The above title pretty much says-it-all. I really am safely in Dubai in the U.A.E.

I could ‘write-a-book’.


To assume ( ass u me ) can make an ass out of you and me.

Business Class.

“Dad! You are NOT going through with this are you Dad?”

/ s / Emirates Airlines

Business Class is one very special experience when you are on a long-haul (12 or more hours) International Flight. Prior to this trip, I have been blessed to fly Business Class with Cathay Pacific and with Delta Airlines.

In the first photo below notice that the Business Class accommodations in both Cathay Pacific and Delta are pretty much separate little pods.


The following three photos confirm that on Cathay and Delta Airlines Business Class is really a private space experience.




How can I NOT assume that on Emirates I won’t have the identical experience?

Below is Business Class on my Emirates flight yesterday.


I am NOT saying it was a bad experience.


All I am saying is that it was a very different experience on Emirates having someone immediately beside you.


My seat mate on my left was right beside me.


This was not-the-case at all on my previous Business Class flights.


I sat back from the window. To snap photos I loosened my seat belt and leaned way forward.


Hello Mister Emirates engine. Will all of you just look at the small profile of the width of the wing at its tip!



Using the telephoto on my camera I could avoid having the engine in the photos.



We took off, we were in the air, about 5:45PM Seattle time. We immediately flew East and were soon into sunset and nightfall.

Dinner was very nice. The small mini-bottle to the left of my glass of water was oil / balsamic vinegar salad dressing. I did NOT photograph the three chocolate deserts the flight attendant provided to me because they ran out of the appetizer I wanted. I nearly fainted as the chocolates were so rich they combined forces to try to overwhelm me. Well I fought them off and survived the chocolate-high.


Breakfast was to-die-for excellent. Patti, below, on the right side at the bottom of the plate under the toasted bread I was able to remove the gigantic mushroom.


Basically we flew in a darkened cabin for most of the 14-hour 20-minute flight. At best I was restless but I certainly did sleep.

Our arrival gate in Dubai.


Good work Captain!

I was able to purchase a cell phone plan in the  terminal from Etisalat the premier mobile phone carrier in the U.A.E. Patti and I have spoken several times and I have also successfully texted Patti as well. The cost for two hours (120 minutes) talking and texting was exactly $50 U.S. Dollars. I have 14-days to use my minutes calling / texting they do NOT roll over. U.A.E. money is in Dirhams. One U.S. Dollar equals 3.5 U.A.E. Dirhams.

I could write-a-book about finding my hotel. I had three pages of data sent via e-mail from my hotel including a map and phone number. My cab driver Ali did all that was humanly possible to find it. Finally Ali handed me his phone and said to me, “Sir I am embarrassed. Sir will you please try to understand what the hotel is telling us?”

Finally Ali and myself, with God Almighty rooting-us-on, found my hotel.

“Well Captain! You asked for a real hotel in a real part of Dubai costing much less money than the tourist hotels in the high-rent districts charge. Captain! You got exactly and you got precisely what you asked for!”


The Adventures of your Captain in Dubai U.A.E. will continue tomorrow.

I am so happy I have my very own computer (Mister LENOVO). With this my third Post using Mister LENOVO from my hotel room here at The AL FAREJ HOTEL I am on-line and up-and-running gangbusters with him.

Whodda-Thunk Your Captain would have made this leap.

Smiling .. Happy .. Joyous .. Blessed .. Oh So Richly Blessed ..

/ s / Your Captain ..

7 thoughts on “OCT 1, 16 .. SAFELY INTO DUBAI U.A.E.

  1. cap chastain

    Well, I am stunned. I had heard nothing but glowing comments about how Emirates is such a classy airline. Their business class does NOT compare with either Delta or Cathay! Nice to see your hotel so I can picture you inside. Nice comments from Kitty and Jim on your post yesterday…loyal followers. And, like Kitty, I am fascinated with what you write AND HOW you write. Jim and Kitty, Dubai is 11 hrs ahead of you. Hugs, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      I asked my personal flight attendant Camila about the Business Class that I found myself in on Emirates. Camila said that Emirates also has that type of Business Class on its LARGER airliners so to some degree that explained the situation. You KNOW my friend who blasted me back in 2001 for writing about my process. Thank you M’ Dear One. Love, Cap

  2. Jeanne Follett

    Wow, sure is different than the “pod people” accommodations on other airlines, which is what we in the cattle cars call you folks up front. Although, I have seen business class that was nothing more than extra wide seats. Perhaps that was for domestic flights. Okay, hotel room and food photos next?

    1. cap chastain

      Hotel room and some food next you asked. My pleasure to share them coming up tomorrow. YES the domestic Business Class is just a tad wider seats. The Business Class I am showing IS just for International Long Haul flights. Smiles, Cap

  3. z

    Sunday, October 2, 2016 – 1:30 pm So Cal

    Hi Cap,

    It’s great that you have your new laptop and “pounding-out” your blog and naturally really, really nice photos! Your comments and photos do make it easy to imagine being along, i.e. “riding-shotgun” on your journey. I’m curious about your ride to the hotel and the difficulty the taxi driver had in finding the hotel?

    Your comments about the hotel sound interesting? Also since Dubai is very expensive, did you get a good price for your room since you will be staying there for about 3 weeks +/-?

    I do believe business class on Delta is probably a “little” better than on your flight to Dubai – but, heh I prefer traveling BC anytime!

    Have fun!


    1. cap chastain

      I will try my best to cover your questions in my Post coming up tomorrow. Great always to have you right here sitting beside me as I write these Posts. Smiles Good Buddy, Cap

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