I am in the Sultanate of Oman, in the Capital City of Muscat.


I am in Qurm, in the Eastern part of Muscat. Note we have two words. Qurm and Qurum. The area is Qurm. My hotel and the beach here are spelled as Qurum.


My hotel in Qurm (RIGHT RED BALLOONis the Qurum Beach Hotel (CENTER RED BALLOON ). Because you will be seeing many photos of a very prominent land mark at the Eastern end of the beach, the Crowne Plaza Muscat (LEFT RED BALLOON ), I have called it to your attention in the below map.


In the last map below, the RIGHT AND THE LEFT  SMALL RED BALLOONS  point to the area of Qurum Beach that I took the walk I am going to show you in the photos below. You will also see a few photos of two restaurants (TWO CENTER RED BALLOONS ) I visited during my walk-on-the-beach.


Before we start on our walk, I will show you two photos of the back side of the Crowne Plaza Muscat that I snapped from the roof of my hotel.


As you will soon see, the Crowne Plaza Muscat is a prominent sight at the East end of Qurum Beach.dscn08681Out the door of my hotel we walk. It sure seems to me that in this part of the world, at this time of year, every day is sunny and bright and warm.
dscn08741Basically, the beach is at the far end of the below street.

When I took the below photo from the roof of my hotel, I thought the beach was miles and miles away. It is about 10-minutes away!

We have come to the end of the street in front of my hotel.dscn09101

We walk a little to our left above and then a little to our right and voila! The Gulf of Oman.dscn09191

OK. We are not technically on-the-beach in 10-minutes BUT there you see Qurum Beach in the distance.


Man O Manischewitz! I am very happy I picked the Qurum Beach Hotel to camp-out-in here in Muscat! The above and below views sure look very good to me.


And? Taa-Daa! The Crowne Plaza Muscat. The first of many views thereof.dscn09141I plan to go to the Crowne Plaza and price a room facing the beach.dscn09161

What is the first thing I see on the beach? Yes Gullible! One of your special picker-uppers. The mid-East folks are super neat-nicks.dscn09181To the West, down the beach, we look.dscn09211



Hello Patti My Dear One.

dscn09241Looking to the West from your name.dscn09261Looking to the East from your name.
dscn09281Looking North out into the Gulf of Oman from your name.
dscn09271Wild life on the beach in Qurm.dscn09351Gullible what is this bird? A sandpiper. dscn09341To the East, back up the beach, we look.

Do you remember me saying that the Crowne Plaza Muscat is the dominant landmark at the East end of Qurum Beach?dscn09221

dscn09391I kept meeting this street sweeper. A nice man. We waved to one another.

dscn09431These public servants never stop moving. They are perpetual motion in action.dscn09451

A second look at the map showing the two restaurants that I saw beside the beach.

The large overall view of the location of my walk and the restaurants.


Here they are alive and up close.


The TCHE Restaurant. I will do a Post on The TCHE at a later date.
dscn10021I wonder what the name means?dscn09531

The Japengo Cafe. I will do a Post on The Japengo Cafe at a later date.dscn09291

I am really loving the Beach at Qurm in Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman.

Smiles and Joy .. Cap

5 thoughts on “OCT 21, 16 .. MUSCAT, OMAN .. QURUM BEACH IN QURM

  1. cap chastain

    Lovely walk on the Beach at Qurm … impressive Crowne Plaza. So nice that the street sweepers and litter pickers keep everything so clean! Hugs. Patti

    1. cap

      Happy you liked the walk on the beach. I am going to go check out the Crowne Plaza for sure. It will be a nice walk from here. I will have to find out exactly how to do this. The maintenance men sure do a good job. Love, Cap

  2. z

    Friday, October 21, 2016 – 2:00 pm So Cal

    Hi Cap,

    Beautiful sandy beaches! A nice tour along the walk – it will be interesting when you check the room close at that nice hotel on the beach!

    A question for you; it seems that most of your photos indicate folks in western attire rather than the Arabian attire, is that accurate?

    I also wanted to mention great shots of the Ferrari F1 racing car you included in one of your recent photo shots! Great stuff! In fact the US Grand Prix runs this weekend in Austin. Also our Reigns hockey team has the first season game this evening in about another 4 hours and a second game on Saturday evening. The Kings won last night and their 1st win four games.

    Will you take time out for a swim in the Gulf?


    1. cap chastain

      No I don’t plan to take a swim in the Gulf of Oman ‘Zilla. I missed seeing this comment. It was fun to visit the Ferrrari Center in Abu Dhabi. I will be doing a post about it in the future. Yes to attire. I am in a tourist area and people dress in our western fashion. Also, so too do many local people who are of Arabian descent. Smiles ‘Zilla. Cap

  3. Jeanne Follett

    I haven’t been able to get comments to post for several days, so let’s hope this one will. That bird is a gull of some sort. The problem with ID is that there are a number of different gulls in the Middle East, and many of them change color patterns as they mature. My first guess is an immature Great Black-backed gull. Anyway, the beach looks wonderful, especially since we have snow on the ground here. Love your hotel. So nice to see something that is not cookie-cutter architecture for hotels.

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