How many of you have ever heard of a lady named Charlotte Fox?

I hadn’t. Patti hadn’t.

Then Patti showed me Charoltte Fox’s obituary in the Washington Post newspaper.

Below is a link to it just in case you want to read it.


IF you read the above link ( and I personally scrutinize each and every single link that anyone sends to me to be sure it looks legitimate ) you can see why I just titled this Post ..


After a lifetime of adventures, Charlotte Fox buys-the-farm in her own home. My attorney lost her mother to a fall in her home. As in : Her mom fell, hit her head, and passed away.

After my recent bout of several months with the ‘flu’, I certainly have been recently reminded, WE NEVER KNOW DO WE? I eat some donuts at a noon meeting, get deathly ill, and it took two months for me to begin to feel really good again.

Patti is doing very well Thank You All.

Yes. Sure. She is having some soreness in her jaw. Nothing to be concerned about. She enjoys long sessions sleeping and this too is a good thing.


When she went in for her oral surgery last Thursday the 31st of May, little did we know, that for at least two months, Patti would not be able to eat a lot of things she (along with me) really like.

Popcorn, Blueberry and Strawberry yogurt, nuts of any ilk, Raisin Bran, stone cut oatmeal, anything with tiny seeds it in, rice (we love Zatarain’s Red Beans and Rice), crackers, our beloved Zone food bars, ..

Summary : Anything with small bits that could lodge in the surgery site.


Yes. Yes indeed Gullible.

Patti certainly CAN eat a lot of things that are cold such as ice cream and Wendy’s Frosties ( free thanks to my son Robb who sent us two free-frosties-all-year-2018 tags ), and in a day-or-so warm / hot things like pasta ( we love and live on Pasta-Roni meals ) and soups and anything that won’t get stuck in the surgical wound ( almost any meat even chicken ) so it ‘ain’t all bad’ now is it?

Patti and Cap

This I do know today.  IF I wasn’t feeling like my old-self, that is, IF I was still ‘down-on-the mat’ after my flu experience, I certainly would not be writing a Post such as this one. Patti read me the above ‘obit’ and up I jumped to write this Post. I will give to myself : One Atta-Boy Captain.


Patti is really happy to be ‘back-home-in-Alaska’.

A few photos of the view from our condo living room window. It really is a nice view and both of us enjoy it.

Patti is especially enjoying seeing ‘Her Tree’ flowering-out.

A close up of ‘Patti’s Tree’.

The ‘cycles-of-life’. Patti’s tree has now lost its flowers. However, our view remains wonderful!

“Patti? Are you happy to be back home in Alaska?”

A picture speaks a thousand words doesn’t it?

Yesterday, Thursday, May 31st, Patti underwent oral surgery to deal with a serious issue having to do with one of her ‘tooth implants’ dating back to year 2007.

I asked Patti IF it would be OK to, using her own words, share with you about it.

Patti wrote the below words last night, Thursday evening, May 31st.

– – – – – – – – – – 

All went well today, under the circumstances.  Dr. Reinbold took out the 2007 implant and cleaned out the space extensively.  He said it was filled with puss and ugly looking matter.  He put in a bone graft taken from medically supplied bone, put a membrane of some kind over that and stitched it closed.  I am on cold, clear foods this evening, which turned out to be plain yogurt and some ice cream.  Tomorrow I can eat soft foods … but for two months, no nuts, crackers, or anything else that can break off into small little bits which could get into the gums.  I have a follow-up appointment in two weeks.  He said the other implant looked … ummm … okay, but he will keep an eye on that one as well.
I start on salt water rinses tomorrow, and started on 5 days of an antibiotic today.  He gave me some pain pills but with the numbness over with, I am not feeling any pain.

Off to get some sleep.  Again, thank you all for your support and good wishes.

– – – – – – – – – –

So, in Patti’s-own-words, there you have it.

As I write, Friday morning, June 1st, Patti is sleeping.

Ah yes! Getting old ain’t for sissies! (Thank You Bette Davis)


Yes. I know. Some of you just fell down. Two Posts in a few days. Well .. I am feeling better.