I do NOT want any DRAMA! Patti does NOT want any DRAMA! Unfortunately we have some DRAMA on our hands.

Patti has a Yahoo.com e-mail address. Yahoo is always soliciting its users to provide their cell phone numbers so that IF you can not sign into Yahoo you can get a code by text or actual call to respond to the crisis of not being able to sign into your Yahoo account.

I know better than to do this. Patti did not. So Patti provided her cell phone number to Yahoo to use in some future crisis. Patti comes here to Hong Kong and tries to sign into her Yahoo.com e-mail account. Yahoo comes back with a message .. we do not recognize the computer you are trying to sign in from .. and they give Patti two choices .. text Patti or call Patti.


Patti’s cell phone will not work here in Hong Kong so she is locked out of her Yahoo.com e-mail accounts because she cannot respond to Yahoo.

WHAT TO DO? We are working on a fix involving getting Patti a g-mail e-mail account. Then if Patti’s niece in Anchorage can sign in on Patti’s Yahoo account (because hopefully Yahoo will recognize an Anchorage computer sign in attempt) she can enter into Patti’s Yahoo account the g-mail e-mail address as a fall back verification method.

Patti has a term .. Wiggling. This term goes back about thirty years and is one of Patti’s favorite terms.

Patti and Cap are here in Hong Kong WIGGLING LIKE MAD to fit comfortably into the 94 Square Foot Studio Apartment at 23 Mercer Street!





Smiles from Cap and From Patti in Hong Kong ..

12 thoughts on “APR 2, 15 .. YO! WHEN DOES IT GET EASY?

  1. Robert 94596

    I have had the same problem with Yahoo of being locked out on overseas trips. Not only do I not give them a cell no., I do not even have a cell phone! Talk about discrimination. So in the States, I always click “remind me later,” over and over again.
    My solution? I just do not email while travelling overseas. It is so much more relaxing. I only go on-line to get airplane boarding passes. But then that is me as you well know.
    BTWCap: I have just come back from Wendy’s where I had a Frosty! Talk about memories of our getting together for them, it has been years since I have had one.
    And Patty, welcome back to Hong Kong.

    1. Cap Chastain

      Thanks for the welcome back to Hong Kong for Patti. Wendy’s and chocolate Frosties .. great memories. I missed meeting a friend here in a CAN NOT POSSIBLY MISS MEETING EACH OTHER VENUE and it took me instantly back to OUR not meeting each other back near 333 Market Street in days gone past. We were going to meet near World Savings. Do you recall that. Smiles ‘Ol Buddy ..

    1. Cap Chastain

      Here is your answer. You enter the following .. google.com/ncr .. the key phrase is ‘ ncr ‘ .. ‘ ncr ‘ tells the search engine to NOT RE-DIRECT the item you are attempting to search to another place that the computer wants you to go. You have to stay up late and work overtime when you are out of the country yet you want and need to use the computers. Then again .. maybe .. perhaps probably .. back when you were in China .. truly you could NOT access Goggle.

  2. admin_andrej

    Hi Patti!.. Cap!

    Glad you two are together again.
    Let me know if I may be of any help with the mail situation.

    Happy Easter

    1. Cap

      I don’t think you can help here Andrej. It is between Yahoo and Patti. We think we have a fix IF Patti’s niece can sign on from Anchorage and then change Patti’s information identification data in her Yahoo account to something like her Mother’s Maiden Name or any of many standard questions. Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. zilla

    Saturday, April 4, 2015 – 2:45 pm PDT

    A Happy wish for you two on Easter Sunday – which I believe when you receive this note it is already Easter!

    Have fun, keep “wiggling” in Cap’s Apartment – that has got to be fun and a challenge!

    Today is last day of season for our local hockey team “Reigns” and playoffs will start in about 10 ten days. Currently your Alaskian Aces are in 4th space and shooting for the last playoff game.

    The LA Kings are still in the hunt for the Playoffs – not there yet – my finger nails are getting shorter and hope to have some left! I have tickets for the last game between the Kings and Sharks on Saturday, April 11, 2015.

    1. Cap

      Thanks my friend! Patti and I are doing very well so far in a very small space. Yesterday we turned on the air conditioning and that sure helps a lot. I am amazed the Kings are ‘in-the-hunt’ and NOT leading their division! I will have to Google ‘nfl’ ..

  4. Shaddy Peters

    I’m so sorry you’re having email issues. Nothings puts me down like problems such as yours.

    On the positive side, I’m tickled to hear that wiggling is making your apartment fit your both just fine and dandy.

  5. Cap Chastain

    Yes Shaddy it is really frustrating us this Yahoo deal. Yahoo needs to notify its subscribers of this problem when out of the country and their cell phones are not functional. Thankfully Patti is fully using her brand new and fully functional g-mail account. Hopefully her niece can help us get her back on track with Yahoo too. WIGGLING AWAY .. Cap and Patti ..

  6. Robert 94596

    Oh, yeah. We agreed after that we were about 10 feet from each other on that corner by World Savings. And San Francisco street corners cannot be as crowded as Hong Kong’s are.

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