At some point in time, I will stop showing all of you, over-and-over, where The Sultanate of Oman is located. But what is the harm in showing its location in the world as often as I have been doing.

I myself had absolutely NO IDEA of where THE SULTANATE OF OMAN was before I knew last July that I was coming to Dubai.

To be honest I had no clear idea of where Dubai was nor where and what the United Arab Emirates were.

I am not 100% positive that I had even heard of or was even aware of Oman as a country let alone that it is The Sultanate of Oman.

How many of you knew that the capital city was a place named Muscat? How many of you knew that there was a Gulf of Oman?

Well sports fans, I still am not able to upload photos. So I am going to make this short and sweet.

I am safely into my room. My room is absolutely spartan, bare-bones, basic to the hilt. Motel 6 looks like a palace in comparison.

Oh YES I did indeed have a choice. The manger showed me several rooms and let me decide. So IT WAS I WHO choose to go bare bones. I could have had an extremely nice suite but chose to save some money. Like 50%.

Smiles .. Cap in the Sultanate of Oman

It will be tomorrow until I find out how close I am to the Gulf of Oman and the beach that supposedly is located in this area of Muscat.

Keep scrolling down, this is my third Post dated OCT 18, 16.

2 thoughts on “OCT 18, 16 .. SAFELY INTO MY ROOM IN MUSCAT, OMAN

    1. cap

      All things considered, it was a very smooth trip. I was out of my hotel room at 12:19PM (I had aimed to be out by 12-Noon so missed by only 19-minutes). The Hotel staff said a taxi would take 30-minutes. Ahad walked with me to the main street and VOILA there was a taxi. The Dubai Airport (DXB) was amazing. I ‘scanned’ my own passport and got my boarding pass presto quicko. Then I checked my one bag and took my one carry on bag through customs and immigration. Ended up at a totally empty Gate 9 well over 2-hours early.

      Emirates did not have early boarding BUT I was early anyway and you and I talked for 30-minutes with me sitting in my seat.

      That all being said, I was stressed out in the morning KNOWING that I was in super shape and had no worries about packing out. Go figure.

      Thank You for staying up all night to ‘fly with me’. Love, Cap

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