Back in July, while Patti and I were in the Toledo Ohio area visiting close friends, about 4AM I snapped awake. I instantly got up out of bed, and called Alaska Airlines to book an October flight to Hong Kong.

After about 1-full hour of computer gymnastics as she tried to book me a mileage award  flight from Seattle to Hong Kong, the Alaska Airlines representative said to me in a somewhat apologetic voice ..

“Sir! I have a business class seat for you with Emirates Airlines.”

“Grab it.” I replied.

“I have some bad news. The flight does not go West across the Pacific to Hong Kong. The flight goes East to Dubai. You will have to lay over three days in Dubai before you can get a mileage award seat to Hong Kong.”

I did not say what I was thinking.

“I have to lay over in Dubai. You mean I get to go to Dubai. Arguably one of the most fascinating destinations in today’s world of International travel.”

From that instant onward, I worked with Alaska Airlines like a demon possessed to extend my stay in Dubai.

As a few of you know, I managed to get my stay in Dubai extended to November the 9th. Then I found out that I would only get a 30-day through-visa upon entry into Dubai. Hong Kong awards travelers with a 90-day through-visa.

On the flight to Dubai I heard from a seat mate how nice Oman is. So this solved the Dubai 30-day visa dilemma. I would visit Oman. Upon re-entry into Dubai, I would get a second 30-day through visa.

On the odd chance that I could again extend my stay in Dubai, I asked Patti to check with Alaska Airlines and to see what she could find out about getting a later flight past November the 9th to Hong Kong from Dubai.

Patti found out: There were NO mileage business class seats available and there were NO mileage economy class seats available from late October onward.

So the two of us just let it drop.

You Believe .. You Don’t Believe .. No other choices here sports fans.

Night before last I suddenly was struck with the thought that these airlines seats come and they go. People have lives and plans change. So I asked Patti to get on this again.


I have a business class reservation leaving Dubai on Friday, November the 25th arriving into Hong Kong Saturday morning November the 26th.

I will re-enter Dubai on October 27th. 30-days from October 27th will be November 26th. Or if you count the day of arrival October 27th you come to 30-days on November the 25th.

November the 25th is when I am ticketed to leave Dubai for Hong Kong.

When Patti told the Alaska Airlines agent that the reservation had to be no later that November 25th the agent calmly replied:

I have a business class vacancy on the morning flight and one on the evening flight of November the 25th.

This just tickles me no end. I am so enjoying Dubai. I am over the jet lag. I am really beginning to do things in Dubai. I am now connected with a good number of people.

Sports fans, this will be my one and my only grand hurrah for and with Dubai. Now I feel I will really do Mai Dubai right.



For sticking with the plan and going to any length to see if you could make it happen.

Love Cap

One thought on “OCT 19, 16 .. THANK YOU PATTI .. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

  1. cap chastain

    Happy to be of service! As I told you, I had been calling twice a day for the past few days … nothing available until last night, and two mileage business class slots were available on the very day you desired, a morning flight and your evening flight. Once you and I had spoken for me to give you the news, I realized that is Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe there were USA travelers who realized they did not want to be away THAT weekend, maybe even expats in Dubai who celebrate the holiday. Who knows? Our victory!! Smiles, Love, Hugs. Patti

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