Like Evita.. I too plead with all of you supporting me..

Don’t Cry For Me..


This silly little health challenge, of possibly having kidney cancer, is but a bump on the road of my life.. Maybe a life ending bump on my road.. Maybe nothing.. Maybe absolutely nothing at all.. A visit to Mayo.. Some exploratory surgery.. And we shall see.. But nonetheless it is but a bump on a life road that has been amazing to me who has lived it.

Today was a great day. I felt just great today.

Changer called me and said.. “Cap let’s have lunch together with two other friends.” .. “Sure Changer.”

This is, at least to me, a brand new hotel and restaurant. It is located right beside my apartment building. In the above photo, in the background along the extreme left edge, you can see my apartment building. It took Changer and the others to find it and to invite me to join them. Patti was right with us. I talked to Patti many times during lunch and more than once, the group said louldly.. “Hi Patti.”.

That is ‘our’ table in the below photo. I was sitting second from the left on Changer’s right.

The First Course. Stir Fried Beef with Vegetables.

The Second Course. Stir Fried Mushrooms and other Vegetables. Changer said to me, “Cap! You have got to taste this! The Mushrooms are wonderful.”

The  First and the Second Courses.

The Third Course (on the right below) has arrived to join-the-fun.

The Fourth Course (on the right below) completes the lunch meal.

Look at the Fourth Course above and below. Before I could get my camera back-out to snap another photo, the Fourth Course was almost gone.

Below are two photos of Oldokh, a great friend. He and Deegi, together met me at the airport on July 16th, 2015. Oldokh is my very first Mongolian male friend and associate.

He was sitting on my right and it was him that attacked the Fourth Course with vim and with vigor.

Now, What Do I Say?

Oh My!! .. Burp!!

Oh No. Don’t Cry For Me. Now or ever.. No matter the outcome.

Then we returned downtown.

Do all.. Do any.. Of you remember the below two photos of The Choijin Lama Museum that I posted yesterday on blogspot?

I have been oogling and loving and treasuring this scene, snapped from the exterior of the museum, of The Blue Sky Hotel and Tower behind the Choijin Lama Museum for over two years. Isn’t it magnificent? Gullible, had we three gone to Millie’s in November of 2015, we would have walked right past this scene.

Today.. Mark it..

Today, Friday the 18 of August year 2017, I actually entered The Temple Museum of Choijin Lama  for my first time ever.

On the street, and in most literature, it is most commonly called the Choijin Lama Museum. In the below photo you can see its proper title.

I have paid my entry fee of 8,000 Mongolian Tug (US $ 3.28) and now am about to enter the interior grounds.

A photo of The Blue Sky Hotel and Tower from within the museum.

Can you now see why I am saying to you all.. Don’t Cry For Me.. At least not yet.


Over and Out for now.


“Yes ‘Zilla?” .. “Did I do what ‘Zilla?” .. “You are uncertain as to whether I traveled downtown, walked to the museum, paid my money, entered the grounds, spent a full hour within its confines, to only snap the above six photos?” .. “I snapped seventy three (73) photos ‘Zilla.” ..

“Am I going to do what?” .. “Yes Oh Yes.” .. “A full photo Post on blogspot  is coming in the immediate future my friend. Maybe as early as tomorrow or Sunday.”

What would I do without friends like you ‘Zilla? Never ever timid or afraid to speak your mind and ask the challenging questions.

6 thoughts on “AUG 18, 17 .. EVITA SAID IT ALL .. DON’T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA

    1. cap chastain

      I hate to say this Ol’ Buddy Ol’ Pal BUT.. I would not trade places with you because of the things YOU are dealing with ‘Zilla.

      Getting old is NOT for sissies.

      Wouldn’t it be funny IF I actually beat you to the finish line in this Race Of Life. My life couldda, maybe shouldda, ended on the road when we two were motorcycling in West Germany back in about 1977 eh? One precise specific event neither of us will forget. Whewie. Smiling ‘Zilla. .. Cap

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