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Over on blogspot..


I have published a new Post (JUL 15, 17 .. HONG KONG DISCOVERY BAY) showing photos of my trip to Discovery Bay this morning to attend a meeting.

Below are maps showing where Discovery Bay is located relative to Hong Kong.

In the first map below, you see Hong Kong (right red balloon), Discovery Bay (center red balloon) and Hong Kong International Airport (left red balloon).

In the second map below, the left red balloon points to the Discovery Bay Ferry Terminal and the right red balloon points to the route of the ferry.

Isn’t this silly? I can NOT Post these Google Maps on my Google Blogspot Website.

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What does this short story tell you about how I am really feeling?

After just over 8-hours of good sleep, I got up early at 6:30am to be sure to catch the 8:30am ferry to Discovery Bay in time. I did all of my morning things (food bar, water, minerals, etc et all). I calmly left my room at the YMCA walking to the Star Ferry to cross Victoria Harbor and walk to the Discovery Bay Ferry Terminal. In short I was early and I was NOT rushing. I got to the ferry terminal 25-minutes early.

SUDDENLY, halfway to the Star Ferry Terminal, IT HIT ME LIKE A BRICK-BAT!

  1. I did NOT take my cane with a seat to steady myself and to sit upon if necessary.
  2. I did NOT wear my bicycle helmet to protect my head from a fall.

How I am really feeling?

I must be feeling really 100% normal.

I do NOT PLAN to do this again!


The right lens fell out of my eyeglass frame and smashed itself to smithereens.

Yes Oh Yes I have a spare pair. No big deal. Not the first time that lens had fallen out. But it is the last time trust me.

Time to sign out here and go to blogspot and put up a Post about today’s trip to Discovery Bay.

Smiles .. Cap

6 thoughts on “JUL 15, 17 .. WOW. DID I REALLY DO THIS. OH MY OH MY.

    1. cap chastain

      I don’t have a clue Gullible. Andrej said that the software that I use on dot.net to Post the Google maps on dot.net is indeed a copyrighted product so therein lies my answer I guess. I wish I could Post these maps on blogspot but am not able to do so. Smiles .. Cap

  1. patricia boone

    Sorry to hear about your lens breaking. Also a bit unnerved that you did not take the cane or the helmet, BUT, maybe that is a good sign about how you are feeling … confident … Nice to talk to some of the people at the Discovery Bay meeting when you were there early. Sweet people. Smiles and hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      The lens has fallen out countless times. This time the jig-was-up I guess.

      YOU were unnerved about me being out sans cane and helmet? I too was unnerved. I do NOT plan to make this my usual routine (no cane no helmet)! You, as well as myself, had many visits didn’t we with the members. All can’t wait for you to come over in September. Love Cap.

  2. Michael

    I so enjoy hearing and reading of your travels. I am so impressed/amazed at your vigor and youthful determination. You have always showed us your unique ‘Yes, I Can’ fortitude. I read of your ferry ride to Discovery Bay and enjoyed all of the pictorials and colorful verbal guide. You do take me along with you, in my heart, and I know yours. Someday soon I hope to physically join you, and Patti, either in Hong Kong or Mongolia. Perhaps both! lol
    Enjoy your new adventure. Every day is a new adventure!
    God bless, you my dear Cap.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so much for your reply Michael. I NEVER thought that I would ever again feel this good at one time during my recovery process. Now I think that it was depression from the blood thinner medication. Great to have you along for the ride Michael. Cap

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