I have been off-line for a few days. I have now successfully transitioned back to Mongolia from Hong Kong. I had a lot of must-do items on my list in Hong Kong all the way from getting my chiropractor to check out my neck and spinal alignment to getting my CPAP to Mongolia. I could go on and on but I won’t. Suffice it to say the trip to Hong Kong and back was time and money very well spent.

When I got off the plane here in Ulaanbaatar the temperature was an absolutely frigid 59 F or 15 C. Coming from Hong Kong’s hot steamy humid 90 F or 32 C the chill was stunning .. and oh so very pleasant!!

I am going to publish a post about the flight North on blogspot .. bobba caps doxology.

I must say that being my third flight on Mongolian Airlines or MIAT (ME-AT) .. it was another very satisfying flight. Attitude is so important isn’t it? I am now expecting my MIAT flights to be fun and so they are indeed just that. Self fulfilling prophesies.

When you see some of the photos of the flight on blogspot you will say .. “Captain .. You must be out of your ever-loving-mind IF you call that fun.”

So I will just sneak-in-here a few of the scenes that I am thinking some of you would not call much fun to experience ..

The below line-to-board is not too bad when you are at the very front of the line. I know how to do this.


What’s my trick? .. Simple .. I just stand patiently at the passport / boarding-pass check-in counter and simply wait for them to announce that boarding is open. Odd that I am very seldom beaten at this game. When you are going to be sitting for almost five hours why not stand for ten or fifteen minutes.

This is what entry through Mongolian Immigration looked like yesterday the 8th of September. I am looking behind me in the first three of the below photos.


There is no wisdom to beating this crowd.


In the above photo .. notice the little girl straight ahead of you and then to the right.

Do you all see her white T-Shirt?

I WAS MADE FOR THIS! Talk about a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!! Good on her parents.

I have to admit it .. This was an intense crowd.


It helps IF you know which lines are for foreigners and which lines are for Mongolian residents. It also helps to have your immigration paperwork neatly and clearly and completely filled out. Many do not do this while still on the airplane. For some reason (they don’t know any better .. they don’t have a pen ..) they wait until they are in the terminal and then stand in line at crowded counters completing the form. The rest of us are already in-line ahead of them. I already have my blank Hong Kong Immigration forms for my return flight October the 18th. I will fill them out in my room before even going to the airport.


Being on a flight from Hong Kong many passengers were Hong Kongers. While many Hong Kongers speak English many do not and so they are at a disadvantage in not being able to read the signs and so they end up in the wrong lines. Above the overhead sign on the right (green letters) is just beginning to read FOREIGNERS USE GATES 7 and 8.

Just in case you have forgotten exactly where Mongolia is located refer to the below map ..

By the way .. the above map is my one hundredth (100th) map posted here on dot . net ! THANK YOU Andrej for these wonderful maps .. Let’s all hear it for Andrej!


Why the above map? Notice below the safety directions on Mongolian Airlines are basically all in ENGLISH. Why not Mongolian or Chinese or even Russian?


A closer look at the above safety instructions ..


Interesting the emphasis on English ..


Changer met me at the airport and ‘home’ we came.


Then I dashed out to get some food-in-my-house. Below is a large shopping bag full of necessities!


A closer look at my immediate provisions .. Popcorn so vital for roughage .. Soup and Bread for nourishment .. and equally important ‘Zilla’s recommendation for a blood-sugar-drop crisis .. SNICKERS food bars ..


After being away for (count them) twelve entire DAYS .. 28 August to 8 September .. I was a tad hungry for my Mongolian coarse dark whole wheat bread!  So I dove-into-it without even waiting to slice it .. Munch Munch Munch!


My storage area. CAPTAIN .. where has all of the Popcorn gone!


You asked me .. “Where has all the popcorn gone?” .. Munch Munch Munch .. Got To Have That Roughage .. That is where the popcorn went!


Zilla’s SNICKERS nutritional food bars that have possibly saved my life from a precipitous blood-sugar-crash or two or even three just wanted to be in a photo.

Say the words Lychee ..


That’s All Folks ..

Smiling and Very Happy to be back home again in Mongolia .. Kanbaatar and Patti ..



2 thoughts on “SEP 9, 15 (1/2) .. BACK HOME AGAIN IN MONGOLIA .. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT!!

  1. Patti

    WOW … the crowds to get through security, board the plane, go through immigration in Mongolia … it all takes a lot of patience. Your travel experience certainly plays a part in dealing with it all!! Nice to be back to your black bread in your apartment … yummy! Welcome home to another of your many homes! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Do I owe you an amend on this? When you said you had left a comment on Part 2 above I said .. “Well Part 1 was the meat and the potatoes of the two posts.” So you said should you leave a comment here and I said no not necessary. Nice you went through the three posts slowly and lovingly. It is incomprehensible six to seven hours or more of work to write and publish a post can be looked over in a few minutes. Thanks for the proof-reading of the three all dated Sep 9, 15 .. Sleep well my Dear One .. Love .. Cap ..

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