Patti and I returned here to Anchorage, Alaska, last November the 2nd. By the time we got home to the condo after our flight up from Detroit, Michigan, it was well into November the 3rd. So today is our 13th day back.

This morning I said to Patti that..

“I think that maybe, there is no guarantee however, I have recovered from the four hour jet lag between here and Michigan.”

I really seem to struggle with this jet lag phenomenon which can bring with it a depressive episode. You would think that, over the past few weeks, I would have cognitively thought to myself, “I am just feeling jet lag.”

You would think huh? You would also think that .. why on this good earth did it take me 21 years, right up to the time of our divorce, for me to fully realize and comprehend the fact that, like clockwork, once a month, my first wife became totally impossible to be around.

Duh-h-h! PMS and Jet Lag idiocy by yours truly.

Are you taking stupid pills Captain?

Since returning we have had a fair number of medical appointments. If not daily, it seems like all we are doing is seeing doctors. All day yesterday we DID Doctors and medical stuff. Patti saw her orthopedic team about her hip replacement. With that came some tests. Then I saw my General Practitioner. I did my best to talk him into prescribing a heart work-up to see what the mysterious and worrisome sensations in my heart area are. I am at the age (81 years) when friends are having heart attacks. He listened to my chest, reviewed my 19-year history with him, and in the end would not bite on my heart-thing thoughts. He thinks it has to do with esophageal (of my esophagus) issues.

He politely reminded me, after thumbing through my history with him, that this issue of mine (me thinking I have heart issues) dates back many years.

In April of 2007, after this precise same type of discussion, I did an end-around-run on him. Patti and I flew from Anchorage down to Detroit. I then went to the Emergency Room at my hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, and told them of my concerns. After three days and two nights in the hospital, during which time I had stress treadmill tests and radioactive isotopes in my blood to see what is flowing and where, my Michigan heart team said I have no issues with my heart. My doctor, as he was leaving my hospital room, turned to Patti and asked if I snored. Patti said yes I did. He prescribed a sleep apnea test and it was determined I stopped breathing, for 10-seconds or more, 138 times during the 8 hour sleep test. This (stopping breathing off and on and off and on all night) stresses one’s heart and thus my symptoms were documented as being real and not imagined by my brain.

It now looks like Patti and I will be in Phoenix, Arizona, in mid-February 2018, so I will possibly bring this up with my Mayo team along with the reasons I am going there (review my hip replacement, my male osteoporosis, my left kidney issue).

Why on this good earth did I just write the above drivel?

Bored? You learned nothing here did you?

Well I suggested that you delete this Post before reading it.

At least I have resumed posting some fun things over on blogspot.

And maybe one of you will think to yourself, after reading this :

“At least I am not alone with all of my baggage.”

Still Smiling, wondering when and IF it is ever going to get completely easy.


6 thoughts on “NOV 15, 17 .. DELETE BEFORE READING

  1. Gullible

    Is it just me, or do you guys travel the world to see doctors? My philosophy is to stay away from doctors as I’ve notice that every time I’m around them, I don’t feel well….

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      When you fall, and break a hip, what are you to do but see a Doctor? When you have a very disconcerting feeling in your left lower abdomen and you are in Mongolia about to go to Southern Russian Siberia, wouldn’t you see a Doctor? From these initial points of debarkation an entire chain of events commences. I call it the medical octopus wrapping its tentacles around you. You seem to be unable to totally escape its tentacles. One visit leads to another visit etc et al. These (recent to me in this lifetime) issues are totally new to me. Not one of us is getting out of here alive. Lacking some cataclysmic event (sudden / instant death) that will forever free you in one fell swoop from Doctors, your time will be coming. Or are you writing in jest? Smiles. Cap (still planning to go back over to the Asian side of the earth a.s.a.p. maybe in late February of 2018).

      1. Gullible

        Just seems like every time you are in Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Anchorage you have a multitude of doctor appointments, and not only since your hip and kidney problem, but before that too. Only the Shadow knows when I am jesting….

  2. Tom

    Hello Anchorage AK and neighboring cities! My first visit to R.O. library in weeks. Looking out at 11 Mile Road. Sitting next to the print station, so you know exactly where I am! I have been ‘on the move’ here, each day, either babysitting or helping out my friends at the Moving Co. who gave Ginny a great rate on her move to NV. I was slated to work Friday 11-17-17, but that trip was postphoned until Saturday. I was with Brian S. today, we visited Mary P at her assisted care facility in Warren MI, we had the honor of giving Mary a 41 year coin! So fun! I just read all your posts back to Halloween, I will contact you on the phone either Friday afternoon or Saturday. Planning on spending Thanksgiving Day in Linden at my sons. Bonnie and Cathy from Ferndale office both say hello, I saw them briefly today. I head out on the 24th to Ginny’s, staying there through Dec 9. Fly back on Dec 10 Via Con Dios

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