If my mother, would have been my father, my formal, family, last name would be Casey. So I do have some pride of ownership in having relatives who call the Land of Ireland, The Emerald Isle, their home land. The last time that I checked, the name Casey certainly is Irish. Casey actually came from O’Casey.

Ah yes the Irish! Good as it is, Sad as it is* I am, to some extent, certainly one of them. Avery Casey (my maternal grandfather) married Janet Stewart. Last time I checked, the family name Stewart was certainly Scottish. My first name Stewart, was given to me from my maternal grandmother Janet Stewart. So that makes me Scotch-Irish.

Odd? I never hear the blending of the Irish and the Scotch called Irish-Scotch. It’s always Scotch-Irish.

* What’s to be sad about? The Irish seem to be known for their melancholy / depressive tendencies. As far as I have been able to ascertain, all of the mental illness in my family has come 100% from my mother’s (primarily on the Irish side) genealogy. 

Certainly the history of Ireland, under the shadow of England, has been, to a some extent, dismal.

Then there came the infamous potato-famine.

During this four year period, things really ‘went South’ in Ireland. My great-great-great grandfather Casey emigrated to the Boston area from Ireland and then on into Canada and became a Loyalist (Loyal to the British Crown) during our United States Revolutionary War.

Well, I certainly love the Music of Ireland. And their pride of being Irish.

Here’s to the Wearing of the Green !


An Irish Pub here in Irkutsk.

4 thoughts on “MAR 17, 19 .. IT IS .. SAINT PATRICK’S DAY

  1. Robert 94596

    The following is lifted from a web site.

    “The English and Scottish royal houses had become closely connected through marriage. On Elizabeth’s death in 1603, Mary’s (Mary, Queen of Scots) son James IV, already king of Scotland, ascended the throne of England. The Catholic Stuart monarchs faced trouble in both England and Scotland as the religious disputes between Catholics and Protestants wreaked the land. His coronation as James I of England settled Scotland’s fate, for it was during his reign that the Plantation in Ulster relocated Lowland Scots in an attempt to reconstruct Ireland as a Protestant country.”

    I believe that is why there are still troubles in Northern Ireland.

    Gay is Scotch-Irish so we have an interest!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I Thank You so much Robert for your comment and for loyally following along with us here on Interesting that Gay also has some Scotch-Irish ancestors in her family background. Troubles in Northern Ireland? My friend there are troubles within families and within neighborhoods and within cities and within states and within nations and world wide. Man’s inhumanity to man. Here in Russia we are learning of just some of the terrible atrocities committed during WWII in Russia by the German invaders. All the Best to you and to Gay. Cap

  2. Tom

    Irkutsk has an Irish Pub ? I have a similar heritage – all my Mothers side were Celtic – Scots Chisholm – her Dad – one of the large Highland Clans & Keane – her Irish mother. My Dad- the Engels from Germany. His mom ( my grandma Engel) born Marie Borgeau, French Canadian – in Bay City MI 1900. Stay warm when you go north !

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Tom. Very similar backgrounds indeed. Scotch Irish on our Mother’s sides. The Irish Pub in Irkutsk is part of a large chain of them. We have enjoyed Yakutsk and head back today Thursday the 28th of March. -3° F as I write. Smiles to you and to Ginny. Cap and Patti

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