How do I go back? Five minutes ago, Ginny 89029, who was watching a show on television in the United States about Mongolia, sent me a set of photos from her smart phone to my smart phone on WhatsApp. I then e-mailed two of the photos from my own smart phone to my own e-mail address. I then went to my e-mail address, downloaded the photos into my laptop, and now have uploaded them from my laptop to this post. How do I turn my back on this technology?

Let’s see? Where was I when I suddenly got the above gift from Ginny?

We’re in December. This time next week I’ll be, God and the Good Lord Willing, in Seoul, South Korea with Terry and Kathy. This time in two weeks I’ll be sitting, God and the Good Lord Willing, in a meeting of the Black Sheep Group at the Dry Dock in Anchorage, Alaska, with Patti at-my-side.

Translation : The time has come for me to get intense about packing up and moving out of my apartment here in Ulaanbaatar. It’s a process. One I’m all too familiar with. Packing up and moving on, It’s Something I Do. NO it is not easy. NO it is not a free ride. A batch of my beloved Bobbseys will die (go into the trash) and that hurts me no end. 

Last night I said my goodbyes to David (Daah Veed). Just now, this evening, I said my goodbyes to Deegi and Cindy. Saina was unable to join us.

The first course, above and below, has arrived. My bacon-potato salad.

The second course, Deegi’s spicy Korean bacon, has arrived.

The third, and final (OH BURP!) course has arrived, Cindy’s non-spicy / mild chicken.

Here, before your very eyes, is the issue with me NOT understanding a word of Mongolian. Had I known what Deegi was ordering..

Well no. This IS a program of honesty. Had I known what Deegi was ordering, I’d have still gotten my bacon-potato salad.

There were a few simidgens of Cindy’s chicken left-over and they went home to Saina. 



“What’s that ‘Zilla?” .. “Yes ‘Zilla, I took all eight (8) of my own chopsticks to dinner with me. THEY are my buddies and they are thrilled to get out of the apartment and enjoy the meal with me.” .. “Yes ‘Zilla. I KNOW. It’s a little different but hey, I’m not hurting anyone or anything.”


  1. Ginny

    Wow, Cap! What an awesome evening! So fun to have talked and shared pictures halfway around the world. I hardly ever watch 20/20 on CBS. I had the television on just as background noise and when I looked up there was a special on Mongolia. I saw pictures and scenes just as the pictures on your postcards, you have sent Tom and I. I was captivated by the program! Low and behold here we are again Cap, via internet connections. God is amazing! Hugs. Ginny

    PS the one thing I dislike about technology is the operator error, LOL me, I commented a while ago and then could not see it. Wonder if this posted twice???

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Ginny for following along here and for sending me the photos of Mongolia. No problem with your comment it did not post twice. Amazing the technology we have at our finger tips. I sure know what operator error means. Smiles from me and Hugs from Patti.

  2. Patricia Boone

    Technology never ceases to amaze me. When you tell me on the phone that you have just selected “publish” on a post, and I immediately select your site, and there it is .. within a couple of seconds your post is on my screen. HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN??? So nice that you were able to have a gentle dinner (of your favorite bacon potato salad, at one of your favorite restaurants, with one of your favorite servers bringing you your food) with two of your favorite people .. Deegi and Cindy. It was fun for me to be able to speak to all three of you on the phone while you were enjoying each others company. Yes, it is always a tug for you to throw away or leave behind some of the things you have been using every day, but it IS part of the process of checking out and moving on. Not easy, but necessary. I, on the other hand, am getting nothing but more excited that you are in the process of heading MY way! Smiles, Love, and Hugs, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank You My Dear One for another amazing comment. How does it happen? I add one teeny weeny little (,) comma. I press update. Instantly you are able to see my correction. I’m inside of my room, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, how does the addition of this teeny weeny little (,) comma pass from my room up to a satellite and down to you half a world away? NOW let’s talk about something really complex, photographs. The same process. IT IS ALL MIND BOGGLING.

      Nice our goodbye, Deegi and Cindy and me. I’ll see Deegi again for sure to give her the keys to my apartment for Happy.

      I force myself to say : “Captain! You’ve an issue here! These Bobbsey’s are NOT living, breathing, animate objects. They are plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, notes from posts you’ll never need or use again, cardboard juice cartons you’ve been using as mini-trash receptacles, used shopping bags, etc etc etc and on and on and on. Captain! You are NOT A HOARDER.”

      Thank YOU for helping me walk through it. It HELPS that I have NOT days / NOT months / NOT years of experience but DECADES of doing this. Much Love .. Cap

  3. Gullible

    Leaving Mongolia. I find it hard to believe that you might not return. Impossible, in fact. It has become part of you, Cap.

    Eight sets of chopsticks? Well, I guess you can play Pick Up Sticks with the ones not otherwise employed… :)

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I have to leave by December 8th as my 90-day visa expires then. I’ve been away over a year now and it-is-time to return. Don’t forget Patti and I have some powerful ‘yearnings’ to return to Russian Siberia so we both hope more travel over here is in our future. All of the chop sticks wanted to go out for a last dinner here. Thanks Gullible for your support .. Cap and Patti

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