I am now :

1. Out of my wonderful room at the Santa Fe Inn, Pueblo, Colorado.

I checked into the Santa Fe Inn, the afternoon of Saturday, May 20th. Last night was my 16th night here in Pueblo.

Pueblo ranks right-up-there with my favorite cities. We fit like the proverbial hand and glove.

Check out time was 11AM. When I asked Melissa the General Manager if I could have a little extra time, she said,  “Sure, is 12 noon OK?”

I was out of my room, into my truck, and pulled away from the Santa Fe Inn at 11:23AM.

2. I am now in my favorite library here in Pueblo.

The below photo was taken looking out the window of my truck. This is the view I always saw from the Handicapped Parking area when I parked here.

When I set-up-shop, I was obliged to share ‘my’ table with a gentleman who was sitting at ‘my’ table before I arrived onto ‘his’ scene.

He soon packed-up and left.

“Dad! HE is gone Dad! Now WE can jump out of our ‘hiding places’ and WE can REALLY OCCUPY  ‘our’ table Dad!”

/ signed / Your Traveling Team of Bobbseys

Shameless are my Bobbseys! They have absolutely no clue as to proper behavior! Each and every ‘surface’ within eyesight belongs to them, or so THEY think.

After I publish this short Post, I will then drive North from Pueblo to Colorado Springs, where I have a room reservation for three nights, June 5th through June 7th.



I wonder IF there is anything in Wigwam, Colorado?

I published the below on my TRAVEL page.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

New Update : Monday the 5th of June.

I am leaving Pueblo in a few hours.

I ‘plan’ to spend ‘some time’ in Colorado Springs. To this end I have a paid-for reservation in Colorado Springs beginning (tonight) Monday June the 5th checking out Thursday morning June the 8th.

And then on June 8th, I will begin to slowly work my way North and East heading for Detroit, Michigan, and neighboring cities.



I have a Doctor’s appointment in the early afternoon on Tuesday June the 13th. So I will be, God Willing, in Detroit, Michigan, and neighboring cities before then.

Patti is in Anchorage, Alaska (upper left red balloon). I am on the road to Colorado Springs.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Today, this instant : I remain absolutely amazed at how very strong I am feeling. In the weeks and immediate months following my hip replacement surgery, I really thought that I was pretty much over and finished with intense International and even Domestic travel.

My plan : First get to Detroit. Then after evaluating how I feel, make decisions as to when (it still is sort of an  if   ) I will fly to Hong Kong.

Then, when in Hong Kong,  if  I go, I will evaluate the plan to fly to Mongolia.

Whew. I am now going to drive up to Colorado Springs. I well may stop in Wigwam, Colorado, to check-it-out.

Sign Me .. Rock’n and Roll’n .. Your Captain.

Speaking of Rock’n n’ Roll’n .. Who but Your Captain would do the below.

My Man Ben just ‘slushed-on-past-me’ here in the library in his PINK FLOYD shirt.

I hailed him over and said,

“Is anybody out there?”*

“Nod if you can hear me.”*

From .. The Wall .. by PINK FLOYD.

“My Man Ben. Dog let me shoot a photo of you!”

Ben came on over to ‘hang’ with his buddy Damien on the right below.

Do all of you ‘get it’? IF I can still pull things like this off, I can still DO the International Scene in terms of mentally. The issue is the physical side of things.

What’s that you say Bobbseys? YOU are ready to jump onto I-25 North and en route to Colorado Springs  smoke out Wigwam, Colorado. OK, we are about to be out of here. So sayeth Your Captain.

Lily joined in on the fun.

Do all of you see what I mean when I write that Pueblo and I are like hand and glove.

2 thoughts on “JUN 5, 17 .. ON THE ROAD AGAIN ..

  1. patricia boone

    I spoke to Melissa after you had checked out, and thanked her for being so nice to you during your stay in Pueblo. So, now it is north on I-25 again. Hmmm, Wigwam sounds intriguing … Smiles and love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Thanks for checking in with Melissa. I hope you are not disappointed with getting back on the computer for the very latest photos at the bottom. Much Love and THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Love Cap

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