From Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, I send you all, no matter where you may be, happy, joyous, thankful, THANKSGIVING DAY BEST WISHES.

Tomorrow, I will fly from Dubai to Hong Kong. So this will be a fairly brief Post. I have a lot to accomplish before I will be ready to leave my room and check out of my hotel Al Farej where I have been home based and staying since October the 1st.

Ski Dubai

When I signed up with Ski Dubai, for my ski lesson, and my very first experience in my life on skis, I knew that I was ‘taking a risk’ that I could be injured and possibly jeopardize my flight tomorrow. One just never knows what can happen.

Thankfully on THANKSGIVING DAY .. 

I did not fall nor hurt nor injure myself in any way.

However, I did use a lot of muscles that had not been used recently (ever?) and I was exhausted by the time our 1-hour lesson was finished. The weight of the boots and skis was a bit of a burden when we had to go up the hill side stepping. Lift the left leg, extend it out to the left, set it down, now lift the right leg and bring it over to the left leg. Over and over and over again and again.

Here is how it all played-out. If I can say one thing about my experience here in Dubai it is this: The collective, invisible, ‘they’ here in Dubai, I don’t care what you want to discuss, ‘they’ know how to do things right.

When ‘they’ want something, ‘they’ go after it with skill and lots of money. Nothing but the very best will do. One friend I have met during my visit here, was on the staff at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. One of the Sheikhs was at the academy and decided he wanted to set up a school here in the UAE. Out came his wallet. He hired my friend and eight others to set up the school he wanted. After ten years here, my friend is retiring.

When ‘they’ set up Ski Dubai, ‘they’ wanted the best that could be accomplished.

Part of my ‘prep’ for my lesson today was I had to enter a lot of data into a computer at the school. Height, weight, birthday, ski experience, shoe size, etc et all.

So when I went to get my ‘gear’ the staff was prepared. They had my size (US size 14) ski boots. I was given ‘short’ 152-cm skis because short skis are far easier for a beginner to negotiate. My clothing was all to my size.

My instructor interviewed each of the 5 of us personally. When he came to me it went thusly:

“Tell me about your ski experience.”

“I have never skied.”?

“What? Do you know how to stop?”


“You do not belong in the Beginners Class. You belong in the First Timer Discovery Lesson Class. I will arrange it for you right now.”

Sharp, poised, professionals.

I do not have time to do a full Post but wanted to show you at least a few photos.

I guess I knew ski boots were heavy and bulky. Actually experiencing them was totally new and different for me.


Those are short skis. Those are very, VERY short skis. Do you skiers all agree.


All clothing is furnished.


Snow. Snow in Dubai. Hard to imagine. Skiing too.


This is how you stop!


Look closely at the left side of the above photo. You can see what I mean about having to side step our way up the hill.

This was our very own ‘hill’. Right straight ahead is one of my class mates skiing down our ‘hill’. Doing really well.


Oops!  Snap your fingers! Quick and suddenly he was down.


I paid my money to get the below close up look at the venue. I think that you can see for yourselves that this is a for real ski experience.


For now, as I like to say, That Is That.

Smiles, Cap


  1. patricia boone

    That is that … at 80 years young you have now been on skis and had a lesson. Yes, the boots ARE heavy, yes, beginners do much better with short skis, yes, you use different muscles when you are skiing. Having to side-step back up the hill is a particular challenge and use of different muscles. When I learned on the “bunny hill” here in Alaska, we had a little rope tow to hang onto to get back up the hill. That, of course, uses its own set of arm and shoulder muscles! Gutsy of you to take to the ski world in that remarkable indoor venue in Dubai! Smiling for you, love, Patti

    1. baba kaps

      Thank You So Very Much for all of your ‘telephone support’ as I worked my way through all of the phases of my ski lesson at Ski Dubai. It was very stressful at times. Thanks to all of our telephone calls things worked out. Having been to the venue of Ski Dubai previously sure helped a lot. I knew where the things I needed to do were located to the maximum degree possible. Some were new like registering on the computer with my vital statistics but being early SUPER EARLY, as I like to be, helped a lot. Now to catch a flight to Hong Kong. Much Love and Thanks, Cap.

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