As I write, Patti and I are in Marquette. In a few hours we are going South to Escanaba where we will be staying for two nights.



Hot Diggety Dog! Friday night and Saturday night in..

Escanaba, Michigan.

Sorry IF I am making any of you jealous!

Today’s Rhetorical Question : What’s next.

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Smiles from Patti and from Cap


This is the first of two Posts I am publishing today, September 14th, 2017.

One very short month ago today, Monday, August the 14th, 2017, while in Ulaanbatar, Mongolia, I felt some distress in my lower left abdomen. My life was about to change.

Another very short month later, here Patti and I are, together, enjoying life and the good times.

We are in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the Keweenaw Peninsula.



A closer look at where we are. We are staying in the Houghton, Michigan area. Many of the below photos were taken in Copper Harbor.



The Keweenaw Peninsula Visitor Center. The many visitor centers we visit, in addition to Trip Advisor, are invaluable in helping us find attractions of interest.

Into Copper Harbor we arrive.

Copper Harbor has its own Visitor / Welcome Center.

The (almost.. but not quite) end of the road.

Above I wrote .. The (almost.. but not quite) end of the road.

It is the end of the paved road. However, it does continue onward as a dirt road but, after driving about a quarter of a mile further, Patti and I agreed to turn back.

The below drive is a must-see attraction in the Copper Harbor area.

The Mariner North is a must-visit restaurant in Copper Harbor.

Two phenomenal salads. Asian Chicken and Apple Chicken.

The following photos were taken South of Copper Harbor at Bete Grise Preserve.



Bete Grise Preserve.

Lake Superior.

How nice is this?

The Historic Town of Gay, Michigan.



The historic smoke stack is all that remains of a mining site.

There you have it.

Now, IF you want to read my ‘medical rant’, continue to scroll down. IF you don’t want to read it, you will miss nothing.

Still Smiling..

Patti and Cap

We have made a major change in our travel plans.

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