Saturday.. November 12th.. we.. Bobba and the Bobbseys.. are now IN NEW DELHI..

We all got up at 3:15AM (0315 Hours) this very early morning and got everything packed into Mister India Bag and my back pack.. were out the door of  the Pawan Hotel in Agra Cantt at 5AM and to the train stati0n by 5:15AM and on the train and into our cabin by 5:40AM.. nice and super easy..

This time of year.. it is very dark at this time of morning.. and that adds to the intrigue of  it all.. my cabin mates were all fun.. a young lady from Orlando, Florida and a young lady from India (a fashion clothing designer returning to Bombay after visiting her parents in Agra her home) and a young man from India (an artillery officer in the army) who .. by his demeanor and actions .. spoke very well for the Indian Army ..  after we all sort of got to know one another.. we all took naps.. funny.. well the Floridian did not.. but it is so nice to sleep on the trains in a sleeper berth..

Into New Delhi almost on time.. 10:35AM.. some drama with our Floridian .. she did NOT bring with her .. her passport and so could NOT  book a return train to Agra Cantt.. I did all I could do to no avail.. you HAVE or you do NOT have the original document (passport) .. you do NOT have it .. you have a major problem..

The last I saw of her she was headed off to get a tattoo and then to figure out a bus trip back to Agra Cantt..

i know.. you all want to know what getting a tattoo has to do with solving her immediate crisis.. i think in her mind getting the tattoo was her immediate crisis and the crisis of this ‘other stuff’ was just .. she will get it worked out..

I solved my immediate crisis THANKS TO CHAD and THANKS TO PATTI and THANKS TO NATH BROTHERS PHARMACY here in New Delhi and THANKS TO MY NEW DELHI doctor who lets me get what I need in prescriptions on my own.. PATTI working with CHAD got me the information on exactly the medicine that  I needed to get.. and I got EXACTLY AND I GOT PRECISELY what I was told to get.. perfectly.. Nath Brothers have known me twenty one years and give me what I need.. I type in my name and my doctors name and address into their computer data bank and I walk out.. all for two dollars and nine cents ..

I will save you further details..

In the morning.. out and off to Goa..

Lord God of Abraham my creator.. it sure feels good to be in New Delhi here at the Jai Singh Road YMCA with staff I have known for over twenty one years.. IT FEELS AS GOOD AS IT FEELS TO BE IN HONG KONG .. and THAT is saying  something..

Miss New Delhi is happy to have me back with her.. I ‘tied on’ a McDonalds McFlurry ‘crunch’ for good luck over at Block B on Connaught Place .. then tied on FIVE MAJOR dessers here after dinner at the YMCA.. in FACT I began dinner with two desserts and finished dinner with three more..

When I am sick.. sometimes.. my body screams at me .. DAD WE MUST HAVE CALORIES AND WE MUST HAVE A LOT OF CALORIES ..and we MUST HAVE THEM NOW RIGHT NOW .. or we will all of us die.. and the ingestion of ten or so thousand calories has worked wonders.. the calories along with major pharmacolgy will get me through ..

Well what I now need to do is to sign out and off.. and get up to bed and get a good nights sleep..

so out and off went gimmesome roy to the land that knows no time.. down a trail no man could conquer.. to a cliff no man can climb ..

over and out with love.. cap..