OCT 25,11 (1/2) .. OH MY .. WHEN DOES IT GET EASY ?

Well the unthinkable actually happened.. yesterday.. Monday the 24th.. I actually lost the USB cable that connects my Nikon S4100 to the USB Port in a computer to send photos..

I am losing things .. I know I am losing things .. and this self knowledge IS NOT HELPING the problem..

I was on-line for three (3) hours.. lost 90% of what I had written (see FWIW.. 54.1..) and was just bummed out.. I know I put this USB cable into my over-the-shoulder bag.. I am positive I did this and it was secured..

Out and off I went.. later in the day.. at 7PM.. I went to another  Internet Cafe to do some more work.. and I went for this USB Cable and it was gone..

My blood ran cold .. I jumped up and dashed to the Internet Cafe where I had worked in the morning for three (3) hours and frantically asked them IF they had it.. IF it was turned in..

“NO Sahib” ..

Out I walked and began a dash back to my hotel room thinking to myself.. “I KNOW it was not on the bed when I left my room”.. I turned around ..

Back I went to the Internet Cafe where I had worked.. to the computer that I had worked at I dashed .. nudging the man aside using the computer I went down under the counter .. and in the dark on the floor .. THERE IT WAS .. 

What to do about this issue ..

I AM sleeping well.. eating well .. drinking liquids .. sigh ..

smiles and love.. cap ..