Warning! There are no photos in this Post so you who dare-to-remain and read further are going to encounter ONLY text writing and you know what that means!

The Dinkey Bird IS Singing In The Amfalula Tree!

Oh My Goodness (I did not think the word ‘Goodness’ but you get the idea here) Patti arrives in a few hours and this place is a mess!

Patti is leaving Anchorage on Tuesday the 24th but my reality was that she was arriving. So the title is not correct per se but that was my reality when I woke up with a shock!

What a way to awaken! So I shot-into-instant-action and I mean I got the mess aligned and standing at attention with shoes spit-shined and in order.

I am only partially kidding here. The part I am NOT KIDDING ABOUT is the part where I just wrote that room 901 at 23 Mercer Street in Sheung Wan (one word one syllable as in Shenwan ..) is cleaned and ready for Patti!

I decided there will be NO DRAMA about any last minute heroics getting things here in order for Patti when she arrives Saturday morning!

The once-a-week maid service came today .. three weeks out of four I hang out my DO NOT DISTURB SIGN and waive them OFF! .. But with Patti about-to-arrive I wanted the room cleaned from top to bottom and all the bedding changed so I really flew into action!

What did I just overhear you saying Bobbsey’s? ..

That it is only Tuesday and you all have three days to get back out of where you belong and spread yourselves out all over the apartment and that I your Father must be daffy IF I really think the place is going to remain clean for three (count them) whole days!



1. Captain could it be because you have been basically quite ill all the month of March falling apart Wednesday March 4th at your meeting and staggering home to 23 Mercer Street. Going to the Hospital on Sunday March 8th and remaining on anti-biotics for a full fourteen (14) days getting off them this past Sunday the 22nd.

2. Captain do you think you are tired because you arose at 6:15AM Sunday morning the same 22nd and left your apartment at 7:45AM and were RUNNING all day finally getting home at 12:45AM Monday morning and falling into bed about 1:30AM Monday morning having been out for basically seventeen (17) count them hours Going Going Going!

3. Captain are you taking STUPID PILLS !

4. You mean it will not affect the social structure of Hong Kong IF I kindda sortta cool it now?

5. Captain you call getting to St. Joseph’s at 7:20AM early for The Morning Group meeting then tearing home and tearing into the apartment for five hours cooling it?

6. Captain are you taking STUPID PILLS ?  Just being here at the Main Branch of the Hong Kong Central Library is marginal as to any significant intelligence since it was probably here at same said Library where you caught whatever it is you caught to get so sick!

As (and I kid you not) the lady beside me just now broke out in a hacking croupy raspy coughing spell!

I am going to Post this run downstairs and call Patti and ask Patti to proof this and get back to Patti when I get to the HOMY INN in Kowloon.

Lord lady why aren’t you wearing a surgical mask!

Smiles .. Cap

Over And Out

Patti will read this and say it was a fun post .. I can barely wait to introduce Patti to Miss Hong Kong herself .. Basically Patti knows but little about her! ..

4 thoughts on “MAR 24, 15 .. TUESDAY AND PATTI ARRIVES TONIGHT !!

  1. Patti

    I am most familiar with the, yes I will say it, MESS that Cap can create when all of his things (bobbsies) are out and standing ready to be used! I am also familiar with how thoroughly he can get everything back in their places and in order when he cracks the whip, on himself and on the bobbsies! Having spent most of our time in Kowloon when I was there with Cap in November, I am looking forward to becoming familiar with Miss Hong Kong herself, can’t wait!!!!! Hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hong Kong is a different cup-of-tea and it sure will be fun for you to really see Miss Hong Kong up close and personal! Much Love .. See you when you de-plane this Saturday the 28th!

  2. zilla

    Tuesday, March 24, 2015 – noon in sunny California

    Hi Cap,

    It’s great that Patti will be there on Saturday; but as us “older” guys know, those 17 hour days are not too good for your health – especially since you are just getting over such a very bad cold! Cool it! You know how to relax and you want to be in “Tip-top” shape to show Patti Ms Hong Kong during her stay!

    You have great drive and I am sure you will be in “turbocharge” mode to show Patti all the new sights and places that you have been for the past several months.

    Have fun!


    1. Cap Chastain

      Thanks ‘Zilla! I still am not able to telephone you since I am getting blocked. No matter we can now text and that is good. NOT GOOD are long days when I have been pretty ill. Hong Kong proper will be a totally new adventure for Patti since she has not spent long quality time here in the city proper. With a FULL MONTH here we will be able to do things slow and easy. Smiles .. Cap ..

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