Keep in mind that, although this Post is dated FEB 5, as I write it is actually Wednesday morning FEB 6 here in Irkutsk.

Minus -37°F / -38°C is getting seriously cold.

Now we are talking real cold. Now we are talking about ‘get serious’ before you go outside cold. Now we are talking about the cold here in the Deep South of Russian Siberia. I say, here in the Deep South of Russian Siberia (lower red balloon ).


Way, and I mean WAY-up-North in Nordvik Russia Siberia (upper red balloon )  it is a hot plus +7°F.



You figure the weather out and let-me-know!

My Truth :  You MUST actually be living in a place before you can truly begin to understand it!

Murmansk, Russia (upper red balloon ) is one famous place. I’d always thought it was in Northern Russian Siberia.



Then again I always thought it was Moscow (lower red balloon ) and by being here I’ve come to learn it is Mosk VA.

Don’t believe me! YOU sound it out : MOCKBA.

M is M  O is  C is S  K is   B is V   A is A


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

God and Theology.

It is amazing that God The Creator has somehow survived organized religion. More people have been killed in-the-name-of-God than for any other reason. People hate and fear God because organized religion tells some of us God is going-to-get-you because you are a bad sinner.

Below is God :

Right now I am ‘into’ eating hard-boiled eggs (twice-a-day) as a major part of my food regimen. I’ve done my ‘homework’ on eggs. The pros and the cons. Brown vs White Eggs. I’ve studied the methods of boiling eggs etc ad nauseam.

So here I am, handling and dealing with eggs.

I wonder : Does Chicken Hen get bothered when her eggs are constantly being taken away from her? I mean think about it. Poor Hen pushes out one egg after another and away they go. I’d be more than a little upset with this!

Here comes Mister Rooster. Does Mrs. Hen just get up and stand aside?

He does something (I’m not at all sure what it is he does) and back onto the egg plops Mrs. Hen.


Get this ..

At some point in time, the ‘little something’ that has miraculously grown within the egg decides : I’m tired of THIS SCENE! I’m going to peck-peck-peck my way outta-heah and see the real world. As little baby chick emerges does Mother Hen get up out of the way?

And here baby chick comes, with its mouth wide-open, making noises because it is hungry and it wants to eat NOW!

Who? What incredible something programs all of this?

And I’m only talking about the above miracle of chickens making more chickens. All around, and within us, reproduction is happening. Plants, fish, reptiles, insects, you-name-all of the life forms we are surrounded by.

Who / Which Came First : Chicken or the Egg? And there had to be girl and boy, female and male, chickens.

After you’ve gotten this all figured out, please contact me immediately!

The God issue for me is : Having the faith to believe that this entity really cares about me as an individual.

Because I believe in God .. God exists.

Because you don’t believe in God .. God does not exist.

It sure is nice to be back-online.

Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “FEB 5, 19 .. IT HELPS ME TO KNOW THAT IT IS MINUS -37°F / -38°C OUTSIDE

  1. Patricia Boone

    Yikes on the cold!! Certainly glad you are back online so you can check the temperature before you think about going out. And, eggs, now it is eggs .. when you get into something you REALLY DO study up on it! You have told me you are able to now boil them without any of them cracking during the boiling. I always seem to have one or two that crack. Life in Southern Siberia .. soon to be sharing it with you, we hope. Smiles and love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Yes, we’ll soon be together here in Russian Siberia we both hope. With earthquakes, with our truck being stolen, we never know for sure do we? It will be like a grand vacation once you get over here. Putting a tiny pin hole into the top of the unboiled eggs has worked for one batch. Time will tell on this. The chicken and the eggs and where my mind went with it. Face to face with another of God’s miracles. How does the tiny unborn chick know when to go peck-peck-peck and emerge hungry from the egg?

      See you soon God Be Willing. Much Love .. Cap

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