I wrote at some length about TOUGH COOKIE in my Post dated MAY 30, 15.

I am now going to again re-visit our little ‘Tough Cookie’ because I encountered her small band of street-children this morning .. Monday Morning .. 1 June 2015 ..

This evening I will board the Shatabdi Express Train and head for New Delhi. Wednesday I will fly ‘home’ to Hong Kong.

So TOUGH COOKIE it looks like I will never know your name nor will I see you again BUT I am not able to get you off my mind.

This morning I walked to the Agra Cantt Post Office to mail the last of my Post Cards on this visit to Agra Cantt.

What a beautiful Post Office.


Then  I headed back to the Hotel Pawan walking down the road I have walked oh-so-often since December 1990.



I got to one of my silly mile markers .. the overhead ad for MAMA CHICKEN MAMA FRANKY HOUSE that never ceases to bring a smile to my inner-self.


Immediately after I pass the below building ..


I turn to my right and then after a short walk I turn to my left to walk down the mini strip-mall that fronts the main road.


I did NOT see them .. NO! ..


There .. out of the corner of my eye off to my left as I snapped the above photo .. they were there in a small circle. Ignoring them I calmly just wandered on up the street. I got out my camera and with some stealth .. I walked slowly back up the street towards them .. now on my right .. out of sight past the trash next to where the automobile is.


As I slowly and calmly walked back towards them I successfully caught them unexpectedly in the first photo below.


As soon as I snapped the above photo one immediately took-notice of me. She is beginning to point-at-me. Do you see her below?


Then they each began to ‘react’ to me.  Several turned away and/or covered up their heads. The one stayed with me still pointing at me.


Two .. in the lower right foreground .. really began to warm-up to me. Three would have-nothing-to-do-with-me! The sixth was still ‘right-with-me’ .. just studying me. See her?


Into my wallet I went for MONEY and all HELL BROKE LOOSE! En Mass they all were up on their feet and IN MY FACE SURROUNDING ME!

Out of the shadows an elderly lady appeared instantly and with a ‘vise-like grip’ of her bony hand she took hold of my left forearm. Immediately I twisted my left forearm up and away from her shouting loudly NO TOUCHING!

Now this TOUCHING is very dangerous. Consider six .. forty pound children. If three grab each of your arms you are dealing with 120 pounds of weight on each of your arms. This will immobilize you long enough that others will go through your pockets like greased-lightning and off they will run. In the martial arts you NEVER LET ANYONE grab hold of you if you can prevent them from so doing.

The girls actually giggled loudly to themselves when I screamed at the older lady.

I quickly handed one of the girls two .. Ten Rupee notes .. and then I walked away from them on up the street. None of them followed me and when I was perhaps one hundred feet away from them I looked back and my heart melted! One of them was shyly waving at me from the distance. I continued walking away and one-last-time turned and waved back at the still waving young girl.

I leave today and will not again see them. What’s that God? Well I don’t think I will see them again God.

With my experience spanning 24 years I knew what to expect when money began to appear. So I was not shocked nor caught-off-guard. Things can .. and will .. get very ugly very quickly with these street children.

Thanks God for some closure with the children!

I am NOT able to find ‘Tough Cookie’ in the above photos. This above is her territory for sure! None of the children are wearing the shirt ‘Tough Cookie’ was wearing.

This afternoon I am again going over to this area to give MAMA CHICKEN MAMA FRANKY HOUSE some business. Who knows what may lie in wait for me. Does The Shadow Know?

I Remain Moved By TOUGH COOKIE! .. Cap ..


This will slay and this will delight you to the tips of your toes! Within five (5) minutes of publishing this Post .. literally just moments ago .. I decided to go to MAMA CHICKEN MAMA FRANKY HOUSE to get some food.

As I stepped out the door of the Hotel Pawan two of the girls were sitting .. waiting for me .. as were two of the older beggar women. The instant I appeared up they jumped and .. with glee I must add here .. they began pandering me for money!

And the game-is-on sports fans. I shag on outta here this evening.

4 thoughts on “JUN 1, 15 .. ONE TOUGH COOKIE ..

  1. Patti

    What a contrast between “Tough Cookie” and the “Posse of Six”, some shy, one bold enough to point with curiosity, two willing to smile … and one finally waving to the nice man as he turned around and waved at them. Tender. I remember years ago you telling me about starting to give a coin to a small boy and out of nowhere swarmed a group of kids. Enough numbers of them could immobilize an adult! In India, you learned early on to always be on guard … in every situation. Good-by Tough Cookie. I hope you survive … hugs. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Not so fast .. I just texted you about what awaited me when I stepped out the door of the Hotel Pawan just moments ago. GREAT PHONE CALL just now after you got my text and called me. And YES! The game is now on big time between the tall older man with the big hat and the beggar community here in The Sadar Bazaar! With much joy and love .. Cap ..

  2. Shaddy Peters

    Your compassion for others is wonderful. I do worry that your generosity may get you into trouble but what can I say. You will do what you feel you should do and what makes you happy.


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