On some impossible-to-understand cosmic-level, it must be written somewhere in-the-stars that I share with you this project. The reason I say this is simply because for me to cover it, I have got to be home. If I am out-running (say to the dentist) I would miss large portions of the activity. Luckily the first two Chapters happened during the evening / night hours when I was home.

Today this was not-the-case. It began during mid-day and it was well underway before I even realized that the real paving action had commenced. 

I don’t think that I am all that hard of hearing, but with double windows to insulate from the winter cold, I simply cannot hear much noise outside. Of course, overall, this is a very good thing. Sometimes the local male rowdies are down there with hormones raging and I simply do not hear them.

Now, in the first photo below, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

If you will look very closely (study it) at the very bottom right of the below photo, you will see that asphalt paving had already been accomplished before I was even aware of the activity outside of my window. 

What got my attention was that I heard the sound of the two trucks in the above photo. So I looked out, saw the above scene, then I turned to my right and looked-up-the-street.

Voila! Look what I saw.

The crew had already finished paving a lengthy section of the road in front of the apartment building.

So I walked to the far end of this section of the road to see what was going on. Below you can see that the road and the below piece of the parking lot had already been paved. I must’ve missed an hour or more of the paving action up-the-street from me. Of course with them working so far away, I did not hear a peep.

The steam roller was already hard-at-work.

Looking back down the road in the direction of the apartment, you can see how much paving had already been completed.

Now we will come back to the point-in-time when I suddenly realized the paving-action-was-underway.

In the above and below photos, you can clearly see that they had paved the road first and were now beginning to head into the large parking lot.

To do this they had to ‘ease’ the asphalt paving machine around to its left from the road into the parking lot.

In the next photo below, you can clearly see that the road in front of the building had been paved.

“The time-has-come!” I said to myself, “For me to get out onto the ground.”

Sure enough, they were still rolling the freshly placed asphalt road pavement.

The above photo is a little out-of-sequence but I wanted to put it here to finish out the road paving work.

On the ground, up-close-and-personal.

Now they begin to place the second aisle of pavement up the parking lot.

I just saved you more-of-the-same in terms of photos by waiting until they finished this section of the parking lot.

Now we will see them pave the smaller rear section of the parking lot. On my way to the back parking lot I snapped this roller in action.

I wanted to see them working in this more cramped space.

That will-do-it for the asphalt paving. Below is a night-time photo of the freshly paved parking lot.

The following photos were taken on my current Wednesday morning, the 9th of October.

On the ground this morning.

The furthermost small section of the parking lot.

Walking back toward my apartment building.

The one dog-leg off to the side of the main parking lot.

The photos below show what I mean when I say that I am lucking-out by being here when the actual work is going on.

I looked out the window and below see what I saw.

It looks to me like they are going to stripe-the-parking-lot.

Will all of you just feast-your-eyes on the final work. Well, as you will see several photos down, they then added a white cross-walk section.

Can you see they also stripped the back section.

And the road in front.

And just look who is back and oh-so-happy to again have a place to park.

One last photo of my ‘brand new’ parking lot. I am absolutely loving looking out at it.

This will do-it for the paving project that I’ve shared with you. As a former construction professional myself, I am so impressed with the work I witnessed.

Much Joy .. Cap

Post Script : I snapped over one hundred photos for this post alone in order to get the fifty two or so photos that you have seen above.

4 thoughts on “OCT 8, 19 .. THE PARKING LOT RESURFACING .. Chapter 3 .. IT IS 100% FINISHED

  1. Patricia Boone

    So much fun to see this project from start to finish. They really did a great job, right up to and including the striping. Good thing you caught them in time as they were doing the actual paving. Again, fun! Smiles, love, hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      As I said in the post, I really lucked-out to have been present during much of the major work. Had I been at the dentist, as I was Monday, I’d have missed a lot of the work. Then to be HERE and to not hear them down there busily working away is also an interesting phenomenon. Thanks for your support and for proof-reading it with me over the phone. Much Love My Dear One .. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      They have a tendency to really crowd into the parking lot. So it is far easier to get out when pointing forward. Backing into a parking space is easier than backing out when there are other cars behind you. Good to hear from you again. Cap

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