‘ZILLA ! .. This one’s for you since YOU ASKED THE QUESTION !


YES INDEED ‘ZILLA ! .. There ARE Subway Sandwich Shops in Hong Kong! Below are four locations.




NOT only are there Subway Sandwich Shops in Hong Kong .. This Subway is the one that is located in the CENTRAL STAR FERRY PIER!



And it is OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Because it was Friday when I snapped these photos their EVERY FRIDAY SPECIAL was in effect.


They also have other specials.


In the below photo please make-a-note of the construction worker wearing his bright yellow safety vest.  I will come back to him below.



Let’s take a look inside. IT IS CHRISTMAS TIME!




At the extreme left edge of the above photo you can see the safety jacket of the local construction worker that I pointed out to you all above. He was ‘buying up a storm’ of sandwiches.  I left the shop with him and snapped THE HAUL that he was taking to his buddies back on the jobsite!


‘ZILLA you asked me IF I have eaten any Subway Sandwiches since I have been here in Hong Kong and I replied to you .. “NO I HAVE NOT!”

I don’t know if you play cards any more my friend (We sure played a lot of HEARTS in West Germany back-in-the-day didn’t we!) but I assume that you know what the term TRUMP CARD means.

So I will acquaint you with a FOOD TRUMP MEAL!

The below meal absolutely TRUMPS a SUBWAY stop in all cases.


IF I can get my hands on Singapore Rice Noodles .. and I certainly can when I am in central Hong Kong or Kowloon where the Subway Sandwich Shops are located .. Then Singapore Rice Noodles are what I am going to eat USUALLY with some exceptions such as what you see below!

PATTI .. The two below restaurants are about five (5) minutes away from 23 MERCER STREET IN SHEUNG WAN!

PHO TAI .. Beef noodle soup with fresh bean sprouts and wonderful fresh spring rolls. Those small RED CHILE PEPPERS ARE HOT HOT HOT ! As in YIKES!


Some Hong Kong NACHOS! 


PATTI ! you really need to get back to Hong Kong!


Lord Where Was I before I got distracted. Got it!

Thank You So Much ‘Zilla for your friendship dating back to 1975 in West Germany. And Thank You All who are following along with me! I so appreciate your interest.

SMILES .. Cap ..

Well hello Miu Miu! .. It is SO NICE to have you along for some company.


Can you all see how serious Miu Miu is about her school work?


I don’t think that anyone in my home town of Manley Hot Springs Alaska follows my websites but IF one of you is .. It would be interesting to point out to Pastor Earl the above photo! The BAPTIST CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL! THAT certainly has an ‘odd ring’ to it doesn’t it?

I like your Christmas Hair Piece Miu Miu! She was SO TOTALLY PREOCCUPIED WITH HER HOMEWORK that she did not bat-an-eyelash as I was photographing her!


SHOCK ME MIU MIU! .. I did not have a clue that she was computer literate!


Oh Beautiful Young Special Child Of The Orient! .. Just look at you and at your TOTAL CONCENTRATION! These bright children MUST concentrate on learning the thousands of Mandarin Characters that they must memorize by rote. I firmly believe that this is a great developer of their brains and of their study habits.

Miu Miu I am SO HONORED to be able to watch you up close as you come to the HOMY INN to be with your mother.


IF I GET STARTED .. A post WILL HAPPEN .. All I have to do is to take a deep breath .. sit down at the keyboard .. and JUST GET STARTED!

And you think that I know what I am doing here!

6 thoughts on “DEC 23, 14 .. SUBWAY SANDWICH SHOPS IN HONG KONG?

  1. Patti

    This definitely answers Zilla’s query about whether or not there are Subway Eateries in Hong Kong! I would take Singapore Rice Noodle over a Subway sandwich or salad any day also!! And Miu Miu … what a beautiful little lady. She is a keeper!!! Love and hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I will bring you back here to the HOMY INN so you can meet .. alive and up close and IN person little Miu Miu .. BUT don’t be surprised IF she does NOT look up .. she is FOCUSED on her studies. Much Love .. Cap ..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      The pinkish things ARE SUPPOSED TO BE CHA SUI .. BBQ’D Pork! Now the pinkish things are strips of sliced ham. Shame on ‘EM and here in Hong Kong no less! What can I say? Maybe they actually ARE sliced lunch meat!! gasp .. Smiles .. Cap .. Do you know what Tandoori Chicken is? IF not .. IF yes .. either way .. eat it in India. I can’t wait for YOUR TRIP TO BEGIN!

  2. zilla

    Wednesday, December 24, 2014 – 11:30 am PDT

    Hi Cap,

    Many thanks for your super nifty photo shoot of Subway! I would have been surprised if there was NOT a Subway shop in Hong Kong! A loaded question for you my friend – how many meals of “Singapore Noodles” do you eat in a week? Yes, I am familiar with a Trump, and do understand your preference for noodles over a Subway tuna sandwich! Of course, if you were in your home state of Alaska, it would be a given to always stop at a Subway when you travel between Manley Hot Springs and Anchorage – and of course at other available Subways! Since I am a little silly, have you ever found a restaurant in Alaska where you can have a plate full of Singapore Noodles?

    We certainly have had a lot of fun the past 39 years plus all our travels in Germany on our “Beemers” and a lot of great meals such as our “Balkan Plate” in a little hangout near Frankfurt, Germany! It may be hard to find, but with a little luck you may find a place that has “Balkan Food” as Hong Kong is such an international city!

    Enjoy!! And a very happy Merry Christmas too you, my friend of so many happy years!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      YES! ABSOLUTELY! Patti and I HAVE FOUND VERY EXCEPTIONALLY EXCELLENT Singapore Rice Noodles in both Anchorage and up in Fairbanks! I am not sure I want to ruin my health let-alone-my-waistline with a BALKAN PLATTER! I sure am NOT going to drink any Slivowitz either! Hah! .. Smiles .. Cap ..

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