Yesterday, I ‘wrapped up’ my viewing of The Twin Blue Towers, The Julphar Towers, in Ras Al Khaimah here in the United Arab Emirates.




Not quite so fast Captain! Today, on our way out of town heading back to Dubai, I said to Alfred ..

“Alfred, can we re-visit The Julphar Towers?”

“Sure Cap! Why not!”

I failed yesterday to get any photos of The Julphar Towers up close. All I had, prior to the photos below, were ‘telephoto close ups’.

Here in the UAE they sure do a lot with their traffic roundabouts. There, off to the right below, are The Julphar Towers.


I showed the above photo so you would know what was lurking below on the left.





I have passed The Julphar Towers and am looking back at them in the below photo.


And now?


In my Post, NOV 17, 16 .. RAS AL KHAIMAH .. A WALK (PT 3 / 3)I wrote the following:

The below photos were taken at the location of the right balloon (in both the above and below maps). I was beside the bridge that crosses over to an island. You can see the bridge on the left side of the below photos. One cannot walk across the bridge. There is no pedestrian traffic allowed. If I could have, I would have, walked over the bridge to get right up to the Twin Blue Towers you see below.


I would have loved to get over to the island and really get close to what I am calling my Twin Blue Towers. No foot traffic is allowed on the bridge.



I was absolutely, totally, 100% wrong about there being no foot traffic on the bridge.

When Alfred and I visited The Julphar Towers yesterday, I discovered, as we actually, for the first time for me, crossed the bridge, that yes indeed you can walk across the bridge.

THE REST OF THE STORY is simply this:

I could not leave Ras Al Khaimah without correcting the above mis-information about foot traffic across the bridge.

“Alfred, I am going to walk up and snap one photo of the pedestrian walkway across the bridge. I will be right back Alfred and we can head back to Dubai.”

“Sure Cap. I will wait here in the car for you to return.”

“Got IT! My one photo of the pedestrian walkway across the bridge.”


“I think that I will walk just a little bit further.”

“I think that I will walk just a teeny-weeny little bit further. Get onto the bridge itself just up ahead.”


“Ah Captain, we are just about to the peak of the bridge. Let’s snap a photo back at The Julphar Towers from up here on the bridge.”


Alfred moved his car from The Julphar Towers to the produce market you see to the left above.

“Oh my! Just look out there to the right.” .. “The industrial boat harbor.”





Looking back at The Julphar Towers.



“Alfred?” .. “Yes Cap.” .. “Alfred I have walked completely across the bridge.” .. “Great Cap. I will cross the bridge and pick you up over there.”

Alfred crossed the bridge, picked me up, and we headed for Dubai.

“Cap. Let’s stop and get some lunch at a place I really like.” .. “Great Alfred.”







Eggplant parmesian.


Seafood platter.


Alfred’s entree. It had mushrooms. I don’t recall what it was called.


Pasta bolognaise (meat in tomato sauce). My entree.


“Done deal Alfred! I never, ever again, in this lifetime have to eat.”


Next door to The Thunder Road Pizza & Grill was the below photo in the window of a realtor selling apartments back in Ras Al Khaimah!


Alfred asked.

For only 9,000,000 AED you can purhase a full floor in The Julphar Towers.

“How much is that in our money Captain?”

About US $2,571,000 depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase.


That IS all folks.

Smiling .. Cap

“What a lunch Alfred!”

“And what did that lunch cost Captain?”

“About 270 AED (depending on the gratuity Alfred left) or US $77.00”

4 thoughts on “NOV 20, 16 .. RAS AL KHAIMAH .. THE TWIN JULPHAR BLUE TOWERS (PT 2 / 2)

  1. patricia boone

    I am glad, FOR YOU, that you did go back and get those close up pictures of the twin blue towers. Had you not, you might have continued to wish you had, and you were right there where the pictures could be taken! The roundabout looks like a park … very pretty. Of all the meal pictures, I would have ordered the egg plant, and thought at first that was what you had ordered because you showed it first (I DID think that would have been an unusual choice for you, but … you have done the unusual before!). All the meals looked great. I assume you asked some people at neighboring tables if you could photograph their entries. Yikes, $77 for the two of you for lunch. Your hotel in Dubai is very reasonable, but it does seem like restaurant meals verify what we have heard about Dubai being expensive! Hugs, Patti

    1. baba kaps

      YOU HAVE IT RIGHT. IF I had not gone back to The Julphar Towers, I would have deeply disappointed. The photos of the towers up close and not telephoto’d. THE BRIDGE. WALKING THE BRIDGE. THAT FOR ABSOLUTE SURE WAS A REALLY BIG THING HERE!

      People at neighboring tables? 100% of it was OUR lunch. Four major entrees. Alfred ordered the first three. I the last shown. But I ended up eating most of the Eggplant Parmesan!

      The restaurant was IN Ras Al Khaimah. Do you remember the lunch at the Marina Muse. Same pricing. High.

      I was shocked at this: NO garlic bread. NO bread period. Much Love. Cap

  2. Greg DeYoung

    yo, cap, so glad they havn’t kidnapped you yet take it easy, our fearless leader will have you on the no fly list.

    like your pad in dubai, almost up to the standards of the pawan. its a crisis in india now, a few days after bobby arrived and changed money on the black market. well we know anything can happen at any time in inja. patti called halftime , seattle victory. she’s the one for you, soon hk, singapore rice noodle…. much love from tsering and me, your saddle pal, greggo

    1. baba kaps

      WOWIE! Seattle Greg! How great to see a comment from you Greg and Tsering. Will you be keeping up on this web site Greg? Your Ally, Cap

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