Thanks for asking about Simon. Last night we two had dinner together and it was just pure fun and enjoyment. He had been in KL (Kuala Lumpur) for a week while I was in India and has been working several night shifts. So he too enjoyed the break-in-the-action himself.


Simon has indeed been keeping up with dot net here to the point he mentioned the suggested title of a recent Post given me by Patti .. WANDERING THE STREETS OF MY MIND.

He looked at me very seriously and stated ..

“Cap .. I spend a lot of my life wandering the streets of my mind!”

SUDDENLY that set the two of us off. We both began to laugh and our laughter just bubbled over!

I said .. “Simon we must call Patti and share this ribaldry with Patti.”


I said .. “It is 8:10AM in the morning and Patti has a dental appointment so she will be up.”

So we got Patti and we three just howled. Patti finally said .. “Well I need to get some more sleep. It is about 5:50AM here.”

Jet Lag Thinking Error Captain!! In India where I just was .. you work with a 1-1/2 Hour time lag. So at my 9:40PM here in Hong Kong I go back 1-1/2 Hours to 8:10AM in Anchorage.

The magic .. The operable word here is .. HONG KONG! where I go back four (4) hours not one and one half hours. So my 9:40PM was Patti’s 5:40AM. Had I realized this I may not have called Patti thus robbing her of a lot of fun.

Patti did NOT .. Tip over nor die ..

Smiles .. Cap ..

I nearly put up the below photo with the title .. Cap and Simon ..


6 thoughts on “JUN 5, 15 .. DINNER WITH SIMON ..

  1. Simon

    Welcome back Cap! It’s a blast having you back in town :) Loved your posts while you were in India – you are a lot more brave than I am!

    1. cap chastain

      I scolded ME Shaddy .. But it sure all worked out well .. Patti just howled along with Simon and myself .. DO YOU ever walk the streets of YOUR mind Shaddy .. Smiles ..

  2. Patti

    What a fun post! Nice to see Simon’s picture with his happy smile. I am SO glad that the two of you called me, even if it was a “little early” in my neck of the world. I would not have wanted to miss the giggling, laughing, and great visit we three had. Made me feel like I was right there with you. LOVED the Cap and Simon elephants at the end!! Smiles. Laughs. Life is good!! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Yes it would have been a shame for you to miss out on all the fun. YOU WERE THERE WITH US! You have been there often so you could ‘see’ us there. Much Love .. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT .. Cap .. The elephants just fit in didn’t they !!

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