Oh-My Oh-My .. I am dealing with a most challenging situation. Why is it that I now must deal with WINDOWS 10 which is very VERY frustrating for yours truly!


Oh-My Oh-My .. I am also dealing with a most challenging creature.

As you can see from the photo above, I am now the owner of a brand new LENOVO Think Pad. Mister LENOVO certainly seems to have quite the mind-of-his-own. Do all of you see my Nikon Coolpix L31 is connected to Mister LENOVO and is ready to upload his photos.

Deep breath Captain. Hold it. Let it out slowly.

I am at the library here in Seattle Washington. I am on WiFi with my brand new LENOVO Think Pad. Everything you are going to see here I have done with Mister LENOVO. That includes uploading all of the photos.

I decided that going to Dubai ..





With absolutely no idea about internet cafes and library facilities (Read: The availability of computers therein) that I would buy a new laptop and ‘be prepared’ for whatever comes down-the-pike at me in Dubai.

PC vs Apple. Windows 10 vs Mac’s OS.

I HAVE had an Apple iBook G4 since March of 2005. Ah BUT, all of my real computer experience is on Windows. Back and forth, forth and back, Windows or Mac…

I gambled. I seem to have won my gamble. Mister LENOVO and Windows 10 are not completely 100% foreign to me and I am pulling this effort off. The good news is that Windows 10 seems pretty much identical to earlier versions with regard to uploading and working with photos.

Once-upon-a-time, it was back in 2001, one of my closest inner-circle friends absolutely blasted me because I was talking-about writing-about India. He said I want to read about India. I don’t want to read about your writing process!

His voice some fourteen (14) years ago haunts me to this instant.

“For God’s sakes Cap tell us about Seattle NOT about your issues with a new computer and all of this above stuff!”

Voices in my head you win. Down to the actual business-at-hand.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Last night I took Seattle Greg and his wife Tsering out to dinner. They picked the restaurant and I picked up the tab. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant not far from their home in almost, but-not-quite downtown Seattle. They can hear the roar of the football and baseball stadiums from their condo.


In Seattle’s Little Saigon area the street signs are multi-lingual.



PHO BAC is built in the shape of a boat. It was in the evening so the photos are just a tad dark.



In Hong Kong the meal we got last night here in Seattle is called Raw Beef Noodle.


If you look above and below you will see PHO BAC has a very limited menu and only serves what amounts to six versions of what I call Raw Beef Noodle Soup. We ordered three large bowls of PHO TAI, the topmost menu item on the left above and below.


Obviously PHO means soup.


Time to eat our PHO TAI. Note the plate of bean sprouts and fresh basil.



Above you can see the beef (round steak) comes raw and ‘cooks’ in hot soup broth as you see below.


YES it was good. YES I was ‘starving’ hungry. I did NOT touch the bean sprouts nor the basil because I have read about the risks of food poisoning.



Denny’s is Denny’s. I like Denny’s a lot. Greg and I ate breakfast here at Denny’s on 4th Avenue South.


In the below photo, right below the Denny’s sign, in the distance you can see a white billboard. Do you all see it? You can’t read it in the below photo so I snapped a close-up photo of it that you can see further below. 


Too funny!


The shop, Cannabis City, was under massive renovations and was NOT photogenic trust me.

Let’s all go inside of Denny’s on 4th Avenue South in Seattle Washington.




Greg had a Lumber Jack Slam.


I enjoyed a Grilled Chicken and Apple Salad with Balsamic Vinegar / Oil with all sorts of good things like candied pecans and dried cranberries.


My salad was every bit as good at it looks here.


In the below photo, on the extreme lower left edge, to the left of the utility pole you can see downtown Seattle in the distance.


As Greg and I drove away from Denny’s I snapped two photos that show downtown Seattle as viewed from Denny’s.


If you look closely on the left side of these two photos, you can see Century Link Stadium the home of the Seattle Seahawks NFL football team.



That-Is-That for my very first ever Post using my new LENOVO laptop. I think that using a laptop has some distinct issues (using the touch pad has caused me many issues!) that a desktop does not have. Of course the answer to this hyper sensitive touch pad is to buy and to use a ‘mouse’.

One huge advantage has been that I have had NO time pressure due to the library’s limitations (90-minutes) on time availability. This has been very nice indeed.

BUT, based upon what I have done here (especially uploading each and every photo above) I can pretty much guarantee that I will NOT be off line while in Dubai in the UAE.

Phenomenal maps from Andrej.

Signing off I will Thank Patti now for proof reading this when she gets home.



  1. cap chastain

    GREAT job on your new Lenovo laptop! It is really a challenge to get used to, not only a new computer, but, new-to-you, Windows 10. So, now you are off and running!!! Once again!!! In yet another way!!! Love and smiles. Patti

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