JAN 3, 21 .. A BLAST FROM THE PAST .. JAN 3, 19

Two years ago, on this date, I was in Russian Siberia. Just in case one of you would like to take a look at where I was two years ago today, click onto the below link.


I can’t of course speak for anyone else BUT I enjoyed re-reading the above Post.

How is this for an interesting photo just sent to me from a good friend in Russia.

D’ MAN !

We both so treasure our time in Russian Siberia.

Cap and Patti


2 thoughts on “JAN 3, 21 .. A BLAST FROM THE PAST .. JAN 3, 19

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I wish I could send to your smartphone the photo and you could enlarge it. There does seem to be a harness he is holding onto. So who knows? Does The Shadow Know? Smiles Cap

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