Today was a very balmy (28°F) and sunny day and we enjoyed visiting the Snow Sculptures on display here in Anchorage down in the Ship Creek District. 

IF (always the BIG IF) you would like to see forty three photos of the snow sculptures, along with some commentary about the Snow Sculpture Competition, please click onto the below link that will take you over our blogspot website.


After we visited the Snow Sculptures, we drove over to Westchester Lagoon and watched the ice skaters.

Then, on our way home to our Condo, I stopped and snapped a few photos of our local Snow Disposal Site.

In the summer.


It was one great winter afternoon here in Anchorage.

Friends of Bill. I put up the below Post recently.


Can anyone who follows us tell that I had my best day in I can’t remember when? I’ll take it as I can get it. It’s been a long, dry spell.

Oh by the way, Patti and I were up at 2:30am this very early morning and I gave a full talk at a zoom Hong Kong meeting (at 8pm Sunday evening in Hong Kong). The talk and the after-the-meeting chat session lasted two hours total. I was VERY well received.

Smiles .. Cap


What’s in a pair of photos you ask ?

Memories. A LOT of WONDERFUL MEMORIES of our friends in Russian Siberia. That is what is in a pair of photos.

Make NO MISTAKE. We are dealing with a civilization many centuries older than ours. We share common European ancestors. Like us, they KNOW HOW TO ENJOY life.

Could we be there, we would be there again. 

Smiling .. Cap and Patti 

There is absolutely no turning back once one has and uses a smartphone. September 25th 2019 my life changed. 


These (and many other) photos are sent to us courtesy of the application known as WhatsApp. Be they from Russia, Mongolia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Cambodia, England or ?? YOU name it. No smartphone. No WhatsApp. No photos. Photos? We are getting videos as well.