One of my very favorite quotes is by Meister Eckhart .. a German theologian and philosopher .. 1260 to 1328 ..

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”

That pretty much says it all about Thanksgiving..

What did I have for my Thanksgiving Dinner .. very plain and very simple yet elegant ..

Thanks to Lisa.. who took Bert and Trudi and I to Magic Park the moment we all arrived in Arambol Beach on Monday the 14th of November.. for Thanksgiving I ate at Magic Park.. a local establishment run by Germans.. they have beach huts for rent and a fantastic restaurant.. they say the water is safe to drink citing they filter it and add iodine for a final touch .. I believe them but do not drink the table water ..

I had a (being metric I am guessing here) 10 oz bowl of curry.. a 10 oz bowl of dal.. and a 10 oz bowl of plain white rice with a small serving of pickled lime .. along with two pieces of coarse grainy wonderful home made german bread ..

I never in this lifetime thought I would develop a ‘taste’ for this pickled lime they love here in India.. but it happened here at Magic Park.. theirs is home made and fresh and wonderful ..

The dal is served hot (temperature) and was a mix of lentils and a soup base and is very bland.. the curry was wonderful.. with onions.. green peppers.. pototoes.. and again a soup base ..  the rice was cooked perfectly .. and the german bread was ‘ to die for ‘ ..

Let me tell you a fact.. all of the europeans vacationing here in Arambol Beach in Goa DEFINATELY ARE GOOD FOR THE NEIGHBORHOOD.. the restaurants are excellent BECAUSE the europeans DEMAND excellence.. period ..

Today I am thankful that .. on the train here from New Delhi.. I went with the flow and followed Lisa and Bert and Trudi here to Arambol Beach .. I agonized over the idea but with many talks with Patti.. decided to .. let go and let God direct me here .. Bert telling me he would financially back me if necessary was just vital.. I am where I am supposed to be period ..

Today I am thankful for the sunset music on the beach..THIS IS 100% thanks to Lisa.. she took Bert and Trudi and I to this music scene our first evening here in Arambol Beacdh.. this evening I was there early about 5:20PM and I stayed this evening well into the dark.. it broke up about 7:15PM .. it is a social scene for me and gets me out of my room and my tendency to isolate .. probably several hundred people were there this evening..a lot of drums and a guitar and a banjo and some other ‘instruments’ .. one an empty plastic water bottle with rice kernels inside.. it is a ‘rhythmic’ rattle sound ..

So far I have not missed one single evening at the beach music ‘doings’ ..

Today I am thankful for the sunsets on the beach.. stunning..

Today I am thankful that I have NOT been hit with a falling coconut.. one hit on the head could be fatal ..

Today I am thankful for the fishing boats on the beach.. I can not stop taking photos of them..

Today I am thankful that .. at age seventy five.. I am successfully pulling this trip off with style .. THANKS TO YOU MY TEAM WHO ARE SUPPORTING ME to the hilt..

That is only the minimum of things I am truly thankful for.. I wanted to give my thanks a local Goan Arambol Beach  Flavor ..

Thanks Be To You Oh God Of Abraham My Creator .. I Love You God.. signed ..  your little captain ..

I totally forgot to hit ‘save to draft’ as I wrote this.. Thanks Word Press for covering me with your auto save .. but I had to be connected through the internet .. whew.. I got away with one here ..