Back on September 28th and September 30th.. see FWIW .. 28 .. and  see  FWIW .. 30 .. I wrote of a little Thank You Card that came with no envelope ..

Mailed on September the 29th.. by registered mail from India .. the little card arrived into Patti’s hands on the 24th .. not quite a full month in transit ..

BUT this special little card ARRIVED and like an airplane trip .. a safe trip is one on which you arrive ..


Now this is a bit of an oxy-moron .. TO WRITE that the United Nations is passing an emergency resolution prohibiting any human being from having the fun that I am having .. to write that there is no place on earth that I would rather be than here in India ..

THEN to write .. I had a day straight from hell ..

I did NOT feel right this morning.. so I did my breakfast .. and felt light headed .. and my joints ached and I felt feverish and was starting to get the chills .. add to it yet another bout with diarrhoea .. flu like symptoms .. 

So I drank a full litre of Electral Treated Water.. and I went back to bed to try to sleep it off ..

During the past six days I have averaged over eight and one half hours of sleep a night.. going over nine hours several days.. last night in fact I slept almost ten hours..

Well I slept an additional five plus hours and feel well enough to come out and get this writing going ..

Since few of you have ever in your lives been to India.. I then am positive that not one of you has ever.. in your lifetimes.. experienced the above symptoms..

Which statement is ridiculous isn’t it .. AND that is my point .. life happens .. here or there ..

This I will concede .. IT IS A LOT MORE INTENSE to get sick here .. SOME many miles and days away from home and doctors ..

I am going to live .. the water and the sleep have done their job and I will keep it low key the rest of the day.. it is now 5:55 PM late afternoon in a now very dark India..


As I wrote in LATEST NEWS .. this is another BIG PUJA (Festival) and I swear that New York City .. at Times Square .. On New Year’s Eve .. has not got too much on things going on here in Agra Cantt .. carnival rides .. lights and food stands .. noise to the heavens ..  big crowds and a lot of vehicles crusing the main drag.. police and soldiers very visible .. crowd control you know.. the traffic has been re-routed for efficiency..

India and her PUJAs really do rock ..

ok.. OVER and out for now.. want to chill out .. much love.. cap..