Many of you have websites. So you realize that it is quite a process to write and publish posts. Well .. I am assuming on your behalf .. that it is a process for you also. Maybe it isn’t any big deal at all for anyone but yours truly! Gullible .. Shaddy .. Clement .. my three mentors here ..

Title .. What should I name this post? I personally must throw up a title knowing I can always change it. IF I delay this decision I risk falling into an abyss of indecision and paralysis. THE mission is to get a post written and published NOT agonize over a title. As in : Have I used this title before? (Who cares really?) .. etc et all!

So I just created a new category .. A DAY IN MY LIFE ..

Then photographs have to be downloaded from a camera and then uploaded into a website. My current process here in India is to use the Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard program. I have no choice here since IF I try to upload photos as I have been doing in Hong Kong I am 100% unsuccessful! Thanks to Chandra down in Agra Cantt who solved this problem for me as I sit up here in New Delhi .. I am now in business uploading photos here.

After I have gone through the process to get the photos downloaded from my camera and onto my desktop .. I then upload them into my library .. and when finished .. I then remove/delete the photos from the desktop since my photos on Shivam’s desktop do not work as they just clutter-up his desktop.

Being on the verge of serious exhaustion here .. SNAFFOOs occur! The other day I carefully uploaded about 20 photos onto my desktop and then (Who knows why? The Shadow?) instead of uploading the 20 photos into my library .. I immediately deleted them from my desktop. Then I logged into my website .. Went to my Media button on my dashboard and clicked onto Upload Photos and began my process. When I clicked onto Desktop.. my 20 photos were gone .. Because I myself had just deleted them immediately after uploading them onto my Desktop!

So back to square one. Bring up Microsoft’s Scanner and Camera Wizard program and begin again the process. First it takes seventeen (17) steps to get all of the photos onto the Desktop. Then each single photo has to be worked an additional twelve (12) steps to get it prepared for uploading into my library. (Select photo ..Right click on photo .. Open with .. Paint .. Image .. Stretch .. 50 .. 50 .. OK ..Close .. Save Changes ..Yes ..).

THEN I upload them into my website photo library. This takes time also.

So having deleted 20 photos from my Desktop immediately after undergoing the above process requires some ___you fill in this blank___ to just shrug-it-off and go back and do it all over again when I don’t feel like doing this process all over again because I am hot and exhausted.


Yesterday evening at 6:30pm .. I decided that .. before I lost my mind with the heat here in New Delhi and the heat and the stuffiness in my room .. and being again exhausted after a full and a busy day .. for the sum total of INR 200 (Indian Rupees) or US$ 3.15 .. I ACTIVATED FULL AIR CONDITIONING IN MY HOTEL ROOM!

I am among very intelligent people here in India. Many immigrate to the US and you may know some. They KNOW how to cool their air. I had to put on some clothes and pull a blanket over myself during the night or risk frostbite!


SHADDY do I move this to Trash and begin anew or keep it? Thanks for your encouragement and support to just keep moving ahead and ignore the critic in my mind!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

A DAY IN MY LIFE .. Friday 22 MAY 2015 .. NEW DELHI .. INDIA ..

Last Autumn .. let’s say sometime back in October 2014 .. I notified my good friends here in India that I would be arriving into New Delhi on November the 25th 2014.


With many starts and many stops along the way (December 2, 9, 15, 29 of 2014 .. And then I rented my apartment in Hong Kong and stayed put in HKG) I finally arrived here in India last Wednesday morning the 13th of May!!

I had solemnly promised Raj (who lives with his family up North of New Delhi in the village of Herbertpur Northwest of Deradun) that YES INDEED WE TWO WOULD get together. Raj is a believer! His life revolves around helping the poor in his village by assisting local ladies to learn how to make a living for themselves sewing.


Herbertpur is too small to show on the above map. There it is below.


How does this all work-out Oh God Of Abraham?

Raj and his family were here in New Delhi to attend the marriage of a close family member. Raj had Friday the 22nd of May free and so we met at the YMCA Hotel and Conference Center on Jai Singh Road here in New Delhi near Connaught Place for lunch and a visit.

Raj and his lovely family ..

MAY 22 001

We enjoyed the lunch buffet in the dining room of the YMCA.

MAY 22 002

MAY 22 007

Up close and very personal .. Fresh to-die-for curd (yogurt) on the left and salad on the right ..

MAY 22 003

Below we have Cheese in a spicy red sauce called Mutter Paneer on the left and white rice on the right ..

MAY 22 004

A mixture of to-die-for potatoes and other vegetables on the left with traditional Indian Dal on the right ..
MAY 22 005

Traditional Indian Chapati(s) to eat with the above like we use Mexican Tortillas to eat with during a Mexican meal ..

MAY 22 006

And we visited! On a zero (lowest) to ten (highest) scale the children rated about a FIFTY (50) ..

They were so patient as we the adults visited and visited and .. visited some more .. with several members of the YMCA staff I have known for 24 years and counting joined us at our table. Three old men visiting .. the poor children!

Then we five went to the New Delhi metro and rode to the local family residence and .. We and the extended family visited some more .. and visited and visited .. then the time came to say goodbye and I returned to central New Delhi and went to the Vodafone office to add money to my prepaid cell phone plan.

All this walking in 105 Degree heat .. then ..


MAY 22 008

We in the West somehow think we know-it-all! Above and below are photos of a Mc Donald’s ice cream treat called a McFlurry. You all know that! THAT YOU DO  KNOW ..

MAY 22 009

What you do NOT know are the contents of the above McFlurry! McDonald’s vanilla soft ice cream .. Mixed with Blueberries .. AND .. a CHOCOLATE BROWNIE!

Lord God In Heaven Above !!!

Then I went back to my Hotel Capital Residency ..





AND THEN I turned on the Air Conditioning and slept for about eleven hours!


Smiles .. Cap ..

7 thoughts on “MAY 23, 15 .. A DAY IN MY LIFE .. IN NEW DELHI ..

  1. Patti

    I KNOW how much work goes in to your putting up a post … I have watched you sitting for hours … selecting photos, uploading photos, placing the photos in the post, writing commentary, revising commentary, re-revising commentary, adding more pictures, adding more commentary. It’s work … but, I also know you LOVE it … staying in touch with your followers!

    The buffet at the YMCA Hotel looks wonderful. They have outstanding food there, consistently. Bless Raj and Sheema’s two children for being so patient through all of the adult conversation.

    My pleasure to be your proof-reader! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Yes the food at the YMCA is just excellent. I do miss their lunch service with a full menu. I specifically miss their Tandoori Chicken. Sigh. The air conditioning also makes just being at the YMCA so nice .. From the lobby to the dining hall. Raj himself enjoyed the conversations and participated in them.

      I CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH TIMES for your proof reading. It is mandatory that my posts make sense and are clear so that my foreign readers can best try to understand my posts.

      You know only too well the effort that I put into posts. Much Love .. Cap

  2. Jeanne Waite Follett

    Wow, that lunch does look good. I take it the chapati is much thinner than naan? I quit eating McD’s McF’s, but brownies and blueberries? Might have to try that. Are you staying in New Delhi until you go to Mongolia (via Hong Kong)?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      The naan is the best .. Chapatis are quite similar to tortillas but are a tad thicker that naan .. they do vary in texture. I am not certain about my travel plans EXCEPT TO SAY I WILL RETURN TO AGRA CANTT FOR SURE before I leave June 4th .. So NO I am not staying in New Delhi for rest of my time here in India. The Blueberry Chocolate Brownie McFlurrys are outrageously good!

  3. zilla

    Saturday, May 23, 2015 – noon in So. Cal

    Hi Cap,

    Regarding “titles” I remember your Postings with (FWIW) – “for what its worth” which also did the trick! I know you are charging full-steam ahead, but be careful in all that heat! You have a lot on your plate yet to do!

    It was great that you could meet with your friends and family at the YMCA – very nifty!

    Regarding your posts I am sure we all know the frustration when you do so much work in taking photographs and the related work to load them into your posts and than only to hit the “delete” button and start over! Keep up the great work with your stories and photos – worth a “million” bucks to your friends who keep in touch with you and your blogs!

    A side comment about hockey, our local Reigns are playing in the 3rd round, the highest in their history. I will attend a game tonight and Sunday. The Reigns are currently ahead 2-1.

    The Stanley Cup teams are nearing the conference finals and the games are heating up! A “silly” question, but worth a try, do you have a chance or any time to see any of the games?

    Enjoying your trip, photos and stories! Super Nifty!!


  4. cap chastain

    You are correct about the heat ‘Zilla. It is a blast furnace out there. Fun your Reign games and being able to follow Anaheim also. Last year I felt The Reigns were The Alaska Aces main worry. Then the Reign dropped out early .. So they never got to The Aces who won the Kelly Cup outright last year 2014. I see the Reign just won 5-0 to go up 3 games to 1.

    I see no games whatsoever here of any sport period. I paid to see the Super Bowl last February in Hong Kong. THAT is one thing I really miss being around on the other side of the world .. NO US Sports live.

    Thanks for the SUPER NIFTY COMMENT .. Smiles .. Cap ..

  5. Shaddy Peters

    I’m so sorry you deleted 20 photos after working so hard to get them to the point where you could use them in your blogpost. And I’m so glad you shared your experience. You are amazing at describing the frustration that we all feel when we erase tons of work in the blink of an eye. I get it!!! When that type of thing happens, for a second, we go into denial. Then we get angry. Then we accept our idiocy and start the process of downloading or whatever all over again. It’s like the grieving process of losing a loved one. On a slightly smaller scale!!! So why do we have or blogs and our cameras and try to conjure up blog posts? Well, because it’s what we do…right, Cap?

    There’s no logical reason. The only reason is that we get a kick out of it, in spite of the fact that it practically kills us on a fairly regular basis.


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