AUG 27, 15 .. THE TRUTH BE TOLD ..


There is absolutely NO WAY that I am ready to leave Ulaanbaatar and Mongolia !

What-To-Do ?

After some ‘dithering’ in the streets-of-my-mind the solution appeared.  The answer is simply to set myself up a fifth base-of-operations.

WHAT’S THAT ‘ZILLA? .. YOU WANT THE MATH! .. TWO IN ALASKA (Anchorage and Manley Hot Springs) .. ONE IN MICHIGAN (Royal Oak) .. HONG KONG (Sheung Wan) .. ULAANBAATAR .. I count five ‘ZILLA .. WHAT’S THAT ‘ZILLA? Yes you are indeed correct ‘ZILLA .. The Dinkey Bird IS Singing In My Amfalula Tree .. Got it?

At least ‘Zilla is a real person .. These guys have been walking-the-streets-of-my-mind with me also.


I have extended my lease on this wonderful apartment through December 2015.

I  ..  AM  ..  STAYING  ..  PUT .. !!

I am going to commute between my home-bases in Hong Kong and Ulaanbaatar. Tomorrow I am flying South to Hong Kong. I plan to stay in Hong Kong for ‘several’ days. Perhaps a week. I will then fly back here to Ulaanbaatar and remain until the middle of October when I will return to Hong Kong to meet Patti who is flying into Hong Kong (MAYBE Gullible will join Patti .. we are in the ‘talking-stage’ about this..) October the 25th.  We three will remain in Hong Kong until early November at which time (probably Tuesday the 10th of November) we three will fly North to Ulaanbaatar and this apartment.

Then it gets a ‘tad-hazy’. Our plans will depend on IF Gullible is with us. She has always wanted to see Mongolia ..

“Ah-h-h not necessarily in the middle of a Mongolian winter Cap.” /SIGNED/ GULLIBLE)

“What have we got here Kanbaatar ? .. A group of ‘wimps’ !”  /SIGNED/ CHINGGIS KHAAN ..


Well that is that says Baba Kaps sitting back down on his stone .. Fixing to spend one hundred years of talking to God alone.. THE SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT HIGH .. REST IN PEACE .. SHEL SILVERSTEIN ..

Actual real-life-time NOW for me is Thursday evening August the 27th about 9pm.  I have a flight to catch tomorrow in the early afternoon down to Hong Kong so I need to get-packing. YOU ALL SHOULD JUST-SEE MY APARTMENT THIS INSTANT ..

So I will say Over-And-Out for now .. Cap aka Kanbaatar ..

Patti needs all of your prayers .. Here is my prayer for Patti .. “Patti please begin to use one or two canes to support yourself.”

Patti My Dear One .. You cannot afford to experience another severe fall. You could have broken your hip. Think of THAT! You could have broken a knee-cap or both. I broke one in my fall in March 2004. You could have broken an arm or a wrist. You could have had a brain concussion. You could have ____________ since your fell onto your face .. The consequences of a major fall are frightening. ‘Zilla had a major fall himself several years ago. These falls have the potential to change-your-life drastically! My mother fell in our home in Royal Oak Michigan and broke her hip at age 75. She never got out of the nursing home where she went to recover after her surgery.

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