Arriving into an airport is one experience.  You are tired from a long flight and you barely notice your surroundings unless you have flown into the airport many times.

Meeting someone arriving is a totally different experience. When you are only used to leaving a particular airport and have no experience going to where passengers are arriving themselves it is an entirely different adventure! For one thing you are rested and alert. For another you are fretting about ‘will I successfully pull this off and actually connect with my friends?’  Well those were my feelings.

This evening I met some friends at the Hong Kong airport .. a first ever experience for me! First I had to find where the incoming passengers arrive. I then found that in Hong Kong there are two distinctly separate Arrival Halls .. A and B. The two are about a full city block away from one another yet on the same street so to speak. I also learned that the arriving flights are not posted on the arrival board until about a half hour before they are due to arrive. So when I arrived at 7PM to meet a 9:30PM flight the flight was nowhere to be seen on the arrival board. Patti had advised me the flight was running about forty (40) minutes early.

We are looking for Delta Airlines Flight 281 arriving from Seattle.

Do you see it? Under Time (due to arrive) 21:30 (9:30PM) DL Flight 281 from Seattle HAS LANDED at 20:56 (8:56PM)!


A closer look at the Arrival Board. Do you see it below the second flight up from the bottom.


Then I received the text :  “We are on the ground.”


Then the next big news.


Delta Flight 281 from Seattle due in at 21:30 (9:30PM) has arrived AT THE GATE at 21:07 (9:07PM).

And in a rapid forty five (45) minutes .. it has taken me at the minimum a full hour .. but this is an off-peak travel time of year .. here they are!


Bright eyed and bushy tailed the two of them after almost a 24-hour (Anchorage to Seattle .. lay over at SeaTac .. Seattle to Hong Kong) day of flying!


What to? Get into Kowloon .. Stash the back packs (just toss them on the bed) and??


Go out the three of us for a small dinner.


At 12:30AM Saturday the 8th I headed back to Sheung Wan and a few hours of sleep!

A full day awaits us on Sunday the 8th .. The day and the date right NOW in Hong Kong!

Smiles .. Cap ..

Yes I know .. I could have done a lot more with this Post BUT my chums are up and raring to go and so I am doing this a quick and dirty Post .. Patti will die if she has to wait one minute longer to see her princess!

8 thoughts on “FEB 7, 15 .. TEXT: WE ARE ON THE GROUND !

  1. Patti

    THANK YOU for the post showing “my Princess Eryn” and Jason arriving at the airport!!!!! They both look pretty happy, and surprisingly, not dead on their feet. Not too tired obviously to sample the local food before collapsing in bed! Nice to just get a phone call too as the three of you are heading out for an orientation day in Kowloon and likely Hong Kong Island. Yippee, it is happening!!! Love, Patti

    1. Cap

      YES! IT is ON here in Kowloon and tomorrow Hong Kong .. Thanks to you I have some very important items that Eryn carried here for me! ..

  2. Catherine Raye-Wong

    Special note from Kitty Raye-Wong: This tablet I am using wouldn’t let me sign off at the bottom of this post, so I will add here at the beginning “Happy “Greetings” also to Patti!

    Dear Cap,
    So glad to follow your adventure in HK. What a wonderful experience to spend the winter in such a great city! I am looking forward to reading about you showing your friends around. How special for them to have you there.
    I write to you today from our place in the magnificent redwoods close to La Honda. Finally more rain has arrived for which we are most thankful.
    Happy and healthy travels! Soon it will be Chinese New Year–Year
    of the Ram. That will be SO exciting!

    1. Cap

      What a treat it is to have you visit here ‘Kitty’! Winter in Hong Kong? .. I may do Spring and Summer and Autumn in Hong Kong too! I am not sure what you mean by your Tablet would NOT let you sign off .. Much Joy ..

  3. Gullible

    Erin and Jason look great after a grueling flight. Wish I looked that good. It will be fun for you to see Hong Kong and Kowloon through their eyes, won’t it? And that Light dinner looks wonderful. Too bad Patti can’t be there!!!

    1. Cap

      Yes OH YES .. Too bad Patti can’t be here. The two them got off the plane last Saturday and two days into their visit they have not stopped running ever since! I simply can NOT keep up with the two of them. Smiles and Thanks for checking in here ..

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