los Angeles California.

As I write this Post it is about 102F / 39C outdoors. It is a very dry heat (34% relative humidity) so the temperature does not feel all-that-hot.

DSCN7063[1]I am ‘camped out’ in the dining room and Mister Bear (Behr) above and below is right beside me watching what I am doing here on ‘Zilla’s brand new laptop.

DSCN7076[1]Patti and I flew South from Reno Nevada into the airport in Ontario California yesterday afternoon the 1st of June landing right-on-time at 4:45pm.

After Patti and I landed in Ontario yesterday .. ‘Zilla, being one of the world’s ‘On-Time On-The-Money’ men, was in the baggage claim area calmly waiting for Patti and I to appear. With ‘Zilla at the wheel the three of us drove the one-hour plus drive North from the Ontario airport to Apple Valley.

The four of us enjoyed dinner and visited until midnight last night.

Today ‘Zilla drove Patti and I to see the Route 66 Museum in Victorville (LEFT BALLOON) a city adjacent to Apple Valley. The museum focuses primarily upon the California section of Route 66.

Route 66 refers to U.S. Highway Number 66 which rates as one of the most famous of our major roads here in the United States. It is no longer in service having been replaced by major four-lane Interstate Highways. In August of 1958 my wife and I drove on Route 66 from just South of Chicago Illinois where Route 66 began all the way to its termination in Santa Monica (Los Angeles) California.

DSCN6995[1]Some years ago there was a series on U.S. Television that focused upon Route 66.

It was really very special to see the Route 66 Museum and the three of us enjoyed our visit immensely.

DSCN6998[1]The below photo shows the side of the building on the left of the above photo.

DSCN6994[1]The side of the Route 66 Museum.

DSCN6990[1]A photo of the front of the flag on the left above.

DSCN6991[1]Below are two photos of the vintage truck you see in the left background of the above photo.


DSCN7000[1]Let’s go inside of the Route 66 Museum.

‘Get Your Kicks On Route 66’ was a well-known slogan about the highway.



DSCN7002[1]Our host and my friend of over forty-years ‘Zilla.

DSCN7003[1]Back in-the-day the Burma Shave roadside commercials were famous here in the United States.


DSCN7011[1]Such Fun ..

Patti and ‘Zilla and Cap ..

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