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Half Measures Availed Us Nothing!

IF you are going to wear your hair long, you have to tend-to-its-care and looks. You can NOT get away with half-measure hair care!

I just sent Patti the following text message.

Taa – Daa. Text Message please.

– – – – – – – – – –

The time arrived.

I stood AT the jumping off point.

Decision time.

I can not go 1 step further.

Will it be My LIFE


Will it be my HAIR?

My hair LOST!

Love Cap

– – – – – – – – – –

Patti knew the-day-was-coming. So too did I.

This thing-about-my-hair dates back with me to the autumn of the year 1948. I was age 12-years and I was standing in the boys restroom at the Oak Ridge Junior High School in Royal Oak, Michigan, struggling mightly to comb my hair. I vividly remember exactly where I was standing. I was at the extreme South end of a shoulder high window wall of mirrors. Suddenly I said to myself, “I am going to go across the street (Rochester Road and 13-Mile Road) and get it all cut off. I can’t deal with this hair thing!” And? I did exactly that. I had my head shaved to the scalp. This was in the post WWII years and many ex-military members wore their hair short. As do many today.

In the 1950’s my parents used to say, with a certain ‘longing in their eyes’, “Will we ever get to see you with your hair grown out?’

I’d reply, “With the rest of the parents in the U.S. bemoaning the fact that their sons are wearing long hair like the Beattles, you two should be so lucky!”

Once in awhile, it happens, in fact it JUST HAPPENED, I let my hair grow out. I am not sure why I let it grow out but I do. Once in awhile, perhaps once each decade of my life, for reasons I don’t fully understand myself, I let it grow out. IF this happens to coincide with a depressive episode, I seem unable to pull myself out of my lethargy-of-long-hair and cut it.

In addition to the fact that I intensely dislike fussing with my hair (washing it / combing it / just dealing with it) is another-angle on my hair issue(s). I seem to have a terminally dry / itchy scalp. When my hair is cut very close, I can easily rub into my scalp all sorts of skin ointments and cremes. So? I have no itchy / dry scalp symptoms at all when my scalp is au-natural.

Enter my Sleep Apnea issue(s). When my hair is cut very close, my CPAP mask’s headgear does not bother my hair. When my hair is long(er), during the night, while I am sleeping, my CPAP mask’s headgear just smashes down and compresses my hair into an incomprehensible-flat-snarled-mess. So I have to wash it daily. With it cut very close, a quick wipe with a wash cloth and I am good-to-go.

Lastly, I actually feel physically better with my hair cut very close. Don’t ask me why. I just do.

I am now really ready to fully accept the fact that I am totally out of my recent depressive episode.

Hong Kong Grant ..  Standing on the left. Hong Kong Steve .. Standing on the right.

Silly huh?

Well ..

Let me tell all of you ..

It sure beats being depressed!

From Mongolia.

Atta Boy Captain. Now you can ride with us. /s/ Your Mongolian Riders

“I’m close Kanbaatar. In fact I need a hair cut.” Thanks Oldokh.

“Yes Kanbaatar. I need a haircut too.” Thanks David.

“You like it Cindy? Thanks so much sweetheart.”

“Well hello Simon. How nice of you to drop by here with us.” Can all of you see the simple fact that Simon was not exactly on-top-of-his-hair in the sense of having it look proper? Simon was using half-measure hair care and it looked / and it was, a total mess.

“You want to join me Simon?”

“Cap! I can think better this way.”

From Pueblo, Colorado. “Captain you’ve flipped out.” .. “I buy that ‘Bro. Howz Pink Floyd doing?”




Yesterday, Patti registered for the International Women’s Conference that she has been looking forward to attending for many months. Last night Patti stayed downtown at the Sheraton Grand (Hotel) Phoenix with a friend. She will stay tonight and tomorrow (Saturday) night as well, checking out at noon Sunday. The conference is being held at the Sheraton Grand which is right in the heart of the center of downtown Phoenix.

This morning I made several Mayo Clinic telephone calls to doctors here in Phoenix as well as to one of my doctors up in Rochester, Minnesota.

I then ‘did’ a noon meeting with one of my best friends here in Phoenix. After the meeting, the two of us went out for lunch in the City of Gendale.

Below are some photos of the restaurant and our lunch.

My friend had the egg breakfast on the left and I had the Cobb Salad on the right.

Some closeup photos of each of our meals.

A last look at the meals before we ate our lunch.

We both seem to be members of the clean-plate-club.

After lunch I did some errands and got back to our motel after dark. Do any of you often wonder, “Where did the afternoon disappear to?”

Signing off for now.

Cap and (in absentia) Patti