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WHY ME GOD .. What is it that I am doing to deserve the rainstorm of good things that are happening to me ..

Could it be O God Of Abraham .. that maybe .. just MAYBE .. I am doing something right? Not too great a photo of yours truly .. the sun was absolutely BLINDINGLY BRIGHT .. but it was what it was .. THEY are not squinting are they?


This small GAGGLE of young ladies .. did all of you know that technically a GAGGLE OF GEESE consists of FIVE or more geese ..

I KNEW IT ..I JUST KNEW IT .. The mere mention of geese and look who shows up !

“DAD.. Here is a GAGGLE OF GEESE to show your readers DAD!”

Well hello PRECOCIOUS .. What a flight you all must have had flying here from Jack Miner’s Bird Sanctary in Kingsville Ontario Canada all the way to Hong Kong ..

Where exactly was I when PRECOCIOUS came flapping up to me here in Hong Kong?

Got it !

This small GAGGLE of young ladies .. all of them fairly bursting with energy came up to me today .. totally-out-of-the-blue .. who could SCRIPT this in any event .. and squeeled “Can we have a picture with you?” .. WHY ME GOD .. what am I doing to deserve such attention?


The two photos look identical but you can see that I am slightly differently positioned in each .. and the young lady second from the right moved her left arm (with the red watch in the top photo above) from one photo to the other ..

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Below is a photo of ONE of the flights of stairs leading up from one level to another here in the SHEUNG WAN ( SHENWAN as one word ) MTR STATION .. There are SIXTY THREE individual steps in this one-of-several flights of stairs ..


NO .. I am not doing a shell-game on you. In the photo above .. to the left of the stairs .. you can clearly see that there is an escalator (see below) to use if one so chooses! Why wouldn’t everyone ride the escalator? Maybe it is like Patti who experiences some claustrophobia and does not like to go through revolving doors. Maybe some people have an elevatora-phobia? OR maybe they just want the exercise! With my ankle and my leg issues I WELCOME this elevator!






– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

WHY ME GOD .. What have I done to DESERVE these amazing PUBLIC FACILITIES all over Hong Kong? When I have to GO .. I HAVE TO GO I think it could have-to-do with being age 78. What is .. IS and that simply is my reality.




Look at these facilities and then look at our public facilities in the U.S. .. This is a PUBLIC restroom I can’t speak for other men .. but just absolutely HATE IT when I have to sit down in a public facility. Women are used to sitting down .. not so we men. BUT sitting down sure beats the other alternative let-me-tell-you !



Ho Hum .. Just another one ..


We in the U.S. do not appear to be keeping-up !

IF YOU BUILD IT .. THEY WILL COME .. from the 1989 movie .. FIELD OF DREAMS ..



8 thoughts on “JAN 4, 15 .. CAN IT / CAN THIS POSSIBLY BE .. WHY ME GOD ..

  1. Shaddy Peters

    Don’t worry. Some of the young ladies were squinting along with you. I can’t look into the sun without looking exactly like you.

    I’m sorry to hear of the closing down of the elevator. You’re a trooper in that you didn’t complain one bit. Just take it slow when January 8th arrives and for weeks beyond.

    I wonder why the “male toilet” doesn’t have a urinal.

    Which countries have holes in the ground that you have to crouch over instead of toilets?

    Smiling back,

    1. Cap

      You do NOT crouch .. you SQUAT and these are beyond horrible! I can NOT squat. What countries? .. ALL OVER INDIA for openers. All over Asia. All over Europe even when I lived in Europe in the 1970s. ALL OVER THE REST OF THE WORLD. When you get a room in India you MUST BE SURE they have a WESTERN STYLE TOILET. I have failed to be sure and gotten the traditional squatter. When you have to you HAVE TO .. I back my back up against the wall and pushing my back into the wall sort of squat. Or use a chair sitting backwards and hang one end of me over the back. OH YES I have experience with this horrible challenging situation. Or get down on a reverse all-fours and .. ..

      I am smiling .. I have many MANY posts showing squatters. All the trains in India have them with ONE Western Style toilet per car. THEN the Indians will squat on the Western Style toilet and leave shoes marks and dirt on the seat.

      It isn’t for the faint of heart let me tell you .. Much Joy .. Cap ..

    2. Cap

      I can see Miss Shaddy that YOU have never over nighted in a real-honest-to-goodness FLOP HOUSE in any large city. You are too silly! There are two of them in the photo above. I am smiling ..

  2. Patti

    Your group of young ladies looks very pleased that you said “yes” to having your picture taken with them! I winced when I saw all those stairs (63) of them leading up from the underground subway…then I brightened up when you pointed out the escalator…then I winced again when the sign said the escalator will be closed from Jan. 8th through the end of March. That means … it will be closed while I am there again. Well, I can do 63 stairs … very slowly. Glad to see that the public toilets are sit-downs. I do know you said that some of the rooms in the Chung King Inn Hostel had hole-in-the-floor toilets and you lucked out that, without asking, your rooms there had sit-down toilets. The trains in India have both, I remember, as do many other places in India most likely. Another informative post, and happy with the smiling girls. Love, Patti

    1. Cap

      These youngsters were priceless .. absolutely positively priceless! But why me? I can’t figure this out.

      Don’t fret on the 63 stairs. I have already figured a way so that we have only 42 stairs in two flights with a landing in between. There is also an elevator (the good news) but it doesn’t go quite all the way up to the ground floor (not so good news). The not so good news is we may have to walk DOWN the 63 stairs but this is doable. REST ASSURED THAT THERE WILL BE A WAY because there are many handicapped local residents too.

      Much Love .. Cap ..

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