DEC 13, 14 .. IS THIS GOD’S WILL ..

GULLIBLE WARNING .. GULLIBLE ALERT ! ..God is lurking here again.

In my previous Post dated December the 11th I discussed God’s Will. I will briefly touch upon it again here.

IF.. this is not God’s Will .. then what on earth is God’s Will!?

OH CAPTAIN ! .. With one or two photographs you are going to LOSE your hard-earned credibility.


Just in case you are new to this website .. or you are an elder with memory problems .. the photo above and the photo below are photos of SINGAPORE RICE NOODLES ..


I love Singapore Rice Noodles! PATTI loves Singapore Rice Noodles! I have never yet met someone who does not love Singapore Rice Noodles !


The waiters who serve the Singapore Rice Noodles love them!


Even the BOSS (in the blue shirt with the black eye glasses below) himself loves Singapore Rice Noodles! The BOSS is looking up to God with DISCERNMENT regarding his Singapore Rice Noodles! Can you see how seriously he takes his mission?

Patti do you suppose this is one of Mr. Yuen’s sons? He may not be just another waiter. He did come and sit with me above and is behind the counter below with Mr. Yuen.


SO CAPTAIN you insist on going ahead with your madcap scheme KNOWING THAT IF you do go forward with your scheme you will lose ALL .. as in every single bit .. OF YOUR SINGAPORE RICE NOODLE credibility!

I discussed this with God of Abraham .. and with RIGOROUS DISCERNMENT I concluded that my plan to show the below photographs is absolutely OK With God!




EMERGENCY ! .. I ate the two of them so fast that my throat got plugged up! So INSTANTLY KNOWING what-to-do I dashed to the counter and asked the manager for IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY assistance!


“SIR .. I am a Doctor in my day-job! Here is the cure that I am PRESCRIBING for your blocked throat!”  /signed by and attested to/ .. The McDonald’s Duty Manager!


Oh How .. i’m lovin’ it !


Do you all see the little number 24 on the sign below?  YOUR McDonald’s here in Kowloon is open 24-hours a day! Oh Come On Captain! This is a Program of Honesty Captain. Tell your followers that the below McDonald’s is but ONE of your McDonald’s here in Kowloon and that you do have SEVERAL OTHERS! .. Giggle .. It’s true!


Oh God of Abraham .. Oh Creator of Heaven and of Earth .. I certinly do owe you an AMEND!

I did not say Grace before my meal .. I did not worship and honor your gift of these wonderful McDonald’s treats to me but .. I INHALED THEM! Without even pausing to catch my breath! Thank you God for providing me with a doctor to solve my problem! Can you imagine? A doctor working nights in McDonalds!  God of Abraham you are awesome!


While we are involved with this PROGRAM OF HONESTY ..

‘ZILLA ! .. Had you come over here with me .. your THIRD BASIC MEAL (In addition to Singapore Rice Noodles and McDonalds treats as shown above!is shown below!


INSTANT CHINESE NOODLES (You add boiling water to your third basic meal ‘Zilla and then you wait ten minutes for your meal to thoroughly ‘cook’ .. Here in China they really cook their gourmet meals thoroughly!Then along with your nicely cooked CHINESE NOODLES you enjoy some CHINESE PEANUT BUTTER!

None of this Skippy brand peanut butter here ‘Zilla! When in China you DO as the Chinese DO. Here in China they take very seriously their MADE-IN-CHINA trademark ‘Zilla.

My basic breakfast and / or lunch and / or mid-afternoon treat will be the instant noodles with peanut butter.




In terms of height I stand quite a bit above many of the Hong Kong residents. This is especially true of elderly or senior age ladies. As I was waiting to place my order I happened to look down over the shoulder of the lady ahead of me in line. I was stunned to see her shopping list so I photographed it.


Lord God In Heaven Above these people ACTUALLY USE MANDARIN!  I have been thinking it is just a technique to develop the minds of the children!


Just in case some of you doubt that I HAVE IT GOING HERE I rest my case.  Many of YOU might not have been able to pull-off these photos. Most of you would never have taken them or thought to take them.

The little one below is Miu Miu (pronounced as a kitten would go mew mew).


With Mom in my November 29th 2014 Post.


And below with Miu Miu’s Mandarin homework lesson!


IF YOU BUILD IT .. THEY WILL COME .. From the special movie titled .. Field of Dreams ..

When I begin a Post .. things just start to flow! I canNOT explain it.  I do KNOW this : Something very MAGIC and very SPECIAL is happening here with me now in Hong Kong and actually during every visit I have ever made here.  I have work to be done and things are really moving fast. I can just feel the energy within me moving.

Mother Teresa used to say she is but a pencil in God’s hand. I am feeling this myself. I feel that now at this time .. subject always to change .. that I have some magical pass to DO what I am DOING.

5 thoughts on “DEC 13, 14 .. IS THIS GOD’S WILL ..

  1. Shaddy

    I will never worry if you’re getting enough to eat way over there. Between Singapore noodles and McDonald’s food, you’ll be fine.

    The relative of mine who owns the condo on Siesta Key, FL, where we go at least once a year for two weeks, made his fortune in McDonald’s stores. I’m not sure how many he owned before he retired. So whenever I see a McDonald’s, I’m thankful.

    Keep enjoying yourself, whatever you may be doing. (Like you need my permission!)


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      How is Pablo? I wonder IF he would eat a McD’s burger! The McFlurry is chopped M&Ms called a SMARIE McFlurry here .. Smiles .. Cap ..

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