These Posts are my love affair with you my readers.

Being able to share my travels is wonderful.

Thank You Oh God of Abraham for this gift.

I am not able to count HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I WALKED PAST HERE ..

HERE is the main Ullanbaater City library very close to the Blue Sky Hotel and Tower.

I am not able to access the internet at Happy’s Apartment. He is out in the Mongolian countryside and therefore is totally unable to do anything about my plight until he returns next Monday.

What to do?

Find a library!

THAT is what to do Captain!

I don’t believe this! I am not able to grasp this! I am on-line!


I am able to upload photos here at the Ulaanbaatar City Library.


Here we all go loop-de-loop!

Hello Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Some Wonderful Things Never Change.

Did I just write that ..

Some Things Never Change?

A little rain and a lake appears in front of my apartment building.

“Hello Captain!” /sign me as/ Happy’s Wonderful Apartment.

“Gee Dad I am so sorry that I can’t access the internet. Maybe Happy can help when he returns Monday Dad!”

Ah my familiar view looking out my window from Happy’s Apartment.

Did I just write two times above that Some Things Never Change?


The Sidewalk-From-Hell has changed.

The Tripping-Hazard-From-Hell has changed.

Wowie! This used to be a terrible issue for me to navigate. Luckily I never tripped and fell but ..

“Look at me now Dad!” /sign me as/ One Very Proud Sidewalk.


That’s All Folks.

I found the library and now they are closing.


“Captain I have been wondering when you would find me!”

/sign me as / The Ulaanbaatar City Library.

Smiling from ear-to-ear.


8 thoughts on “JUL 21, 17 .. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I WALKED PAST HERE ..

  1. patricia boone

    Wowie, zowie … you found the Ulaanbaater Library and it was essentially “right under your nose” in your previous visits! How nice now to have that as an option. Nice to see your room, the views from out the window, the grocery store … all look so familiar. And the new sidewalk … what an IMPROVEMENT that is!!! Happy Mongolia My Dear. Love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Richard Petty, who I worked with back in the early 1970’s, used that term .. “Let’s keep on with the keeping on!”

      Nice to see it again Kitty. Cheerio, Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Tell me about it Gullible. TELL ME ABOUT IT. Loving being back here after giving up all hope of doing so last Spring as I recovered from the broken-hip drama. Whew Huh? Cap

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