I first began to stay at the Pawan Hotel back in the late winter and early Spring of 1991. I have not changed my hotel selection here in Agra Cantt since. Because of the world wide draw of the Taj Mahal .. Agra Cantt abounds with guest houses and five star hotels all the way down to those with no formal star rating. When I know I will be coming here I just call my friend Jeevan and he takes care of my reservation. The staff and management and I have grown up together for 24 years and counting. Only with this type of relationship can one fully appreciate the comfort it offers one. For one thing .. I feel absolutely safe here. I have never had one bad incident staying here.

Trees grow from the roots up .. They die from the top down. This applies to all types of business management. Say what you will .. CEO’s and Board Chairs set the tone for all firms.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar is hands-down THE MAN! 


For me to be able to snap a photo of Mr. Kumar says something about our relationship.

One of  Mr. Kumar’s close associates is Mr. Mussrat Hussain who .. by the way .. is as nice and humble a human being as I have ever had the joy to meet.


Both of them are outstanding gentlemen in the truest sense of the word!


For me to be on such close terms with the two of them is flattering!!

Exterior views of the PAWAN HOTEL .. The first photos below were snapped at 6:30AM so that there would not be a crowd of people and automobiles ..

PAWAN 1 003

Turning to your left from above looking up the street ..

PAWAN 1 005

PAWAN 1 006

Turning to your right from the above photo looking down the street ..

PAWAN 1 004


Now we will walk through the entry door above where the man is entering the lobby of the hotel ..



Turning around and looking up the hallway ..


Going all the way down the above hallway you come to a very pleasant common area. I get excellent cell phone reception in this area so this is where I often sit when talking with Patti.

PAWAN 1 001

Looking back down the hallway we just walked up to the above sitting area ..

PAWAN 1 002

Now a view of my current room .. This is the first time ever I have stayed in this particular room .. I really am enjoying it a lot!




Looking back at the entry door and my luggage .. Notice the nice television set ..


The Western ‘sitter’ is an absolute must ..


The bucket you see in these two photos has several uses. My primary use of the bucket that you find in most rooms in India is to fill it with tap water to the very top of its rim. I then let the water settle for at least six hours .. Longer once I get my system going. Then I carefully ‘skim’ off the water at the very top as it will be much more clear as the sediment will be at the bottom. I then fill empty drinking water bottles that I have finished with this clear skimmed water.  Then I will treat this water with water purification tablets and use this water to bathe with especially my face. Another use of a bucket is to use one to wash clothes in once I have a good supply of my treated water. Another really good use of a bucket is to fill it up then pour its water into the toilet to ‘assist’ the toilet to perform a complete flush! Sometimes I will flip a bucket upside down and use it as a coffee table. OFTEN I will get several buckets from a hotel since I have so many uses for them.


Thanks for letting me share the above slice-of-life ..

Smiles ..Cap ..

I myself often look back on posts such as this to refresh my own memory ..

2 thoughts on “MAY 21, 15 .. AGRA CANTT .. THE PAWAN HOTEL ..

  1. Patti

    Thanks for the “tour” of the Hotel Pawan. Most of it looks familiar, but it was nice to have the refresher to jog my memory! Hugs. Patti

  2. Shaddy Peters

    Having been there so often, you have a wonderful system for going about your daily toilet. The average Joe wouldn’t have a clue regarding the “right” way to stay healthy and safe in another country.

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