WELL .. there are always some FIRST TIMES..

And I just hit one of them..

This trip I have decided to home base here in AGRA CANTT.. and NOT up in New Delhi.. with good reasons and with reasons I am totally satisfied with..

BUT .. New Delhi .. IS..

1.  The National Capital of India and

2.  As such.. New Delhi does indeed possess distinct advantages ..

And I just ran smack dab into one of them..

New Delhi has absolutely superior TRAIN RESERVATION FACILITIES.. period.. New Delhi is absolutely unsurpassed ..

And so on Monday.. November the 7th.. this upcoming Monday.. I will be leaving Agra Cantt at 0600 Hours (6AM in the early morning) and going up to New Delhi SPECIFICALLY TO MAKE TRAIN RESERVATIONS FOR THE UPCOMING MONTHS..

Here in Agra Cantt.. today.. Friday the 4th.. I could NOT .. I absolutely could  NOT..  make reservations for either Pondicherry (Puducherry) nor for Goa..

ALSO.. here in Agra Cantt.. it costs me exactly twice as much.. here in Agra Cantt it costs me double to purchase pre-paid minutes for International Callling with my cell phone.. so while in New Delhi I hope to purchase some minutes for my cell phone at half the price I paid here in Agra Cantt just last night for one hundred minutes..

So my big news is a bust .. my big news was to have been news of my firm  plans to go to Pondicherry and Goa..

As I write you.. I plan to return to Agra Cantt either late on Monday or on the early morning train out of New Delhi on Tuesday..

OK.. not much to add to  this .. over and out for now.. much joy and love.. cap..