First, let me start off with a dream that Patti had the other night. Keep in mind that it is me, NOT Patti, who is facing a current medical dilemma.

Also please keep in mind that dreams do not have to ‘make sense’. Dreams are dreams with all of their twists and turns.

In Patti’s dream, she was in bed, in a hotel room, recovering from some medical condition.

The hotel Patti was staying in was seriously over-booked and needed guests in rooms to allow other guests without rooms to stay with them.

As it turned out, in her dream, Patti was asked by the hotel to allow two young children, a boy of 4-years and a girl of 6-years, to stay with her. Patti recalls seeing the children’s mother who approved the arrangement.

Into Patti’s room arrived the two youngsters each holding stuffed animals. The little boy was holding a Snoopy Dog and the little girl was holding a Teddy Bear.

The children see that Patti is ill. The little boy brings to Patti his Snoopy Dog and, handing it to Patti, says that both he (the little boy) and Snoopy want to help Patti to get well. Patti resists but the little boy prevails. Then the little girl brings her Teddy Bear to comfort Patti.

The children are very happy with their being able to assist Patti. Patti is deeply touched by their kindness.

Nifty dream huh?

No such dreams for yours truly.

I have hit a milestone.

I have now completed the first phase of my XARELTO blood thinner regimen. I successfully took, 1 each, 15mg XARELTO tablet, twice a day for 21 days. I now move to 1 each, 20mg XARELTO tablet, once a day with my evening meal for 90-days. I still have problems biting my tongue and insides of my cheeks but so far so good. I have not had a second bleeding episode getting away with very minor nips in lieu of serious bites. YOU try to watch each and every bite of food you chew. It is impossible to do so.

Thank You Chad for your support regarding the blood thinner regimen.

Slowly I am coming to accept and more comfortably live with this blood thinner regimen. It spooked the daylights out of me at first. ‘Zilla has been on blood thinners for 6-years and counting.

Patti and I are getting out to meetings almost daily and enjoying them and we are also getting out to eat some enjoyable meals.

The two of us can’t wait (February 7th) to be able to get out on the road and begin to stay a week here and a week there in various parts of Arizona and New Mexico.

Nights are still a challenge for me and I wish I was doing better than I feel I am doing but so be it. The two of us together, are doing daily walks on treadmills here in our wonderful hotel.

Recovery is a PROCESS NOT an EVENT.

Smiles, Cap and Patti ..

2 thoughts on “DEC 31, 16 .. YEAR END MEDICAL UPDATE ..

    1. cap chastain

      Patti remains OK as to her blood levels. She may not have to have the hardware in her hip replaced. It is a wait and see and continue to closely monitor her blood levels for cobalt and chromium. Smiles and thanks for your interest. Cap and Patti ..

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